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Nothing for me today. I was waiting for the Ombre Hi Rise WUnder Under Pants and I know a lot of you where waiting for the Tech Mesh Tights.

Discussion topic for today’s upload: Are you getting the vibe that Lululemon is skewing towards a more slender long and lean customer base with their crop tops and heel to thigh mesh and unforgiving naked materials? Something I’ve been feeling lately is that lululemon is favouring designs that really work for the size 2-4 model, and sometimes 6,  and the designs aren’t really translating to the 8,10,12 model. I would consider myself on the upper end of average athletic, yet not slim, but their designs lately seem to be a specific aesthetic that I’m finding intimidating, even as an athletic person. Many of these items I would never wear to crossfit in, or are impossible for olympic weight lifting class. I don’t consider myself a runner (anymore) but there are a lot of run pieces this fall that really wouldn’t have worked for me for fall/winter running in a mild temperate climate.

There have been pieces this fall that I’ve been loving (more on that in another upcoming post) but overall I feel the aesthetic focus has changed, including in their editorials. What do you think? Do you consider yourself above average athletic and are some of these pieces too intimidating for you to wear? 

Sit In Lotus Sweater

Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise Lab Night

Double Up Long Sleeve

Fit Physique Tight

Fit Physique Crop

Fit Physique Tank

Define Jacket

Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise Infinite

Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise Mesh

Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise Restored

High Times Pant

Ready To Rulu Pant

Fit Physique Bra

Fit Physique Crop Top

Scuba Hoodie IV

    1. Anon 2:54 I don't think it makes them trashy. I think the commenters above are talking a matter of personal taste. Not so much as being politically correct. They're just opinions and aren't hurting anyone.

    2. lol @ anon 2:54. The comment section of this blog has always been catty central. I guess it's the type of customer LLL attracts.

    3. Anon, the comments section of any website will be catty central if it's not being moderated and if it allows anonymous commenting.

  1. MASSIVE snoozefest. I'd argue this is one of the most generic looking, monochrome uploads yet. Everything is just so interchangeable and forgettable!

    1. I agree. It actually makes me sad to go to the upload. So dreary and boxy. I first fell in love with lulu when they created the Define. The jacket functioned well and made me look thinner than I am. (I know I am superficial.) I proceeded to purchase the jacket whenever LLL released a color or pattern I couldn't resist. I "collected" CRBs in the same way. (Since I carry my weight in my legs, I tend to wear solid dark pants (often Grooves or the OLD DSP) and bright, fitted tops, regardless of the current trend. I appreciate the colorful patterned tights on others.)

      Whatever the case, the current lack of color & shape is driving me away from the company. I have been buying lulu for a long time and it's never been this bad.

      An EXAMPLE of my frustration: This fall, a Be Present jacket was released in another country in a pretty Tofino Teal color. Yay, I thought. Finally an item that excites me. (I actually have the BP in ALLA so I wouldn't have gotten that specific jacket as lovely as it was; still, I had hopes of other new colors being released.) Honestly I have been wanting the return of (what I consider) the universally flattering Be Present jacket for SOOO long. If you don't remember, the jacket made a brief appearance 2 winters ago, at which point it sold out — admittedly, not super quickly since there's nothing sexy or unique about the BP except its excellent, body-enhancing fit! (BTW, BP jackets sell now on eBay for a high price.) Ok, NO BP. But what's worse, nothing I covet.

      I love the Define. But look at the colors in which it's currently offered. BOO Hoo. (People are right that the Define is probably the casualty. ) Enough ranting. As I said, I am just sad.

    2. I agree, but I think part of that is that we just can't see the horrid detail in the pictures. I zoomed right by the hooker WUPs because I thought they were just another plain, black pant. Well, no! On closer examination, they are definitely different! Oh, this company… Why is the taste level so low? Either don't-touch-me-I-have-my-period boxy, androgynous pieces or the sex worker look. WTH, Lulu.

    3. Anon 2:14PM, we share the same tastes in what we love from Lulu! I too fell in love with Lululemon because of the Define Jacket – my very first LLL purchase was a Potion Purple Define and Black Relax Fit Crops! I also loved the Groove Pants – really missing those original Grooves right now. Also love CRBs and DSP IIs (never had original DSP). I also loved ScubaIIs and missing those too. 🙁 so sad. I too go for solid colour dark bottoms and bright colourful FITTED (they are SO boxy these days!) tops.

