Start the car!!! If you live near a Lululemon store and you are a woman, and currently have a few Lululemon items on your wish list, get to the store and receive 21% off your purchase! Lululemon is honouring women today and acknowledging the 21% wage gap by offering women .21 on every dollar they spend. (they are not calling it a sale, or a 21% off deal). It’s not a final ‘sale’ so I purchase the items I’ve been thinking about over the past two months. This is an In Store Only deal and only for women shoppers on women’s merchandise. 

On The Fly Pants

Why didn’t I try these on when they where full stock at my store a few days ago. I wish I could have purchased a black pair today but they are all gone across Canada, so I picked up this navy pair. 

The bomber jacket a size down.

  1. I was in the store today, and no one said a word to me about the special. Otherwise I would have bought a few things?? So frustrated!

    1. I chatted to the staff in store today and they only give the discount to women – so in store purchases would be the only way to control this i suppose. Plus in response to anonymous – they only tell you when you go to pay for something – they weren't announcing it as you walked through the door 🙂

    2. Thank you for sharing LLM! Though, coy indeed! I went into my store and tried on a bunch of things. They didn't have the style/sizing I wanted, so I made an online order right then and there AT the register, and they would not honor the discount because it was online…

    3. The sale is a nice gesture, but I would prefer to see real change. While they're promoting this sale, how about affirming to all of their customers that all of Lulu's female employees are paid the same as men of comparable experience, level, and reviews?

      And while they're at it, they can hire some more female executives. Per the WSJ, only 25% of Lulu's executives are female. It could be worse, but for a company that makes the vast majority of its money from women, it could be better. (

    4. No worries, LLM. Hope it didn't sound like I was criticizing you in any way. Spreading the word about a somewhat secret sale is most appreciated!

    5. That really sucks. I find it frustrating that they are making it in store only, and not online. If the point is to draw attention to the date, and the wage inequality then it should be marketed, and equitable amongst all lululemon shoppers so any woman can buy online, do send sales or shop in store. They are being very coy about it. It's international women's day, be proud to shout it from the roof tops if you are using it for bringing attention to the cause.

    6. Yes, I was actually going to make that point about the executive team and the female attrition it's had over the past two years – but I shamefully refrained. Thank you for bringing it up!

  2. Lulumum your hard work is paying off! I can tell in these pictures that you're looking slimmer. Whatever you're doing, keep it up 🙂

    1. Really? Thanks so much for telling me. I'm only down 3lbs since Feb 7th so it's hard to feel excited but I do think my clothes are fitting looser than 3lbs loss would normally.

    2. Absolutely! Especially your pictures with the bomber jacket. I can totally tell that you've lost some inches. It's funny how the scale plays with our minds, it makes us think nothing is happening or it's such a slow process when we're actually slimming down.

  3. i'm in NJ and bought a lot of stuff today with the 21%. I've been eyeing a few things but didn't want to pay full price. I'm very happy. as soon as I walked in, one of the educators told me about the "women's day discount"

  4. I just called a store for a send/sale and asked for the 21% discount (which they gave me). The SA asked me how I learned about it, and just said through your blog…

  5. I called a couple for send sale of 6 items on my list and they both said no…I have to drive 2 hours to get it

    1. I did. But my friend is telling me I should have tried the size down. I'm not sure. It's big in the chest and arms but snug at the hips. I don't thinK i'd want it tighter in the hips/

  6. TBH I'm a bit irritated at this sale and the timing. I participated in a Day Without Women. While I could not take the day off, I wore a red shirt and have donated my day's worth of wage to a women's charity I support. I'm also doing my part in the campagne and refraining from shopping today. For Lulu to turn this day into a capital gain for themselves with a lousy sale is frustrating to me and I feel they don't get the meaning behind today and/or don't give a crap about women.
    I may be a purist but this goes bother me. And most women don't really know the importance of today (given we live in a privileged society) and will just go for the sale.

    Sorry for the rant, it's been on my mind today

    1. Lulumum, it's the organizers of the Women's March on Washington that organized A Day Without Women (check out their social media)

    2. @4:05pm A business is a business and the goal is to make money. It's a sale, don't take everything so personal!

      Like when people complain when they don't do sales. Make up your mind. Lol

    3. I had actually only heard about 'a day without women' very recently, within the past few days. Who is behind that campaign?

    4. @anon at 4:05 pm. It's all about the timing, why not hold the sale the day after? They would have made more money and would have participated in a day that's important to women.
      They understood what this day was about and went and trashed it anyway. I can afford full priced Lulu and don't really need their sale. However, as a 10+ year customer of Lulu, this definitely left a bad taste in my mouth

  7. I was able to call a store and do over the phone sake. Got Onbtge Fly pant, Get Low tank in Carbon and on the Fly shorts. Happy !!

