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It’s Time To Shop For Pretty Flowy Tops For Summer!

It’s Time To Shop For Pretty Flowy Tops For Summer!

Madewell Embroidered Story Top

I’ve been feeling some kind of way, my friends! The temp has gone up to a whopping 18* in Vancouver and all of a sudden I’m trying on summer dresses, sandals and swimwear like I’m going on a beach vacation. I’m not. BUT, it is time to shop for For Pretty Flowy Tops For Summer to make myself feel a bit better about enrolling my kids in summer school! The trade-off for them is that I spend the afternoons with them at whatever beach, pool or lake they want. The tradeoff for me is that while I’m at the community center pool (or lake or beach), I’m pretending I’m in Mexico by dressing as vacationy as possible, sipping on my water like it’s a margarita.  I’ve made a few fun eBay purchases for a summer style staples (I’ll share that next week), but today I wanted to try on pretty tops that I don’t really need, but I want.

Let’s Shop For Pretty Flowy Tops For Summer

Madewell Embroidered Story Top - Pretty Flowy Tops For Summer Madewell Embroidered Story Top

Embroidered Story Top

I fell in absolute love with this top. I picked it up because I love a pretty eyelet in a contrasting color but I thought the flutter sleeve on this would be too open and low, and that the top would be too cropped. Thankfully the flutter sleeve was actually very flattering and not cut too low at all so no bra was exposed. The length is perfect for a pair of medium rise shorts or jeans and I can raise my arms without showing midriff. My only knock on this top is that the blouse is a bit sheer with a dark bra. I’ve tried it on at home with a nude bra and I’m completely comfortable with how it looks. Ever so slightly sheer, but you don’t actually see anything like a sad belly button. The top is made of 100% cotton, which I prefer during the summer. I just find it much cooler and breathable and I’m more likely to wear it over something synthetic. This is a size L and I would call it a TTS. By the way, this top is completely sold out at Nordstrom online now even though it’s brand new, so I’ve linked it to another retailer that carries it, AND it’s on sale!

Eyelet Lattice Top MADEWELL Eyelet Lattice Top MADEWELL

Eyelet Lattice Top

I liked this top as well. The eyelet lace, the bright vivid orange-red, the fact that it’s cotton and oversized. I found it a bit big though, especially with the sleeves being slightly voluminous. This top did make it to my consideration list but I think I’m going to stalk it for markdowns later in the season. I’ve added it to my Shoptagr account so I should get an alert if it goes on sale. This is a size L and I think I could have tried on an M but I wouldn’t want to sacrifice any length on it.

Embroidered Fable Top MADEWELL MADEWELL Embroidered Fable Top

Embroidered Fables Top

I liked this one a lot too and if I hadn’t fallen in love with the Embroidered Story Top I would have gotten this one. This one is slightly less girly and a bit more 70’s looking which I like, but I think the blue tones in the other top suited me better. The Embroidered Story Top was more my vibes today though.  Again, this is cotton which I love and it’s a very comfortable TTS (L). The Length is perfect and this seems like a super easy to wear, ‘put together’ top to wear with shorts and a cute wedge sandal.

BP. Embroidered Peplum Tank BP. Embroidered Peplum Tank

Embroidered Peplum Tank

This color is everywhere this season so I really wanted to try something on in this shade. I suspected the color would look terrible on me but I just wanted to see it. The color is ‘ok’ on me, not bad, but not super flattering. I just HATED the fit of this over the bust though. Something about the lines was so unflattering and widening and I’m already pretty self-conscious about my broad ribcage. Bleh! The peplum was cut too short too. TTS, L.

Tiered Ruffle Tassel Tie Tank CASLON

Tiered Ruffle Tassel Tie Tank

I didn’t mind this top. I think I would snatch it up on sale in the sub $20 range. I found the length a bit too long with the ruffle being slightly too wide which causes it to feel a bit maternity. I don’t think you could wear this with shorts that are shorter than 4″ because the proportions would be all wrong.  This was a generous TTS (L).

Tiffany Embroidered Cold Shoulder Top REBECCA MINKOFF

Tiffany Embroidered Cold Shoulder Top

I really loved the style of this top. I loved the Navy with the white contrast stitching detail and the mauve pink tassel. It’s a stiff cotton poplin so more structured compared to the cotton tops above, and higher quality. Because of the sleeve length, I thought this top was a bit of an in-between temperature top and limited to evenings or air conditioning. There were a few things that took this top out of consideration for me. I would have preferred a longer length, and also a thicker strap at the top to disguise a bra strap. The thin strap is set too close to the outer shoulder so it doesn’t sit where a bra strap does. With the higher price point of this top, I really needed the fit to be perfect and I just found it too short. I will add it to my markdown watch list though. TTS (L).

