Thanks to Mrs. O for sharing her fit review of the Alo Interlace Legging, Interlace Top. I’m really loving the top especially. Mrs. O has a few more fit reviews to share so I will have them up today and tomorrow.

I now have internet access in my home but I’m not back to the full swing of blogging since we are living in box chaos. Blerg!! I had a perfect mirror set up for fit reviews but had to move it back into the garage because we have painters in for the next two weeks. Oh yah, and we had a flooded utility room at 3am yesterday (with a blaring alarm going off for 2 hours!) and I was up all night getting a plumber in. Fun times, this moving business. My P.E Nation order is sitting at my PO box in the US just waiting for me to pick up so I really hope I can get you the fit review of those items by early next week. I’m especially excited about the Squad Sideline Leggings and matching tee.

Alo Interlace Legging and Interlace Top Alo Interlace Legging

Alo Interlace Legging, Alo Interlace Top

I really loved the look of these Interlace Leggings and the Ideal Long Sleeve Top.  I think the fashion trend is lace up items, which Alo had plenty of things to choose from.  I’m going to go back and try on some of the lace up tops I saw today.  Both the leggings and top was TTS.  The tights were fully opaque and the top was very soft. The top is made from French terry.  It almost felt like a modal terry because it was so soft and supple.  I purchased the leggings from Zappos on sale for $85.  Original price at Alo is $108.  I’m going to keep an eye on the top to see if it goes on sale at Zappos or Nordstom or the many other retail stores that carry Alo.  It is on sale in other colors but I prefer the black.

  1. Thank you for the review Mrs. O. These are exactly the leggings I mentioned to you in the other post (I think it was in the PE Nation post). I wish I could order from Zappos but they don’t ship to Canada anymore. I may have to just bit the bullet and purchase at full price.

    1. Before you order from a US site, check the inventory on The bay carries ALo but they seem to have a small selection. Another site to check out is

    2. Ok, now I know what leggings you are talking about. They also have interlace leggings where the lacing comes from behind and wraps around the front. If you like burnt orange, ALO has beautiful offerings. I broke down and bought the bunt orange soliel graphic long sleeve top. It’s basically a cropped sweatshirt with a turtle neck. That top ran small and I sized up twice because I liked the length better.

      Definitely check Nordstrom’s and other retailers that carry Alo. For some odd reason they price things differently even when it’s full price at the store. Also, Alo is having a great sale online. I got several tights for $35!

      If you like the moto leggings, beware that the high waist tight is sheer but the midrise waist is not (8.5/10).

  2. Mrs O – what size tops do you wear in lulu that corresponds with the xs? i wear either an xs or an s in alo tops and a 4 in lulu. i love the top but not sure what size to order – whether it’s a loose fit or not. Thanks

    1. I generally wear a Lulu size 4 in tops unless it’s a swiftly or other similarly slim cut item. Then I size up. You should definitely get an xs in this top. This top is soft and roomy. The fabric is excellent. I ended up ordering it from Nordstrom at full price. I didn’t want to wait for it. If you’re in the US, definitely order from Nordstrom, Zappos or Bloomingdale because they have a much better return policy than Alo.

      1. Thanks! I’m going to bite the bullet and get it now. It’s so cute. It’s also great that we wear similar size. Ali should pay you ? I’ve bit a couple pieces based on your reviews.

        1. I know it is very cute. I love mine! Definitely check out Alo’s markdowns. I got some great tights for $35 or $41. Even some of their goddess leggings were less than $75. The return policy on online purchases is better — 30 days by mail or in store. If you purchase in store, it’s only a 14-day return policy or 30 day-day for exchanges. Since Nordstrom carries the top at the same price, if you want a better return policy, I’d buy it from Nordstrom.

  3. I like Alo, but I bought their Moto leggings less than 2 years ago and they are SO pilled. Not impressed. I wonder if they have fixed this issue?

    1. I’m not sure. This is my first purchase. In the past I felt the quality wasn’t up to par with the price even though I liked Alo’s design aesthetics. It’s the LA style I love and grew up with — just a bit of edginess. I found the high waist moto leggings completely sheer no matter how many times I sized up. But the midrise waist was not. It wasn’t completely opaque (8.5/10) but it didn’t matter to me because I’m not going to wear it for workouts. It’s a bit too hot feeling for me. It’ll just be worn as street wear.

    1. I didn’t think I could pull them off either but my hubby loved them. They have a different type of interlace tight that might work better for you — the entwine legging.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I definitely like Alo’s designs. It’s perfect for Barre. But not very good for sweaty workouts like spinning or other HIIT workouts. I find the fabrics too hot feeling.

  4. Maybe for barre or women only gym, but I don’t think this’s appropriate for co-ed gym with lots of testosterone flying around . Just too much attention

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