      I feel the same way about being driven away and share your frustrations. Sad times. 🙁

    4. 2:49 — it's me 2:14 again. We love all of the same items!! 🙂 How I miss the CRBs and Scuba 2s.

      I think I probably bought my Faded Zap Define around the same time you got your Potion Purple one. (2010 I think?) I remember the way that jacket made me feel when I first tried it on — feminine, yet strong. Moreover, the bright color options cheered me for early morning workouts; I was such a fan of LLL's color stories. (Of course I have a few somber Defines in my "collection", but not many.)

      Because I am a shortie, I look like a box when I wear boxy tops currently offered by LLL. The only plus of being petite: I am able to wear Ivivva. Now, their Moon Gem collection is prettier than LLL's stuff IMO.

      I hope LLL can get back on track, but I am starting to question whether it ever will. I know others have felt themselves drifting from LLL for a long time; however, I can honestly say that this year was the turning point for me. For instance, it's the first time in SOOOO long that I have not requested LLL for the holidays.

      Speaking of which — HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you, 2:49, Lulumum, and all of the ladies who frequent this blog. (I think I visit here more often than LLL itself these days.)

    5. Hi, 2:14! Faded Zap is such a fun colour. It's funny, I know exactly what you mean when you say you remember the feeling you had when you tried on the Define for the first time. The Define and the Groove pants both gave me that same feeling, like you say very feminine, yet strong. Aahh, Lululemon's colour stories, those were the days. Same here, regarding looking like a little box when wearing boxy tops – not a good look for me either! Wishing very Happy Holidays to you to, 2:14 🙂

    6. 2:49/9:20 & LLM: I am grateful at least for this community of awesome women. 🙂

      It seems as if the old magic of LLL (hovering over us like the ghost of Christmas past) is the only thing binding us today; the boxy styles and gloomy colors certainly don't bring us in and together.

    1. AGREED. LLL's offerings are SAD. On a brighter note, I wore my Keep Ur Cool (old CRB dupe) Ivivva (Moon Gem collection) Patterned reversible tank to the gym today and got 3 compliments. It's not super-bright, but it has color and looks sort of cosmic.

    1. I'm in Canada but I tried it on this morning and it's a size down item for sure. I'm usually a 4/6 in the sweater wraps and I felt the size 2 was too large…it's so soft and I wanted to love it but it was just too big.

    2. I had the exact same situation today as well, usually size 4 in wraps/tops and tried the wrap in size 2, it was too large for me. Beautiful, soft material, great style for my taste and would have purchased it in a heart beat…..but I was swimming in it 🙁

  2. BOO. SO BORING. I would have jumped on the ombre WUP's and some of the nice pace rivals that the UK received. Easy easy easy pass for me.

    1. Yes! There are about 3 pair of Pace Rivals in prints Australia got that never made it here and I'd buy those up in a heartbeat. 🙁

    2. That's my issue too. I can decide whether to wait a few more weeks or not. Hubby also wants to buy a few pairs for me for Christmas but I can't find any in Canada that I like.

  3. Made for slim yes…tall no way. I used to love Lululemon for its long fits for tall women. Lately everything is shorter and boxier than ever. It's certainly moving away from the fits that made it special.

    1. Agreed. For your discussion topic, LLM, everything's gotten shorter over the last few years. And it doesn't help that there are so many 7/8 pants these days. I'm 5'9", which is decently tall, but hardly extraordinary. Never in my life have I had trouble finding clothes that fit. Until now.

      I don't find any of the looks intimidating, but having had a child, my midsection is not for public viewing. Maybe I'll get back in shape enough for this to change, but the way I look at it, it's a small price to pay for my amazing daughter. And I certainly don't begrudge anyone their right to crop tops. 🙂 Looking at the range of clothes on offer, most do everything possible to conceal your shape, so the handful of body con clothes in the lineup definitely don't bother me.

  4. I agree they seem to be moving away from good stylish workout wear for the average athletic body. Many of these styles may look good on 0-4 but even then I think better suited for the club or just hanging out in the house where no one can see you. I don't find many of the new styles suitable to my fitness classes or running. It's a shame really.

