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Sneak Peek Australia Upload

Sneak Peek Australia Upload

Enlite Bra

Enlite Bra Enlite Bra Enlite Bra Enlite Bra

Aerial Drift Multi White Black Wunder Under Pant

Aerial Drift Multi Black Wunder Under Pnt

Swiftly Tech LS and SL in Royal

Swiftly Tech LS Royal Swiftly Tech SL Royal

Sculpt Tank II Royal

Sculpt Tank II Royal

Train Times 7/8 Tight

Train Times 7/8 Tight

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Train Times Crop

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Blue Tied Cool Racerback II

Blue Tied Cool Racerback Tank II

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  • I would like a s/s Swiftly in the Royal and I see new light blue Speeds in the picture of the Sculpt Tank that looks nice.

  • If they’d make every color of the rainbow in the Swiftly Breeze By I’d be game. It takes care of all the trouble areas I had with the normal Swiftly.

    • What is the Swiftly Breeze By? The Breeze By Tank that came out in 4 colors a few months back? Or something new?

      • Oh I meant the Breeze Relaxed fit Swiftly. Slightly less fitted in the body, more room in the arms and less tight in the cuffs. It’s just missing thumbholes but the fit works well for me.

  • I wasn’t thrilled about the new bra, and seeing the image with the black version makes me think the shape this bra gives isn’t going to be super flattering.

  • I have a blue tied CRB II. Is this one slightly darker? Or did it not come out in Australia earlier? The aerial drift multi WU could be promising.

  • The raw seams on the new bra looks like they will chafe, looks cheap too. Also the number one reason I like back clasp bras like the TaTa Tamer is you can get them on/off easily (whirl them around, good to go). The combo strap system here obviously won’t allow for that (I have limited mobility in my rotator cuffs from prior biking injuries so maybe I am a one of on this subject though). Love the colour magnum, wish they would put more out in this colour. Bought the magnum power y and acid fade loop back joggers and they look great together.

    • @CC: I have the same issue as you (limited shoulder mobility). I’ve always clasped from the front then whirl the bra around. I really don’t understand why they would make a sports bra with clasps that you can’t turn around. I bought one such bra from LLL that had crisscross straps and a clasp and it’s nearly impossible for me to get it on. I always need help from my hubby. So, that’s why it stays in my bra drawer even though it’s great support for running. I love magnum too. I wish I hadn’t missed out on the magnum go lightly shoulder bag.

    • This bra will look terrible after one use. Won’t take very much moisture to make the whole thing start to separate, either. I even have great shoulder ROM/flexibility, and just thinking about putting this on and taking it off is making me sweaty and grumpy. Hard pass.

  • Oooh the shorts she is wearing with the sculpt tank look so pretty….the wup in ariel drift look nice but very close to recent cloudy haze pattern that hit markdown…only difference is light blue mixed in…. Now if they came out in fast and free…i might cave

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