Effortless Jacket 

This is going to be a really unhelpful fit review because I’m really undecided about how I feel about this jacket. I should hate it…I hate boxy, and I hate cropped. I am pear shaped which means I have a freakishly long torso, and this jacket is wide at my narrowest parts…. but I kinda don’t hate it. I do feel like it needs the sleeves rolled up or pulled up to give the boxiness some shape. This is my TTS 10 and it fits really big, but like I said, it’s cropped, so sizing down would make it too short. 

Have you tried this jacket on? What are your thoughts? 



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  1. That looks terrible. And it's not you LLM. That jacket just doesn't have any redeeming qualities. So generic, so plain, so blah.

  2. I'm 5'1 and bought it tonight and really love it. I'm normally a 6 in jackets and I took the 4. I thought it was really flattering and it didn't look bulky with my glasses or phone in the inside pockets. I will mostly likely keep the pockets zippered bc unzipped is unflattering unless my hands are in there. Weird placement angle? Great spring jacket in my opinion.

  3. A flour bag would have more shape and flair than this jacket. Yes, if you shorten the sleeves to their proper length that would help, but the overall proportions are still not good. It's not you, it's the jacket.

  4. I loved this jacket in my TTS and size down! It looks blech in pictures I find but in person… something else.

  5. Don't get me started, nothing about this is flattering what so ever! No just no. Do not waste your money, you'll look at it 6 months from now and go "what was I thinkIng"

  6. I don't think it's flattering. It doesn't look bad at all, in fact, I think you look good in this jacket but the jacket itself is not doing you any service and is not a good look IMO. You can find better military style and color jackets out there.

  7. Thanks for the fit review LLM. I don't think anything about this jacket is appealing or stylish. I like a high neck jacket but this is too high. The sleeves look horribly long and loose and I hate the cuffs or lack thereof which are very wide. I agree that this jacket is too big for you and sizing down would be the way to go if you were serious about buying it. I used to buy LLL jackets because they were unique in style with beautiful design features and were made in gorgeous colours besides black. Most new jackets now I would be hard pressed to recognize as being made by LLL unless I saw a logo so there is no urge to spend my money on them. I never had to look outside of LLL for jackets but now that they have lost their "uniqueness" I look elsewhere.

  8. I tried it on and looooooved it! And think I will end up getting it sometime this week. I'm 5,4 and it looked cropped on me but I liked that a lot for spring. I'm getting the black; the olive looks so so lovely on you!!

  9. Did you try it in a size down? It looks huge on you. Also, maybe it would look better without the curved hem of your top underneath (it looks like a tiny apron). I don't know. The jacket manages to be both sort of interesting and totally boxy and unflattering at the same time.

  10. The jacket looks bad. I don't think sizing down will help; the shape of the jacket is fatally flawed. You deserve better.

  11. I tried it on too and liked it a lot. but you need to size down and use the toggles to give it a more pulled in shape at the bottom. then it has flare and can look quite stunning.

  12. This jacket typifies paying for a brand name only. It's not even a good execution of the trend. Just looks cheap and sloppy.

    1. It looks like a jacket you can get at Walmart. I am ticked off as I have a closet full of beautiful Lulu, and these idiots that took over are depreciated my clothes. I still look actively for the hidden gems that they occasionally come out with, I.e city trek pointe pants, sit in lotus sweaters, dusty mauve define. But these are few and far between and it's getting worse, not better. LLM that jacket does you no favours. The Aritzia bomer jackets looked way better. I think we are in for a long wait to see some style vs cost items again…,

  13. It's awful. (The jacket, not you.) I'm sure you've already got other water resistant jackets that look so much better. If this was not a Lululemon product, would you have even given it a second look?

  14. I just bought this jacket (sized down). I didn't think I would like it but once I tried it on, I fell in love!

    I think it looks nice on you. It's the current style trend. Try a size down and cinch it a bit. Even though you might be worried it will shorten the jacket too much, there's not much of a size difference.

    I got it in the chrome color.

  15. On a short person it doesn't look as cropped which may account for why they like it. But I don't care for cropped coats in general except peplum jackets but to me it's like wearing a long sleeve cropped midriff top. If it's cold enough for long sleeves why bare your middle?

    I know it's a fashion statement but I wear coats for warmth. At least coats like this .. defines are alittle different to me.

    Besides I don't like the style. I don't think it's flattering. It looks like a mistake to me ! Like they left off part of the coat! Lulu try's to be edgy and sometimes it's a hit but I think they have more misses. Sorry to be negative. I do like the color.

  16. I like this jacket very much. I got the green one and I sized down. I'm a 6 and got 4. I'm 5'4". Looks cute cinched on the waist also.

  17. Looks like the old olive drab rain gear the military issued years ago before the camp pattern came out. I am so glad I don't have it any more. That's what that jacket reminds me of! Ha ha….there are so many more jackets out there that are amazing! LLM, it isn't you for sure! Save your $$$!

  18. I'm obsessed with this jacket. I love it and I think you look GREAT in it. When I first walked into the store it caught my eye immediately. Personally I'm sick of tops reaching to my mid-butt; I already have a long torso I don't need to look like a snake. Do you remember when skinny jeans made a return?! Everybody hated them. This is a timeless, fun, sexy coat. This jacket looks similar to Marni or Prada.

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