    1. I can assure you, as someone that wears those sizes, that this stuff is not cute or flattering on. Wrong cuts in the wrong materials. I'm an athletic size 2 with T&A and the lack of a waist is a disaster. People don't work hard to cover their active bodies with frumpy, ill-fitting clothes! It's clear they're trying to get people to buy high-waisted bottoms to go with these otherwise too-short tops, but these tops are too trendy and shapeless to be functional or versatile. Too short, seasonally inappropriate – who wants winter tops that sit away from the body? LLL clothes used to cater to both form and function; now they successfully reflect neither. Oversized shapes and cuts can be so cute in the right materials and with the right details, but there's a reason the best executions of those types of designs are available for a higher price tag than LLL, and often in materials that aren't truly compatible with any kind of physical activity. Easier to stop considering the body that's actually inside the clothes when you can just wave it away with a label of 'cut for an oversized fit' or whatever. I think LLL needs to creation a better partition between technical clothes and 'athleisure,' because right now they're doing both incredibly poorly.

    2. Same here. I'm in that size range as well, worked hard for it. Have a flat tummy. Not huge on top, pretty normal size there too. Average height. I have not bought anything new. I've only bought the same old standby technical pieces that they haven't messed with yet. Speed shorts, swiftly tanks (not at the new price though), run stuff your bra (again, not at the new price), pace rival crops. That's pretty much it actually. Nothing full price. I've either waited for it to go to WMTM or the outlet. Anything new is just really boxy, unflattering and thin/cheaply made. It's sad actually. I'm always checking out ebay now for the cute flattering run tops from yesteryear.

  5. I don't find that Lululemon seems to be targeting a "thin" customer base more than usual. I just find a lot of their items bla this Fall. Plus, honestly, the death of the original CRB combined with the price increases have just turned me off to the company.
    I used to purchase items weekly. Since September, I have only made 2 or 3 purchases.

    1. Still mourning the death of the original CRB…I find myself combing the site like a junkie on a regular basis hoping for a rogue upload.

    2. They keep randomly uploading old stuff in full size ranges to WMTM. Not sure what's going on, but it seems like every week there're three or four old styles uploaded. I haven't seen any CRBs, but stuff from last winter has been cropping up.

  6. Ok I suppose I would fall into the "thin" category though I am very muscular. I'm 5'10" and 135 (broad shouldered) but I have felt the opposite, mostly because all the pants are crops or 7/8 on me. The speed tights are actually cropped on me- it's such a bummer. I wish they would use two lengths or use the long length and let people hem for free (though I know sometimes this ruins the effect, so two lengths would definitely be a better choice for everyone). I do think that mesh is more revealing and generally the people who wear more revealing clothing are thinner. I do think that would support your feelings about the way lululemon is moving. I really don't think it makes sense to have so much mesh in the winter, but I can't see the sales on different items so who knows, maybe the mesh has been super popular. *shrugs*.

  7. Lulumum, I'm in the size 2/4/6 range,and let me tell you, size means nothing! I wouldn't be caught dead in a lot of this stuff. Crop tops, wearing sports bra only, all this mesh, absolutely no way I would wear any of it! I have my share of flaws and insecurities like most people do. But honestly, it isn't about that either, even if I was absolutely flawless and had the most ideal body(what is that anyway – no such thing! everyone's thoughts on this is different) these kinds of styles just aren't my cup of tea. I prefer classic, yet sexy, if that makes sense! I don't like showing unnecessary amounts of skin! I like fitted clothing that shows off and flatters my shape but doesn't show a lot of skin. I also prefer classic styles rather than trendy. Also, I really think LLL is going more for athleisure focusing on the casual aspect rather than the funcional athletic aspect. I feel like old lulu was first of all athletic/functional most of all but still great for casual. It seems to have reversed and is no longer functional for athletic purposes – most of this stuff these days is casual wear. I do a lot of yoga and wouldn't be caught dead in all these lingerie inspired bras and crop tops and mesh stuff that is designed for yoga, nor would I wear it casually! omg, no, never ever!

