Lululemon Try-Ons and Fit Review | Still Lotus Sweater Reversible

October 2, 2019

It has been AGES since I last did a proper Lululemon Try-Ons and Fit Review in store. I’ve really become a mostly online Lululemon shopper since they changed the store layouts which I really hate.

Today I happened to be at the mall on other business and I wanted to check out the Still Lotus Wrap Reversible. Sadly it wasn’t in yet but they did have the Still Lotos Sweater Reversible in in all three colors. The sweaters didn’t wow me online as much as the wrap, but in store I really loved them.

Lululemon Try-Ons and Fit Review
Still Lotus Sweater Reversible

Lululemon Try-Ons and Fit Review Still Lotus Sweater  Reversible

If you remember the Chai Time Sweater from 2012, this is almost the exact same sweater, only better. The reason I like this one better is it’s all natural fibres while the Chai Time (and any Boolux material item) has a polyester blend. I find that polyester blend boolux really hot, it doesn’t breath and it’s also way too delicate. Boolux pills so horribly.

Fabric Details

Since Lululemon doesn’t share their fabric compositions online anymore, I wanted to note that this sweater is 68% Cotton, 22% Modal, 6% Yak and 4% Nylon. It’s a lovely tightly woven knit and it’s super warm and soft.

Lululemon’s New Sizing

Sadly, Lululemon is going to S, M, L, XL sizing and this sweater is sized as such. It is cheaper for brands to use lettered sizing because they require fewer patterns, and it’s less precise. I first grabbed a size M which most of these photos are, but I found it too form fitting around the middle. I’m sure this knit will loosen with wear but I didn’t like this size on me. Size L was the right size which you can see in the last two photos.

Shop The Still Lotus Sweater Reversible Here

Still Lotus Sweater  Reversible
Still Lotus Sweater  Reversible
Still Lotus Sweater  Reversible
Still Lotus Sweater Reversible
Lululemon Fit Review Still Lotus Sweater Reversible

Fit and Style

I loved Code Blue in this sweater. The reversed side show the contrasted cuff and hemline which the old Chai Time had as well. The neckline is higher and more of a crewneck while the Chai had more of a subtle boatneck.

Still Lotus Sweater Reversible, Lululemon Haul

Heathered Frosted Mulberry Heathered Silver Lilac is also very pretty and I liked this one a lot as well. The online photo is very inaccurate and has been oversaturated so it looks a lot pinker. I think this subtler pink is prettier, and more neutral.

Still Lotus Sweater Reversible
Still Lotus Sweater Reversible
Still Lotus Sweater Reversible

These next two photos are the size L on me and I like the look of this fit better. The black is so nice and the perfect neutral. I don’t always go with black but this one has a lot of subtle detail with the heathered reverse side showing through a bit.

Lululemon Try-Ons Still Lotus Sweater Reversible
Still Lotus Sweater Reversible, Lululemon Haul

I’m still deliberating on which color I liked best. I’m waiting for the Still Lotus Wrap I ordered to arrive sometime tomorrow and then I can decide if I’d rather have the sweater or the wrap.

Shop The Still Lotus Sweater Reversible Here

Still Lotus Sweater  Reversible
Still Lotus Sweater  Reversible
Still Lotus Sweater  Reversible

Outfit Details

NSALE Cupcakes and Cashmere Leopard Sweater

This sweater has been on constant rotation for me lately.

Sweater, Leggings, Pendant Necklaces,

Bracelets (Right Hand: 1,2, 3, Left Hand: 4, 5, 6)

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8 responses to “Lululemon Try-Ons and Fit Review | Still Lotus Sweater Reversible”

  1. Erika says:

    Thank you for the great review!! Love how the sweater looks on you. I’m hating the new sizing letters too, oh well
    By any chance have you tried the Hazy Day Sweater?

  2. Andie says:

    Thanks for the fit review! The sweater does look nice on. Just wondering about the fabric content including yak? I’m not crazy about the use of different sizing either. Part of what I love about Lululemon is the precise fit.

  3. Rachael says:

    I was excited to see these posted on Tuesday and went in today to try them in expecting to leave with all 3! (Slight sweater addiction 🤓) I tried these on in the store today and was extremely disappointed. The XL which I assume is supposed to be the same as the 12 was skin tight and was about 4” shorter than what it was on the models. I usually wear 10 or 12 in lulu stuff. Just bought the v-neck sweater released last month in an XL and it fits perfectly. I have sweaters from last year in 12’s that are too big. Is lulu making their stuff smaller? I was shocked to see the huge difference in colour in person compared to the website. And the fabric left me less than thrilled. Usually their sweaters are so super soft. This felt to me almost like it had been shrunk down in the dryer and had become partially ‘felted’. It did feel like it would stretch out though. Underwhelmed by what I thought would be my ‘go to’ fall sweater.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the sweater reviews, but I’m here to comment that I LOVE your nail colors!! Both fingers and toes – so pretty!!!

    • Cristina says:

      Thank you!!! My poor toe nails are chipped really badly and need to be redone. I haven’t kept up with my toe polish. When I cut out my coffee habit in June I added in nails to keep me motivated. The fingers color is Bio Chic but I’m not totally certain what color number it is. I can’t find swatches online but it looks sort of like #403, with very fine blue iridescent shimmer. It’s been my favourite color so far.

  5. Stacy says:

    You had my attention at Chai Time! That is by far my all time favorite Lulu sweater and I’ve collected every color over the years (some colors twice.) I was really interested in the mulberry/silver lilac color, so I’m sad to hear that it’s barely pink. I was really hoping for a more saturated pale pink. But, I’m loving code blue on you! I really like the contrasting side on that color too. I probably wouldn’t even have considered code blue if it wasn’t for your fit reviews and pics. Thank you!! I’m very interested to see the new fabric composition. I’ll be checking that one out in store and see if I like the sizing. I’m not a fan of the generic sizing so far.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are those APL slides you’re wearing?

  7. Cristina says:

    No they are Adidas slides.

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