  8. Ladies, speaking of Women's Day . I'm Russian , born and raised in Moscow. March 8th is one of the biggest holidays in Eastern Europe. On that day women get treated like queens, they receive gifts from their husbands/boyfriends . They don't do any house work , it's all done by their men. It's kind of like bachelirers party ones a year, when you are supposed to get really drunk( regardless of age, 50+ women get just as drunk as 20+. Legal age is 18 over there. Women are hanging out with their friends, having fun , going to bars etc.

    1. I have to reply to this just to let everyone know that women in Russia are not supposed to get REALLY drunk on the 8th of March at all, they just celebrate this big day the way they like it. Don't want everyone to believe that getting drunk is the only and kind of compulsory choice to acknowledge a significant/happy event in Russia.

    2. This's anon 5:27. I'm guessing you are from a younger generation ? When I was still living there e.g. 1998 that's the way it celebrated for the most part. Really hoping things have changed since then

    3. FWIW, it's a big day in Turkey, too, but the celebration of it is somewhat mixed. Retailers try to turn it into a day of sales (seriously, even on irons and ovens – what better way to celebrate the little woman?), and some women are ok just getting flowers, but others focus more on the political aspect of it. Heavy drinking isn't a way that Turkish women usually celebrate, but telephone calls to female friends and relatives are a must.

    4. I'm from Central Europe, and I can tell you March 8 is a big day for women there! Woe to any man who forgets to buy flowers and/or gifts for the women in his family. Women don't do any housework that day, and generally try to pamper themselves. I miss it.

  9. I was going to comment about your appearance as well lulumum. I don't care what the scale says… you've got it going on! Not to be a creeper but you can really see the that all your hard work is paying off!

  10. Agree with shadowy lady. One of the specific tenants of today's campaign was to refrain from from shopping. And obviously lulu is familiar with the campaign… and they basically encouraged the exact opposite.

    1. It would have been better if they had done the sale the day after. Something like, we sure did miss our ladies during the day without women. Happy to have you back, here's 21% off. Of course, they would've had to actually market that for it to make sense…

      Glad for those who scored a deal though! I just couldn't fit in a trip to the store today, otherwise I would've been tempted.

    2. Agree. Extremely bad decision from LLL. I'm voting with my dollars- and I will not be buying anything more from this company.

    1. I see thought provoking discussion on an important topic. "International Women's Day" is a political movement…

    2. Amazing, some people aren't entirely shallow and don't value a superficial discount over things that actually matter.

    3. Wow I feel bad for buying stuff …I rarely get discounts on lll so I just thought of that. Didn't really contemplate all the other issues noted here as I was just excited to get discount much like those that get to buy or angel I guess from outlets that give the stuff away. When I go to sell I lose huge compared to those buying or angeling. As they sell for what they paid for item and I lose half when I sell to be able to sell. My apologies for not considering the bigger women's rights issue. I thought pay equity had started to erode the wage gap.

    4. just catching up. @kellidotca You know, some of us like to chat about more than just pretty things and sales. Ethics are important to me. I've been a loyal customer of Lululemon's for over 10 years, yet this is the first time I was truly disappointed. Mostly because they definitely understood what International Women's Day was about (as per their email to their customers), yet they failed to deliver.

      You can chat only about sales and products if you want. But don't diss those of us that expect more from long time fave brand.

  11. I appreciated the sale today and did get it over send sale. I didn't know about it when I called store for nulux blue marble pants…they did honour 79 vs 128 that a store had but when I called store back they said was too late to give 21 off as item was shipped already. I did then buy 3 pair speed shorts in Orange and mult strive and midnight blue tulle…and multi strive wup and poseiden crb and Indian Ocean ls swiftly…I shoulda got the nulux blue marble energy bra to match wup …lol and a few other colours in crb…oh well I guess there will be wmtm at some point. I was happy with 21 off as I almost always pay full price.

  12. I totally agree with Shadowy Lady as well. There is no way LLL could have advertised this sale because it was a day for women not to shop but they absolutely knew it would spread like wildfire once word got out. Shame on you LLL, making it look like you were supporting the movement by sending out feel good love and gratitude emails to your female customers but secretly encouraging shopping with the 21% off discount, letting their customers spread the word for them.

    I agree with Anon 11:43pm that it would have been more appropriate to hold this sale after March 8, using above board advertising thanking women for supporting a Day Without Women and welcoming them back with a 21% discount.

    As for comments that say we should just be happy there was a sale, I disagree, especially when it was done in such an underhanded self-serving way. I am all for a good sale but as per LLL poor decision making over the past year or more, this was just another poor decision in a long line of poor decisions.