    1. I feel it's more an age thing that they are focused on, perhaps 17-25 maybe. Yet most of them can't afford it so what the hell?

    2. I agree with you 100%. I'm in the size 2/4 range as well and I wouldn't wear any of this stuff. I prefer the classic, and sexy, fitted, but covering skin. And I don't want to worry about a floppy top when I'm exercising…the fitted CRB was perfect for showing off form and staying put, whether running or yoga. Current LLL is very boxy, blah, and boring. I was buying every week, and salivating for upload because of how quickly everything would sell out. I've branched out to other brands, but haven't found anything that is like the old LLL. 🙁

  8. It just shouldn't be so hard to find things that serve a technical purpose for being active from a brand that claims to cater to…people that like to be active. The clothes increasingly look like they're oriented toward people that want to look like they workout or whatever, rather than people that actually do, which, to me, seems about as trendy as it gets. Just give me a page on the site where I can get the original CRBs, Speed tights (without mesh), and maybe a couple of other staples and I'll shut up forever.

    1. Completely agree with you Anon 2:57.

      And Anon 4:19 PM, agree on that as well. How can they afford? They can't. Apparently affluent parents of can and do buy, and that is really whose money LLL is after.

    1. Thank you! Ordered a pair as well! Was so bummed I didn't buy when they came out (we never got them in Canada, but I almost ordered them from the USA, this time I pounced!) lol. I was thinking, "alright! Finally something I had been excited about." So thanks 🙂

  9. I think I would categorize myself in the same size range as you (8-10 in bottoms, 12 on top), and I feel the exact same way! I am SO SICK of the mesh. I really wish they'd go back to some of the old crop styles like the Run Days or Can't Stop. I also have found lately that some of their "high rise" pants and crops are really not so high rise anymore – for example, I bought the Outruns this year, which are listed as high rise, but they fall into that dreaded middle zone, where they're the perfect height to create the WORST muffin top, but if I try to wear them lower, they just fall right off of my hips. So frustrating!

  10. I'm a size 2, BUT I'm also a mother to a 13 and 10 year old…. and if I was to walk into that school with mesh up to my a$$, I'm almost certain they would think I have a side job! I'm also not liking the sizing on some items. So many things I have wanted but even the 2 I was swimming in.
    They are releasing these items now when it's -25 to -30 right now where I live. I would rather be purchasing weather appropriate clothing than that! I just don't understand what they have been thinking lately. I've been searching on eBay and the colours are amazing!!! Where did that go? It's the black, white, grey, blue that's almost black, purple that's almost black…..oh right and BLACK cherry. It's like they can't find the inbetween!

    1. Oh also the lotus wrap…. looks beautiful, when worn the right way. But claiming it's a multiway wrap? The photos of it upside down…..look…. upside down! i just don't think it looks right. I'm pretty sure with those mesh pants and this sweater upside down, people will think you just got back from one heck of a party LOL
      I had to joke I couldn't help myself.
      On a side note I'm sure the pants would look great on some people they just aren't for me.

    2. …and don't forget teal that's almost black (Nocturnal Teal)! Agree with you, the colours are really all so dark right now. I"m fine with some dark colours like these, and I love black, white and grey don't get me wrong, but please, I don't want it ALL to be dark and neutrals – I want lots of choices in colours too, fun, cheery, bright, jewel tones,etc!

    3. I agree. I love white black and grey….. but I'm so sick of it being our only option. I just wish they would come up with more styles like they used to. Camo, stripes, plaids just fun things! I'm a pretty causal person and don't want my clothing JUST for yoga or walking or jogging I want it for every day wear also and still look cute and stylish…. and they just aren't doing it. Honestly I have found very similar items at wal mart and I'm not even kidding they were VERY similar. So why would I pay $100-$158 for something where the logo is invisible? It's so close in fabric and style no ones knows where you got it from if you can't see the logo anyways. I understand the concept of taking away the reflective logo so people can wear as work wear or as previously posted some athletes aren't allowed to have the logo. But do that with some items not all items. I used to love the colours and the fabrics and how it was so well made, now it's paper thin see through shirts and pants lol. Pullovers you can't get over your head cheap fabrics and frumpy styles. And super inflated prices. I refuse to buy anything at full price anymore from there.

