I am really loving these photos of the Anew items. A reader mentioned today that these tops are dance inspired, and I agree. These are starting to resemble the feminine details that Lululemon is so popular for, both in design and in colors. I haven’t purchased the short sleeve or the long sleeve but will strongly consider them if they come out in Quicksand.

Anew Singlet, Anew Bra, Anew Crops, Anew Short Sleeve

anew-singlet-anew-short-sleeve-anew-crops Anew Singlet, Anew Bra, Anew Crops, Anew Short Sleeve Anew Singlet, Anew Bra, Anew Crops, Anew Short Sleeve Anew Tank-Anew-Bra Anew-Bra-Well-Being-Sweater

So tempted by this knits sweater – I love Lululemon knits. I’ve really grown to adore the merino wool knits that Lululemon has put out over the fall and winter so I’m a bit disappointed that this isn’t temperature regulating loose knit merino. This year the merino knits where incredibly soft and luxurious.

Well Being Sweater


Dark Forrest is such a pretty color! Especially in the accessories. I’m equally surprised, and not surprised that the Go Lightly Shoulder Bag in this color has sold out. It’s really pretty, but was it limited inventory or did it truly sell out as quickly as it did? A reader had speculated that it may have been a website glitch. There have been a few other sell-outs this upload. The Anew Bra in Quicksand, the Define Jacket in Quickand, the Embossed Wunder Under Pants and the Go Lightly Shoulder Bag.

City Adventurer Backpack
City Adventurer Backpack

Anew Short
anew-short-quicksand City Adventurer Backpack, Anew Shorts

The white and blue combination looks really sharp in these photos. I got so bored of seeing all the white crops paired with white bra and white tanks. you know what makes white interesting? when you pair it with Quicksand or Black Currant or Black Swan, or Deep Forest. White on white on white is way too boring for me.

Anew Crop, Mind Over Miles Long Sleeve

Anew-Crop-Mind-Over-Miles-Long-Sleeve Anew-crops-Mind-Over-Miles-Long-Sleeve Anew-Crops-Mind-Over-Miles-Long-Sleeve

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  1. Got my embossed WU today – love! Perfect fit in my regular size and not sheer at all. Very similar in quality and compression to the Shibori WU, which is to say some of the best quality I’ve purchased from LLL in a very long time. I hope they wear well!

  2. I asked GEC whether the Anew Bra in Quicksand really sold out that quickly, and they told me that it may have been a sneak peek before official release. Not sure why they used the word “may,” though… so we’ll see I guess!

  3. I got the anew singlet in my regular size. I usually downsize for loose fit but it says relaxed so hoping it’s not too big. Can anyone speak to the fit? No reviews online yet?

  4. Tried on and bought the Anew bra and singlet today. TTS fitted perfectly. Singlet is slightly flowy but not loose. I was worried the side slits would be too high and show skin on singlet, but with hi rise crops or pants it is fine and I am 5’9″. Really like both these items.

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