  13. I have to say, and I know it's divisive, but my blood boiled when I read about the 21% off sale. For a company that says they empower women, the sale certainly sends the opposite message. As a poster noted above, one of the ways to join the cause for equality was to withhold all spending yesterday in solidarity. It was a way to show women's power in the economy, show that we are a force, and that when we come together, our power can't be denied. Obviously LLL recognizes that things are NOT equal for women in the world with this discount- in the U.S. alone there is a 21% pay gap. So instead of standing in solidarity with women (and let's face it, most of their hourly and lower level employees ARE women), they actually do something that is the exact OPPOSITE of the movement. I can't even believe it. If the bad designs and poor quality weren't enough to turn me off, this is the last straw. Seriously. I know some of you probably will think I'm being dramatic or looking for a reason to complain, but women's rights are not equal to men's rights. Period. Look at the attack on our health care here in the U.S. The obvious pay gap between men and women DOING THE SAME JOB. And yet- Lulu tries to entice women on this one day, this one day that is very important to so many women. This is so frustrating to me, and I am voting with my dollars. No more Lulu. Period.

  14. I thought this was gross and opportunistic – and of course only privileged people that can go to a store during the day and have disposable income anyway get to enjoy it (and I say that as a person that would have had the option to do so, if I so chose). I didn't shop this sale on principle, not only because it felt exploitive, but because LLL's quality and customer service is frankly so bad that I'm not going to reward them for being opportunistic yesterday of all days. Maybe for some of you you see the word "sale" and that's it, but when and how you spend your money matters, and this was a cheap marketing ploy from a company that frankly doesn't appear to care about women a whole lot. Pandering is pathetic and obvious and this is a major turnoff for me as far as the brand goes. It was totally self-serving.

    1. I completely agree. The more I think about it, why DIDN'T they release a statement about their commitment to equality, or do this sale the day AFTER, etc. There are so many things wrong with their discount yesterday….Clearly they recognized the day, and instead of being supportive, they chose a tactic that undermined everything that the equality movement stands for. This shows us clearly that they are only looking out for their bottom line. Any illusions we have that they care about women, or their customer in general, or care about being a good steward of the community and/or of the world are shattered.

  15. The thing that I keep wondering is how does that feel to be an Ed and say, "There's a sale for women of 21%, because that's the pay gap". Aren't the acutely aware every time they say it that they're probably getting screwed? If I was talking about a 20% pay gap all day, let me tell you, I would be GLARING at my male counterparts. That number doesn't come from nowhere. It comes from jobs all over the spectrum, but I wouldn't be surprised if male Lulu Eds do make more than their female coworkers.

  16. after seeing LLM's Instagram post I went to the store set to buy something. I even tried a couple things on. and could not find one single item to buy… so I left empty handed. I told myself that I shouldn't buy something just because it is on sale. and I didn't. so proud of myself!! lol
    anyways, the store eds did not say anything about the sale. even when I was in the fitting room they said no word about it. I actually sat right next to the cashier to see if they say anything about it. and this is when I heard them tell to a lady that was paying that they have 21% off.
    I find it interesting that store would not advertise it. something like, yeah we have a sale but will keep quiet about it until we absolutely have to give it to you.

    1. All employees would have been instructed not to say a word because if they got caught speaking about it and word got out they were speaking it up they would have got slammed for promoting a sale on a day where women were not encouraged to shop. They knew that once women started shopping and got the discount that word would spread. This was in no way to be a major sale but rather just a little boost to sales on a day where they would probably be slow. I am not judging anyone for taking advantage of the sale, this is all on LLL for doing this in the first place.

    2. @Anon 11:56- that almost makes it worse. Like the company KNEW it was the wrong thing to do, but ethics be damned, they wanted to boost their bottom line. If they'd held the sale for one day, and promoted it on the day after, it would have done SO MUCH MORE for their bottom line, *AND* would have been perceived as supportive to the movement. Ugh. This company has just become so gross. I still come here b/c it's been a part of my day for years now, plus I am loving the tips/reviews from LLM and readers on Athleta and other brands. Thank you,LLM for all you do.

  17. OT– I just noticed that the yogi racerback IV is now only $38. I'm pretty sure these used to be $48, and it doesn't look like they are on WMTM.

  18. Wow Lulu dropped to 1% on Ebates . Their sales must be up or something. I have been waiting for it to go back to 8% for seems like forever

    1. Or perhaps the invoice from ebates for Oct to December was just received and they are not liking how much it cost them. I got $250 from lll purchases over that quarter and that was US funds…ouch that must have hurt their bottom line.

    1. Haha, ironically, the black and white one is the one that, when it was introduced, some stores insisted was "just for men" and they refused to give it to female customers. I guess any large organization will have its share of these types of blunders, but still, somehow, it seems as though Lulu are over-achievers in this area.

  19. I saw this post the day it was uploaded but I couldn't find anything I wanted to get to make me head to my nearby store haha. I've been spending money elsewhere nowadays.

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