    4. I agree with Bryna. Not to sound shallow but the only thing that distinguishes LLL with other brands is their logo, sadly. The quality of LLL has gone down so much that the fabric and styles are comparable to lower priced brands. I feel like if you're paying such much for lulu they should at least put their logo somewhere visible so people don't mistake it as other brands. Like the new speed tights, I wish they bring back the original ones or place the logo back onto the calf area. I don't understand why they like "improving" things that don't need any fixing in the first place.

    5. Totally agree with you Bryna, well said! And anon 5:10pm, I do not understand why they feel a need to mess with the classics that are so well loved either. So many of my favourites are either gone or have been updated in a way that does not work for me.

    6. Agree with you posters about everything EXCEPT the calf logo. Whenever I wear pants with the calf logo I just get people telling me I have a sticker on my leg! In fact, I have a couple pairs of Lulu pants that could look super dressy were it not for that damn calf logo. I have no problem with the logo on the waist, though, like the placement on the old groove pants.

  11. Aren't those mesh up to the rear end Wunder Unders a re-release? Didn't they come out last year sometime? Dug out my winter run items from 2010 or so when LULU's winter gear was thick luon and nice fits. So glad I have hung on to them since the last couple of winters offerings have been fairly disappointing.

    1. glad you noticed too, I'm pretty sure they have been released before! the back looks like latin dancer pantyhose with the dark vertical line.

  12. Toward tall?? God I hope not. Everything is already made for giants . I'm 5"3 and tired of hsving to hem every pair of WUP. I hate extra fabric around my ankles. It physically bothers me:( plus some pants can not be hammed without loosing on some of the design. I also don't care for the quality of work of the alteration person who does the work for all of my 3 stores. It's aweful! Even my husband noticed how bad stitching was on his repaired shirt. And guys don't usually see those things. Why not to have tall versions of regular pants? They would save a bunch of $$ on alterations .
    As far as them supposedly going for younger and slimmer crowd I would probably agree. I'm a size 4 myself in everything except bras and don't feel intimidated by their bottom offerings, but tops are just not so much my style. I don't care for tie up tanks although I see college age girls wearing them everyday at my gym. I'm also not so much into midrif bearing tops worn with high waist bottom. Although I cave and bought Hill and Valley top , but for layering. Overall I would say they are on point with current trends in workout and casual clothing

    1. You can hem but tall people can't add length…they don't even have an option and most retailers do not have anything for tall people. I agree 2 sizes is fair, like what they did with the grooves.

    2. Sounds good in theory, but in reality when you hem anything but solid colors you wind up losing a lot of detail, especially in the ombre styles.

  13. Do you guys think the define jacket is gonna be replaced by the Fresh tracks jacket or lightly jacket?
    I wish the defines had more colours or prints because the current selection is boring

    1. I am worried about the Define as well. It is all I can stand to buy theses days but the infinite variations of black/gray/blue make it hard for me to plunk down the $. They all look the same. Need more brights colors or patterns. If they discontinue the style though, then I'm a goner – nothing left for me with this company.

  14. So this is a bit OT, but I ordered $276 (2 items) worth of LLL mercy via credit card last week and didn't receive any gift card. I wasn't expecting one but read here it could be a perk to purchases of $150+. Worse, and really disappointingly, they didn't include a shopper – not even one. I haven't purchased in a while, but if they are taking away those little things that used to separate them from other retailers (in my eyes), I won't be buying from Lululemon again anytime soon.

    1. The $25 gift card promotion is for purchases of $150+ using Apple Pay as the payment option. If you used Apple Pay, you'll receive a gift card via email.

      Yeah, my last few online orders didn't include a shopper. I believe they stopped including them in recent months? Lulumum might know better on the timeline.

    2. Unfortunately you have to use Apple Pay to be eligible for the $25 gift card. I dont Apple Pay, and wont sign up to use it just to get the gift card, so kind of bummed since I have spent enough recently to be eligible for one, but it is what it is I guess. Also, agree with anon 5:16PM that there should be an option to include shopper at checkout for those who would like them. We are paying A LOT for LLL, so I don't think it's a lot to ask. I personally don't use them so I would opt out, but should really be an option for those who would like them included.