Deneuve Cold Shoulder Top REBECCA MINKOFF

Deneuve Cold Shoulder Top

This is another Rebecca Minkoff Top. I liked it a lot and considered getting it but ultimately put it back because of the price, and because I didn’t love how the crochet strap didn’t line up over my bra. I need to try it on with a subtler bra at another time but I see that online there are other colors in this style, and some that are on sale and I think I prefer those colors over this one. This is a comfortable relaxed TTS (L).

Cupcakes and Cashmere Nichols Off The Shoulder Lace Top

Nicholes Off The Shoulder Lace Top

This was a last minute choice to try-on. I love the look of these lace tops but I always find them too heavy, hot and stiff. This one though is really nice because the outer lace is a lighter lace, and the inside is lined with a cotton tank. Definitely more of a spring/summer weight. I like the way the sides of this top flare out a bit and have the pretty eyelash lace trim along the bottom hem and on the sleeves. I WISH this top wasn’t off the shoulder because I hate wearing a strapless bra, but everything else about this top was perfect for this style. This is TTS  (L) and fits just right, but it’s not relaxed fit like most of the other tops I tried on today. I purchased this one because I just love the look of it but I need to try it on again with another bra to be sure.

Oil Wash Cutout Tee TREASURE & BOND Treasure & Bond Oil Wash Cutout Tee Oil Wash Cutout Tee TREASURE & BOND

Oil Wash Cutout Tee

I’ve seen this tee raved about before and I never bother to try it on because it’s a bit pricey for a tee shirt. I also thought they looked pretty sheer on the hangar so I just assumed they would be too revealing. This tee is paper thin and incredibly soft. I was surprised that the pale pink was not sheerer than it was. I liked the pink a lot but it washed me out too much so I didn’t pick that one. The black striped one only came in a size up so I tried it on and actually really liked it. It’s a bit long and I think I prefer my TTS, but the drape on these is so flattering that you can go either way. There was also a really pretty oil washed grey that I liked the most but that one was completely sold through on sizes, so I ended up ordering online. The grey reminds me a lot of the grey overdyed Wunder Under crops that Lululemon keeps giving us sneak peeks on (see them here). TTS or size up in this – it’s an oversized fit either way. The cutout at the shoulders is so pretty!

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Crochet Fringe Beach Cover Up

Last year when I went to Las Vegas with my husband, I noticed most women wearing really beautiful coverups at the pool and ever since then I’ve been obsessed with finding one for myself. You don’t really see that much at the pools or beaches here but it’s such an elegant look. I found this one to try on today and loved the look of it. I even really liked it over my jeans as a tunic. This was my TTS and I think it was too big and billowy. If I was wanting to wear it as a tunic top over jeans or shorts I’d definitely size down, but if I was going to wear it as a coverup or beach dress I’d stick with this size. It’s really cute and I want it but I’m going to wait and see if I have occasions to wear it. This is very much a full-on summer top and not a transitional piece.

J.Crew Swimmers Cotton Tee J. CREW

Swimmers Cotton Tee

I’ve been obsessed with prints that show retro swimmers, retro divers, and retro synchronized swimmers. There is an athletic apparel brand that has an upcoming print that is very similar to this look and I can’t wait to get that one and share it here, which is why this tee caught my eye today. I feel bad sharing it because it’s currently sold out online at both J Crew and at Nordstrom, but I wanted to show how cute it is. This is TTS (L) and nicely opaque over a dark bra, slightly boxy, and roomy. If you can find it in store, grab it!


Annie Perforated Espadrille Platform Wedge

At the blogger conference last week (was it last week?) almost every attendee had either this Marc Fisher platform wedge on in some neutral color or another very similar style by the same brand. I saw this wedge reviewed three times since coming home. They are super cute, and made of leather, but they are such a high platform. Because I have short calves, I really dislike how ankle straps look on me, so these are a no-go for me. I managed to find an alternative wedge sandal on ebay (brand new) by a luxury brand (for less than these!!) so I can’t wait to pick them up next week from my PO box so that I can share them with you. Here is a sneak peek of them.  The shoes I chose are a much more flattering style for me, and the platform (although still pretty high) is much tamer.


Are you guys buying any pretty summer tops, dresses or sandals this year? Let us know in the comments what you plan on getting this year.

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  • I love the Embroidered Story and Nichols Lace tops on you! The cover-up is nice but I think it looks “heavy” for a cover up at the pool or beach. Perhaps it’s the navy color. Maybe in a coral . . . I like the idea of dressing like you’re on vacation. That way, even though you’re going about your usual daily tasks, feeling light and breezy and vacation-y makes everything seem better!

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