Thanks to Mrs. O for this Alo Yoga fit review. I love the look of the Prime Jacket, especially the large hood. If it comes in a long version I would definitely consider it for myself, although I am tempted to try a size up in it as well to get the same length Mrs. O has.

By the way, one of you had sent me an email via my contact form (up on the nav bar) offering to do a fit review (YES! I’d love to post it!). I responded but haven’t heard back. I’ve responded to a few emails I’ve gotten with the contact form and now I’m wondering if my ‘reply’ function on it isn’t working. If you email me and I don’t respond within the day, let me know via my email at [email protected], or message me on facebook. I respond to all my emails within a day or two so if you don’t get a response from me, something is definitely broken.

Alo Prime Jacket Alo Prime Jacket Alo Prime Jacket

Alo Prime Jacket

This is a cool wide-hooded cropped jacket.  This jacket is TTS but I sized up so I could have a bit more length.  With the hood down, it added a nice detail to the front of the jacket because it draped across the shoulders.  I believe it was made from modal.  Alo’s modal is very high quality.  This jacket was buttery soft and draped well.  It was really cute with the hood up as well.  It definitely covered everything and didn’t fall over my eyes.  The hood stayed put, which was great.  Sometimes I find that Lululemon’s large hoods fall forward covering my eyes and if I pull it back a bit, it falls down.  I wasn’t ready to spend $98 on this jacket, especially because there was another sweatshirt I liked better.  But I’m going to think about it and if it’s still on my mind, I’ll order it online.

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  1. Mrs. O,
    If I remember correctly, Alo has a 30% off online sale on everything the week of Thanksgiving. I got a lot of stuff on my wish list last year and hoping to do the same next month if they do it again.

    1. Thanks Sarah! My husband ended up buying me this jacket. I wavered between TTS and size up (s). I ended up getting the TTS because the sleeves were too long!

      Maybe I’ll wait until next month on ordering a couple of items in my cart and just buy the sale items now. I wish I had snagged the Intention Pant before they were completely sold out. Every retailer is sold out!

  2. Hi, could you please tell me where I can get the prime hoodie? I have looked everywhere and can’t find it. Thanks

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