Monday, November 28, 2022

The Lululemon Upload

by Cristina

The Lululemon Upload is up! Some new pretties today, especially this new print in the Wunder Under High Rise Tight. This Panorama print reminds me of an engineered print from Lululemon when it first came out. It was an ocean print and I Love them. I am also liking the Gone For The Week Dress in the antique bark and grey. Morning Light High Rise Tight in Washed Code Blue is also really pretty. Honeycomb Mist Over Windbreaker is #2 on my lust list, and #1 is the Wunder Under Panorama.

What Are You Guys Loving From This Upload?

This week is Seawheeze and I’m getting so excited to start seeing all my Lulu friends come into town. My husband knows to work from home this week every year so I can go downtown and soak up the festival weekend. I’ll be bringing my Empress Mala Designs jewelry downtown with me so if you are in town and are placing an order, DO NOT Pay Shipping! Just message me first! There is a messaging feature on the website! You can text me anytime. I will arrange a time to drop your purchase off to you at your hotel so you can get it right away. You may even see me making some bracelets if there are any long showcase store lineups to wait in. I don’t really know what to expect as far as lineup waits this year but I will come prepared.

*Seawheeze Coverage – I will be covering the showcase store and general weekend festivities in many blog posts. I’ll have it displayed in an easy to see link on this site on the menu, just like I did for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you are a YVR local, I have several Farmers Market dates set up so you can visit me anytime. I am at Ambleside on September 8, and Deer Lake September 7 and will be ramping up date and locations after that.

Lululemon Upload

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Fast and Free Tight II Incognito Camo

Fast and Free Tight II Camo

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Gone For The Week Dress

Gone For The Week Dress

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Mist Over Windbreaker

Mist Over Windbreaker, Honeycomb

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Close Call Henley Long Sleeve

Close Call Henley Long Sleeve

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Dare The Day Pullover

dare the day pullover

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Define Jacket Nulux

Define Jacket, Heartthrob

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Sights Seen Jacket

Sights Seen Jacket

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Morning Light High-Rise Tight

Morning Light Hi Rise Tight

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In Movement Tight

In Movement Tight, Everglades

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Rain Rebel Jacket

Rain Rebel Jacket

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New In At Empress Mala Designs

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Andie August 13, 2019 - 5:36 pm

Looking forward to your blogs about Seawheeze and I hope your jewelry line does well.

I’m not ready to purchase anything from this upload, but I do have my eye on the “Sights Seen Jacket” in navy. I’m just not sure about the cut.

I like bright colors, but the new color “Everglades” reminds me of pea soup. I’m hoping that there will be some pretty colors or nice prints coming in the Fast and Frees.

Lacey August 14, 2019 - 5:35 am

@ Andie – You’re right about Everglades looking like pea soup, but I kinda love it. Perhaps bottoms would be a bit much, but I’d be down for a bra or tank.

The Honeycomb Mist Over Windbreaker is super pretty! It doesn’t rain much in Dallas for me to justify it at full price; however, it is raining today…

Nothing for me this week.

Euphgal1 August 14, 2019 - 6:48 am

I sure hope they make a Love Tee in that green! I love it, but not in pants! Please lulu, make some nice shirts in brighter colours! I like the henleys too, but not at that price! I can’t wait to see the SW coverage, Christina! Thank you so much for your great blog!

Jess August 18, 2019 - 3:13 pm

I don’t see that panorama engineered print on the website. Does anyone know if they sold out that fast or were they pulled from the website?

CeeMee August 28, 2019 - 2:52 pm

I purchased two pairs of these (size 6 and size 8) since some of the printed WUs seem to run smaller. But other than my purchase and this blog, I cannot find anything about these leggings online. Not even on Lulufanatics. Strange…


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