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Great WMTM Scores This Week

Great WMTM Scores This Week

I have to say that I’m really enjoying purchasing most of my lululemon these days off of WMTM. The retail price for these items where atrocious due to the price increase in September, and I’m loving that the WMTM price brings the pricing down to below what they would have normally been priced at. I liked this Sleet Sprinter Jacket when it first came out, and did a fit review, but at the $268 price tag it was out of the question. 

Have you had any Lululemon markdown scores like these? 

Sleet Sprinter Jacket

Featherlight Tight

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  • I don't know… this whole lulu revamping has really curtailed my spending there. I am now out of the habit of spending $100's at lulu so that now, even when I see those prices (ie. $100 dollars off a $300 coat) I still just see the big $200 I would now be spending and regardless of how much it is now on sale I still won't buy it unless I really, really love it. (It's pretty much a love thing at this point not a need thing.)

    • I went with the 12 (size up) because the jacket was narrow in the rib area when I tried it on in November. The 10 would have been fine if that was all that was available but on a slim cut jacket I'd rather size up.

  • Jumped on this jacket as they were MD at store for 199…lol. returning it for this one. I am so tempted by feather light but how many more black tights do I really need. Lol I really have to stop. The new blue swirl nulux are so tempting but I'm etting tired of paying 128 for tights…maybe on markdown and hopefully I am sick of print by then …lol I do see some angels on sites getting super low prices on stuff…and for me who pays full price I have to take 50 percent cut to sell and they can sell for more than what they paid…I'm starting to not like that too much. And these angels that are supposedly doing huge favours going in and buying 100 items are making 500 in tips…. it's a great paying job. Sometimes there are posts reminding members to treat angels respectfully be patient and tip appropriately for all their work…am I the only one who sees how much they are making weekly doing their stop in at outlet….lol I personally don't buy because by the time I add shipping and tip I don't get much of a deal unless I were dieing for something. Of course they prefer not to post location so people can get a send sale as they miss out on tips…lol a bit self serving but if people buy in droves the better for them…it's a nice job. Lol

    • Don't get me started on that. Please do not pay someone a brokerage fee to find you luluemon items. Use the 'check store availability' feature and call the store for free shipping. If the item is no longer on the website, call lululemon GEC and they will locate it in stores for you. If you need a SKU number, put a call out on this blog in the comments and surely someone will have that item with a tag that can share the item number with you. These people are needing to constantly refresh their customer base because their customers are learning after a few transactions that they could have gotten the item for themselves for no service charge. Also, please do not fall for the hype build up on products you weren't interested at full price or first markdown price. If you didn't like it, don't let someone convince you that you need to buy something (and pay tip) in order to have it procured for you. You don't need it.

    • Plus, most of the times I've been to the outlets (a) the selection sucked and (b) the prices weren't impressive. I think some are better than others, but I've never found anything there that I thought was a great deal. I think I've been to the one at Woodbury Common 4-5 times and never purchased anything.

    • Yes some huge buys are made at outlet and one lady did 200 plus items in one trip…so about $1000 in tips assumin $5 only on each item. And we are to think they are doing this not as job but out of goodness of their heart…lol. other than crbs I totally agree outlet has junk that I passed over at reg price and at wmtm price. I made a trip today and left empty handed again. True that a 20 crb deal ends up being 30 or 40 if you don't trust lettermail…not a super deal and from me personally even if it was a colour I had to have. I never buy at outlet but I do find at store much better deals and current items. I am curious that some outlets give extra discounts for group purchases as I wouldn't think reselling was permitted. Also I would think eds would frown on you taking pics of price tags…once again proof you are reselling…and yes tips is like reselling with guaranteed profit. If I sell something nwt I am lucky to get what I paid plus tax but these angels get everything plus plus.
      Outlets may not do send sales so I get why angels prefer to go there ..for volume and knowing they can justify it. Again some jump on outlet stuff but I leave empty handed every time…

    • Thats correct, but between online WMTM, and store markdown racks you will be able to track items down 99% of the time. My store is a B store and has a huge rack of markdown items, and more inventory in the back (you can see their inventory levels online). outlets may have slightly cheaper pricing but ultimately it's not economical to chase down outlet items. And again, if you are chasing down a product you weren't all that interested in in the first place when you saw it on WMTM, it's not worth it at second or third markdown.

    • I'll use the CRB's that are on WMTM as an example. They are $34 on WMTM (plus your ebates cash back). They where down to $19 at the outlet. That is a $15 difference that gets eaten up by shipping, and tip – and time. I guess it makes sense to you if you are purchasing outlet items in bulk.

    • I'm not sure I understand the saltiness directed towards people who angel. I for one don't have the time to call stores and I'm nowhere near an outlet, so this is a valuable service to me. Even with tips I still save a bunch. I am so excited to have gotten some hard to find items at great prices as well as crazy discounted items I can wear and not have to worry about dinging them because they cost so much. I understand it not being for everyone, but considering the time and work they put in I see no problem with them earning some extra cash.

