So much confusion about the Lululemon All Town Buttondown this week! I’ve had so many questions about it popping up on the upload (for What’s New Women’s), and then almost immediately selling out (or being taken down?). Now the stores are starting to post pictures of the web image with the blurb ‘His & Hers, the All Town Buttondown makes the perfect shirt for him, and the perfect boyfriend fit for her.’ I am almost certain that the shirt in the men’s line is the same as the women’s given that they describe it as ‘boyfriend fit’, and they are sized small, medium and large. Either that or, Lululemon quickly sold out of the women’s shirt and now are marketing the men’s shirt since it was such a hit. If you want to see a readers fit review of the shirt (it looks awesome!), join The Sweat Edit facebook group.

What do you guys think? Unisex or two different shirts? Have any of you tried it on in store? Any Lulu Eds wanna weigh in and let us know if it’s the same shirt being remarketed? Cool if yes, but I think it would drive more sales if people knew it was still available for sale on the men’s side.

PS. This shirt would make a fantastic addition to the Classic Style Wardrobe Staples list. If you want to invest in ‘the best of the best’ by a brand known for impeccably tailored, minimalist white shirts, this one is the one to go with.

Lululemon All Town Buttondown

Unisex, or two different shirts with a men’s version and a women’s version? All Town Buttondown - Lululemon, Lululemon All Town Buttondown All Town Buttondown LululemonAll Town Buttondown LululemonAll Town Buttondown Lululemon

Lululemon All Town Buttondown (Women's)All Town Buttondown - Lululemon, Lululemon All Town Buttondown

All Town Buttondown

All Townb Buttondown Lululemon

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  1. I think it’s the men’s shirt being marketed as women’s. The buttons are on the same side in both the men’s and “women’s” and typically women’s dress shirt buttons are on the opposite side

  2. I ordered this shirt in 3 different sizes. I’m a 6 and the size S fits the best. XS has a sexier look, but too tight on the chest. The Medium was a way too big. So, I’m keeping the S. One thing I noticed is that the XS shirt has a white rip tag, while the other 2 sizes (S and M) have a black rip tag. Not sure why they would do this. Anyway, I like this shirt a lot, and will order another size S for a back up.

  3. I saw the 2 weeks ago in my store. Fabric was nice. I just cant bring myself to spend 118 on plain white dress shirt when so many stores offer them at half the price. And tailored to a lady’s body. Just because it has a lulu label does not drive me to need it. When it comes to casual wear or business attire i do come to my senses and realize there are many other retailers. But i do buy the technical gear for workouts… Lol.. Over 120 f or tights to wear 1 hour in gym. And with over 100 pair..of just tights…not including shorts and skirts…to wear 1x or 2x in a year….seems a bit excessive too. Lol. Love your blog.

    1. You are so right about this. I also find it funny when people don’t like spending money on ‘real clothes’ if it’s not Lululemon. Years ago I used to be like that and learned over time that Lululemon doesn’t fill every clothing need for me (and it’s too expensive for that anyway). I just didn’t know where to buy clothes, or how to style a casual work from home lifestyle. I realized that although I love my Lululemon tights, I don’t like wearing them all day every day. I’m not a tights person, I’m a denim person. I will never buy denim from Lululemon. I’ll spend 100 on those tights though and wear them 5 days a week for 1 hour each time.

  4. I feel the same as LooLoo and won’t be spending $118. plus tax on a white button down from LLL. I also believe this product is not sold out but rather a marketing ploy and we will see it back online next week. I have seen new product show up and then within hours or next day it’s gone only to show up again in a later drop.

  5. On the official Lululemon Facebook page, it was described by the “educator” as a unisex top. It even gave the link to the men’s site for it.

  6. I was in the store yesterday. Another customer came in looking for the top and they directed her to the men’s section. So, I’m assuming it’s a men’s shirt.

  7. The shirt is available in size xs at the women’s section at my local Lulu store. The fabric feels kind of thick to me and honestly it’s nothing special. I wouldn’t spend over $100 on such a plain shirt.

  8. I did purchase this shirt … it was men’s in a small … the Educator said it is the same shirt that was initially online on the women’s side ….

  9. I work at the LLM in Santa Monica – this is definitely a Men’s shirt. If you are interested in other colors, it is actually on significant mark-down in the men’s section at various stores.

  10. Very possible that a binder clip or something similar was used to clip the back of the shirt in stock photo/store photos for modeling purposes. It’ll definitely make it appear more feminine and cut for women with this tiny trick used in retail for ages.

  11. I was and am sure it’s the same unisex shirt. The original listing in the women’s section referenced the model wearing a men’s small. That being said, im with the other people refusing to pay this price for a button down shirt. It’s not even dressy. I have a great white boyfriend shirt I picked up on Abercrombie & Fitch clearance a few years ago and see no reason to replace it!

  12. Looks pretty lame in all the pictures above. Hard pass from me. I’d rather have a real button down. This is also a “trend” that’s pretty dated already. I don’t get it.

  13. I’ve been purchasing the men’s button downs from Lulu for years and this one is also a mens shirt. I work in sports medicine and need something that is professional for the office yet will stretch and move with me when I am working with patients, but that I can throw in the wash at the end of the day rather than dry clean. I will say these have held up very well. I’m not very curvy so the rectangular fit works for me but I do wish they would a more tailored women’s version since the men’s are obviously not very streamlined in the waist.

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