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Sneak Peek | Australia Upload

Sneak Peek | Australia Upload

Hazy Days Wunder Under Hi Rise

Free To Be Zen Bra

Light Lava Sculpt Tank II

Light Lava Energy Bra

Embodiment Tank

Body Con Crop

Body Con Tight

Body Con Bra

On The Fly Pant

Crescent Tee

Cresent Long Sleeve

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Shine Bright Tank

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  • Well the orange colour is promising. Hoping to get a crb…though it kinda reminds me of Cape red. I do like the poiseden colour…but the black white haze print and shibori are tiring. That's ok for my wallet.

  • What is with all the grey? Looking at Australia's "what's new" all you see is grey with some light lava thrown in. It reminds of the same time last year all we had was black, white and flashlight which stopped me from buying certain pieces I liked only because I didn't care for the colours. I can't get over how many pima cotton tops they have made over the last year and continue to make by the looks of it in only black, white or grey and maybe just maybe one other colour which are always the ones that sell out first. Is this all we have to look forward to this spring is grey and light lava? I also don't get what they are doing with Swiftly colours, they have one in white and one is heathered white but they both look the same and they have done the same with 2 greys that look the same.

    I also wanted to bring up that I haven't received my usual weekly product notification from my local stores for the last couple of weeks. Instead I have been receiving emails from LLL, each one focusing on certain product like pants and another for tops and another for jackets. Normally when I get emails from other retailers it's to let me know of sales, discount promos, etc. but with LLL oh no, there is none of that, only emails pushing their product, big deal.

  • After months of black, white and gray we get….tada. The same "color" we've been getting non-stop for the last 2 years. Grapefruit, flashlight, cape red, flare and now light lava. All the same. The Daisy Dust looks like pretty much any black/white splatter style print that has been ongoing non-stop for months now just with a different name.

    Holman or whatever his name is needs to be fired.

  • Does LLL assume everyone is five feet tall? Because I'm not even that tall at 5'7'', and most of these too-short tops would just be ridiculous. I love crop tops as much as the next person, but if I want to barely cover my middle, I'll just work out in a sports bra and save the cute crop tops for the beach/casual wear.

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