    3. Everybody was complaining about a year ago that it was such a waste to include shopper bags with online orders. I guess lulu listened so now they are not doing it anymore

    4. The one thing that I'm really happy about is that they discontinued sending out shoppers. I've made a lot of orders in my time and consequently have a lot of little bags kicking around. Every time I got yet another one I would cringe with the wastefulness of it all.

  15. Unfortunately, LLL doesn't include shoppers for online purchases anymore but I wish they had an option to include a shopper @checkout.

  16. I don't believe LLL's strategy is to go after a certain demographic or a particular size range. Plain and simple, I think LLL's focus has been to satisfy shareholders and increase their gross margins and how were they going to accomplish that? They needed to produce product cheaper, much cheaper so they had their designers focus on styles requiring less fabric, thinner fabric, mesh and little to no details. You could say the design detail of the year was the pleat, or what I call, the cheap pleat. Not much cost in doing a pleat or two on the back of tops and jackets. Everything designed this year in my opinion was solely based on cheap. The tank selection this summer was a joke for anyone not wanting to show off a lot of skin or a lot of their sports bra. Most tanks had little to no fabric, armholes cut to the waist, barely there backs, or mostly see-through thanks to mesh. Long sleeve tops were not immune either, we got those with holes and slits on the backs as well. Now here we are into the fall/winter lines and most designs lack any flattering or feminine detail, not surprising, because detail adds cost. As for bottoms well it looks like mesh isin't going away any time soon and all the black, well guess which colour costs the least to produce? This is the new Lululemon, the new reality, cheaper mass produced run of the mill clothing, logo included.

    1. Yes – this is exactly what's happening. How do you think they were able to report a profitable 3rd quarter: cheaper production and higher cost got them there NOT outstanding retail performance.

    2. Well put Anon 5:27.

      Add in the only design element on jackets is elastic in the back to "cinch" the waist area and add visual interest. Which is one of the cheapest things you can add to clothing. Compare these jackets with any of the design elements of yesteryear – The Rebel Runner, Hustle, etc and you'll see very cute design elements no longer done. Very sad. Instead, old lady elastic 6" long and they call it design.

    3. Anon 7:37a.m. Oh I forgot to mention the cinched waist, hated that design feature, especially when used on the wrong fabric. I thought 2016 was one of the worst years for jackets but I still have to admit LLL is a step above other brands when it comes to technical running jackets and the cute tech/casual jackets like you pointed out, Rebel Runner and my beloved Hustle Jacket. For all the new designs I am not liking I can always hope the future will hold a few gems for me.

  17. Did the US ever get the Alberta Lake scuba hoodie uploaded? I saw it on Canada's website but not on the US. Did it sell out??

  18. I am a consistent size 4 (bottoms, tops, sometimes a 6 only jackets) and I am hardcore athlete. No, I do not think the pieces are for someone super fit. Not at all "intimidated" to wear mesh but I personally think it is non-classy. I will never touch it. As for the tops: boxy cuts or cropped tops for someone who is fit? I think exactly the opposite, they're for someone who wants to hide their shape. And I cannot stand cropped tops. I prefer the LLL of yesteryear where fit was more tailored and flattering. I still look fit and flattered by a Swiftly, Rest Less Pullover, CRB obviously, and the like, and that is exactly what I am going for. Not to hide my shape in a dumpy, boxy cut. None of the LLL clothing I wear in my size is too tight either. Everything is nicely fitted and flattering.

    And what a terrible upload. We've seen this dull, boring, overpriced clothing for weeks now. I believe it more than ever that LLL is done. There is no way you can sustain a business with this repetition. They have nothing good or exciting to offer. And retail is already suffering!

  19. Interesting that you would pose the question, LLM. I got the LLL email about the upload. Deleted without opening. Right on top of that, I got a Nike email titled: "All Your Favorites, Now in Plus Size". The email features these types of fit women. See the link

    I wholeheartedly applaud Nike for this. It's about time. And everyone knows LLL is behind the times.

  20. Right on! LLL is getting more and more irrelevant. I remember the old times where I was absolutely obsessed with lulu, always looking forward to their uploads. Looks like those days are long gone.

