I stopped in at Lululemon this morning but there was no new product drop today (probably the lull before the big drop next week) so I opted to post my Karma fit review which was going to go up on Wednesday. 

For those of you in Vancouver, Karma Athletics just opened up a new boutique at Metrotown and another one at Guilford. They’ve had pop up shops around town over the past year but this is their first brick and mortar store they’ve had in years. Karma Athletics started up in a store at Park Royal in 2002, across from  the Lululemon and was founded by one of the original Lululemon designers. All of Karma Athletic apparel is made responsibly in Canada. 

Karma Athletics

Unfortunately I was very tight on time with my first visit so I only got to try on these four items and I didn’t get to explore the store much. I plan on going back hopefully this week to try on more. 

San Suu Jacket size L

This jacket is just stunning but unfortunately the L felt more like a lululemon size 6. I tried on several pieces in size L and they all seemed to coincide with a lululemon size 10 but this one item felt really small.  This will be fine for those of you that are petite and have a short torso but for me I have a very long torso and this was too cropped for me. If it was a longer A line cut I would have really loved this piece. $108 is a great price for something with so many design features. The material feels just like luon and it is nylon based. I plan to try this on again in more colors to see if there is a fit difference between colorways. 

*The jacket goes up to an XL and I’m reading reviews online that most people have sized up in it. I’m going to hunt for an XL in black and if I can find one I’ll be getting it. 


Printed Racerback  Size L

I really liked this printed Racerback. For $48 this tank has some really nice design features with thoughtful ruching at the sides, and it’s nice and long. This felt like polyester based printed luon so I’m curious to try on a solid color that is made of nylon. 


 Taylor Cropped Legging Size L

I really loved that the Karma pants where all mid to higher rise with really flattering waist design. I want to go back and see if I can find these same tights in black. 

 Printed Kyla Tight Size L

The printed tights had a strange feel at first and I felt really turned off by them on the racks but when I tried this on I was pleasantly surprised. On the racks this material feels and looks like thick scuba material with a really thick cushy polyester. I thought they would be terribly hot to wear but when I tried the white tights on they felt really light and cottony. I was impressed that the white tights where opaque in a deep squat and felt extremely comfortable on. I can tell that these would be very breathable for a sweaty workout.

I didn’t think a white print with black geometric shapes like this would be flattering on a fuller curvy figure but I actually found it quite flattering. I may get these if they come in a cropped length. 

Interesting. Karma Athletic fabric is Oeko-Tex certified which means it’s independently tested for quality standards. Why doesn’t lululemon use this type of independent quality testing? 

 You can see here where the material is scrunched how thick the fabric is and how it drapes. 

 Hand stretched into the material, you can’t see flesh color through them. 


    1. anon 12:23 here again. Lulumum, I should have said everything looks great on you! The jacket and tank were my favourites of the bunch though! Got a chance to check out their website and love that the jacket comes in all kinds of gorgeous colours and many are on sale right for $88! Thanks again for sharing 🙂

  1. these look great, love the details (like the ruffles on the jacket) that make them like old lulu stuff. and I LOVE that they are made in Canada! will definitely check them out.
    thanks for this review lulumum! these pieces look great on you!

  2. so the company was started by an original lulu designer. they have lots of cute detailing on their stuff (something lulu has lost and that lulu fans have kept asking for). and the company is called…. Karma! does anyone else see the irony?
    haha someone has a great sense of humor over there. I think I really like them 🙂

  3. I love so many of those pieces on you! That jacket is adorable!! I just checked it out and I kind of want it in pink, but the dark purple looks pretty too. So many nice colors, lol!!!

  4. Wow Lululmum all these pieces look great on you. The jacket has got to be one of the nicest pieces I have seen on you. I love the ruffle and the unique neckline looks good on you so does the colour. I also love the print and colour of the racerback and it also fits you really well. Thanks for making me aware of this Company, I will be checking them out for sure.

    1. Stores have been inviting special customers to a preview event this week (the days vary from store to store ) where they get a sneak peek of the upcoming items and I think a chance to buy them. THey've also promoted the '3rd week of September' as being a huge product drop. I'm a bit cynical about this as I hear this same excitement and hype about product drops each year around this time. I have no doubt there will be a few gems in the mix.

  5. I think all this stuff is super cute. I ordered the blue top but in capri bottoms to try, 40 bucks on sale, can't beat it. I would LOVE that jacket, I'm the same size as you but with bigger boobs (huge pita), I'd need an XL and they don't have any (except yellow, won't work I'm blonde), otherwise I would have picked one up in a second! I'm constantly trying other brands now. I paid the fortune and got a pair of sweaty betty 7/8ths pants and they are amazing, Vimmia has great stuff as well and lastly zohba, I don't love everything but some capris are nice for the price.

  6. Looks great on you…I have tried on the jacket and liked the fit and ruffles. I also tried on tank and thought cut and ruching made for a flattering profile. I also tried on the first pair of crops and found waistband design very flattering. I'm just not sure of resale which is why I only have a couple prices and I have 50 lulu bottoms..so not sure how I can justify any more….to wear at least twice in a year….but the quality is amazing. Thanks for the review. Love your blog.
    So I have been hoping florence wup upload Tuesday in cda…lol…sounds like it may be later in month….boo

  7. I bought two items from Karma when I was pissed at Lulu pricing and I agree with you, the sizing for the top was way off, very small. But I love the crop pants I bought and the tank top, even the XL felt like an 8-10 size Lulu. Great company, the customer service was great when I needed to make one exchange.

  8. Looking fresh and it's a nice change to all the garbage Lulu has been offering lately. I love everything except the white patterned tights. Thanks for the review!

  9. Lulumum: Thank you for bringing Karma Athletics to my attention as another source for gym clothes. I had no idea they existed since I am in southern California. I hope they ship to the US because here I come! I will give them a shot — how refreshing that there is someone else out there picking up where Lululemon has left off. By the way, you look fantastic, Lulumum!!! 🙂

    1. The Karma jacket looks GORGEOUS on you!!! In fact, it made me want this jacket badly. Do you know if they ship to the US, LLM?

  10. Wow everything looks awesome on you! Especially that jacket! I hope you get a chance to stop by the store again so you can get the colors and sizes you are looking for. Thanks again for being such a thoughtful and kind blogger.

  11. Wow I'll have to check more into Karma athletics, I wish Lululemon was releasing cute stuff like that!! Thanks for the review!

    And you look fab in all of these!

  12. You look fabulous in all these pieces! Love your blog as always. Good to know Karma is still around. One of my favourite boutiques in Victoria carried Karma back in 2004/05 and I bought many pieces – excellent quality. Haven't been able to find them locally since and assumed they were no longer around.

  13. Everything that you tried on looks so fresh and special. Especially love the jacket and also the white geometric tights (so flattering!).

  14. Thanks for the review Lululmum! I've had terrible luck with karma tights and sheerness. Did you notice anything with the taylor crops in a deep bend? I've tried several pairs over the years, and the rip tag is always visible just with a slight bend. I love that jacket on you, gorgeous!

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