    • 500 to 1000 a week is more than a bit of cash. And some were not disclosing that they were getting a further discount in store that they were not passing on lol you are right that it is a great service. I think it's just the posts to remind members they are doing this out of the goodness of their heart to be patient and respectful…when I read that I cringe….be honest about it some are making this a job out of choice for the money. There are some that post 2 or 3 items and in my opinion are Angelina because it is small volume…they seem to be wanting to pass on a good deal. Personally I don't see how it is a bargain when everything is added in. I kinda like having to hunt for a must have item myself and find one and score…quite easy to call a few stores. Most will price match in my experience. The other thing is that every time I go into the outlet that is an hour from my house I browse and think to myself this is leftover junk…I buy when I like something or sometimes get it on markdown…and the unsellable stuff goes to outlet. I would rather spend 100 on an item I absolutely love then 50 on a so so item…in the end I won't wear the so so item and give it away. But you are right that they provide a service for many. The accountant in me is inclined to compute the true cost and say hold on a sec this is not as great a deal….but that's my personal opinion. And angels not paying tax on their fees is also kind of not right.

    • You are assuming that a)everyone tips and 2) everyone tips $5. You know what they say about assuming right?

      I've angeled quite a bit. Mass quantities a few times because of great sales at the outlet specials parties and things. Some tip. Some don't. Some just round up to the nearest whole dollar. It's all fine and good with me. I've never made what you are saying I apparently should. Outlets don't do send sales and just because it's at the outlet doesn't mean it's junk. Reflective stuff went to the outlet. Run gloves, toques, Down For A Run jackets, pace rivals in black. There's a lot of stuff at the outlet that many people do want that isn't junk but they aren't near an outlet to get. Angeling these items gets stuff people want but don't have access to at a great price. You don't like it then don't take part in it. So, honestly, unless YOU have personally gotten what you say angels apparently do, I suggest you keep your assumptions about it to yourself. You know what they say when you assume.

    • I think the point that has been made above is 1. it's not necessary, or all that economical, 2. don't get sucked into hype for a purchase you don't need, 3. If you want to, go for it.

      While it may not be the case for you, it is disingenuous to lead people to believe that the massive hauls with $5000-$10,000 credit card purchases that require store assistance to sort is simply one community member helping out another. That's something entirely different. Tips are heavily suggested, and if you don't tip you are not a priority.

      My third and last point on this topic is, if you are a regular shopper who's store is frequented by people making these massive haul purchases on delivery day you are disappointed as a customer. No different from the Coach stores at the outlets.

  • Picked this up at my store earlier today after months of lusting after this jacket and waiting for it to go on MD. Definitely glad I waited and even if it were to drop further in price, I was not willing to risk it!

    • I did. Tops I tend to be between a 4 and a 6 but prefer a 6 in all the lulu jackets and hoodies I have. Bought this in a 6 and it's definitely the best size for me. I did notice the arms were a little long but I'm short (5'1) with proportional limbs so that might be why. It's a great jacket!

  • Hi LLM, I have gotten some good deals on WMTM. I wait things out now unless I absolutely have to have something. Which is very rare nowadays. I picked up both the Alberta lake and black free runner tanks. Really like the back mesh, I sized up for a bit more length as they are a longer crop top in my opinion but the mesh back is perfect for my 3 times a week bow flex/ yoga workouts at home. Also just got the fresh track pants in hero blue. Eyes them at MD price of $79 but waited and the reduced to $69. Am quite pleased with them! And then grabbed a bunch of CRBs when they went up on WMTM. Got 8 of them and then today grabbed a lullaby one that I had missed on before. Also really like the run for cold jacket which was a Boxing Day markdown. It looks much better on then the website shows and it has been a great layering piece for winter hikes and warmer days…

  • I'm so tempted by the jacket. I tried it on in store and found it incredibly flattering through the body but the sleeves are super long. I'd love to get it, but a couple of nights ago I got an amazing deal on a pair of Fluevogs (sale price reduced another 40%) and I recently bought a pullover from Inknburn (check them out if you haven't already!) so I don't think I can justify another purchase so soon. In general I haven't been buying much from Lululemon lately anyway. There are a lot of other better places that I can spend my limited fun budget these days.

  • Just got my Make a Move Shorts in the mail (2 day shipping!), and I may have to pick up a second pair. So comfy and flattering. I got Deep Indigo to go with all the bright CRBs I've picked up from WMTM over the last few months. Very happy!

  • So happy to find the fleece please jogger in WMTM at my store for $79 and the brunswick muscle tank for $39 both are super duper flattering on my curvy body. Now waiting for the brunswick to go down online to buy another color. Stayed TTS in tank but sized down in the jogger. My normal size 8 was falling off! First purchase on months since I pretty much hated the black, blue, grey everything that came out recently!

    • @ anon 3:39 What location is your store? On the hunt for a black pair on MD. I just love my black cherry ones I got a couple of months ago…

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