  21. All I know is that the eds at my store gave me a major attitude when I brought in a new with tags swiftly purchased last week due to it having a snag….I have over 10 swiftlies no snags some are many years old. Sorry but even the staple items have gone downhill I'm quality. And the stores are full of stock with angry eds trying to push stuff that is sub par. No thanks, I'm just happy I have amassed enough Lulu to last me at least a decade. Maybe they will have figured it out by then.

  22. Hi Lulumum- wanted to weigh in here on your thoughts on sizing. I don't think that Lulu is discriminating against the bigger sizes, but I think that each of us feels alienated just because the designs are so unflattering/ugly and the fabric is poor quality. I'm a buff size 4, and I look at the weekly uploads and think, "who is wearing this!?"
    So- I think instead of it being a size issue, the poor designs are just hurting our feelings 😉

    Also- I look at the comments on this and other activewear blog threads about LLL, and I can't for the life of me figure out how their Q3 earnings came in so strong. Who is buying? How are they UP?
    Any thoughts on that?

    Thanks for this blog. Love it!

    1. Look up a couple of comments to Anon 5:26 and it's a pretty good summation of why their earning came out ahead this quarter. There was also the Seawheeze Half Marathon showcase store sales in there even though it wasn't mentioned.

  23. Does anyone knows if LLL is going to phase out the Scuba III?
    Personally never tried the Scuba II before, but to me the fit of III felt great. I'm not a fan of the boxy fit of Scuba IV. I was hoping there'd be new prints for the Scuba III but all the come up with are the basic colours. I really wanna get a nice one before it gets replaced by the IV 🙁

  24. I wear a size 6-8 in Lulu. I don't find that their new styles don't fit my body necessarily except for low cut tops as I'm much bustier than average (32F) and this isn't really lulu's fault. I do begrudge them for super boring colours, basic design and lower quality though. I buy stuff here and there but mostly now moved on to Lole 🙂

    1. I've started branching over to Lole as well. Any items in particular that I may find to try? Do they have anything similar to swiftly for example. TIA

    2. Anon 9:57 – Athleta has their seamless tanks and tops that are similar to swiftlies. Except Athleta puts grippers on the hem so they don't ride up! It's their Fastest Track line.

    3. I don't have any lole that looks like swiftly but I gave a few of their high neck tanks and love them! The gave mesh in the shade and don't stick to my body but aren't baggy either. They release them every year in fun colours, I even have one that's a gold-ish beige. otherwise I also love their burst leggings for high impact activities. They make a Jacket similar to define as well.
      I also swear by their Katie parka! Awesome for our cold ottawa winters

  25. First time Scuba Hoodie buyer over here! Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the III and IV? My main concern is length (I'm tall, long torso), and arm room (athletic build). I take a 10 in swiftlies and most tops so I am thinking a 12 so it's slightly roomier for layering. Any input from you guys would helpful before I pull the trigger! TIA

  26. I tried on the Double Up L/S in the Deep Cherry which by the way does not look like Black Cherry and it has other colours faintly running through it which looks nice. The fit is big, where I usually wear a size 6, the size 4 fit much better. The fabric is cotton/modal and is a bit scratchy, definitely not soft and it's very thin. The online description says there are cuffins but they made a mistake as there are no cuffins, just thumbholes which is nice. I would never pay full price for this top and depending on how much it gets marked down and it will, I may consider it.

    I saw, but didn't try on the Sit In Lotus sweater and I have to say it looked and felt very nice and the Inkwell colour is beautiful. If I wore merino wool I would have tried it on.

    I tried on the Inkwell Fleece Jacket (I can't remember the proper name) with the high neck with snap closure and again I had to size down from tts 6 to a size 4. The sleeves are very long with no thumbholes or cuffins which really helps when sleeves are long. Overall the jacket was alright, especially in Inkwell so I might consider this on markdown.

  27. Being a Canadian company I wish they would release some of the nicer items in Canada. Show some respect. Ha! But honestly I can't figure out why the US and Canada do not get several of the items that the UK or Australia get.

  28. Men's wear might have helped 3rd quarter. Lulu is worn by all the boys in my kids middle schools and high schools. All the 170+ things on wmtm all winter will probs help q4 as well! I did order and just received my double layer longsleeve and I love it so much. Tts imo.

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