Did you sing up for ‘Be The First To Know’ email alert for the Florence Print Speed Wunder Tights that where supposedly ‘about to hit the pavement’? I find it so strange that they provided this option to sign up for an alert and implied it would be uploaded before the next upload but then they never released the print. I also notice that the sign up option is now gone off the website. I wonder if they’ve pulled back on these or if there is a delay in the print because the ‘Be The First To Know’ option has never been done before for a product, let alone one that will upload at a regularly scheduled upload. 

I’m mostly curious about the release of the print as rumours grow stronger that Eds are being told to push the product (the NULUX in Marble print) before they pull them off shelves due to sheerness. Any eds here care to comment on this (anonymously)? 

Florence Print Speed Wunder Tight Nulux



    1. Totally agree. I'm disgusted with the company. Still like some of the stuff despite not liking the company, but even then, no where near as much as I used to like (thanks to changing and discontinuing favs and crappier and crappier designs) and have also cut back on how much I buy of the stuff I still do like.

    2. Agreed, this actually makes me sad. I used to look forward to their uploads all the time but I haven't purchased anything in months! There is nothing fun and interesting to buy anymore. Alot of these prints including that new marble one remind me of Old Navy, which I like more especially since they aren't sheer and aren't almost $100. Sigh…

  1. so strange. I'm an educator and our store hasn't asked us to push any product, they've told us to let the guests trying them on know that some people find them to be sheer.

  2. I didn't sign up, because quite frankly, sheerness issues aside, I don't like the pants, and the actual Florence design is ok, but not something I feel drawn to. I never fall for all the Lulu hype, haha. I like or dislike what I like or dislike regardless of what everyone else thinks, no Lulu FOMO here.

  3. Are they really thinking these will be that big of a deal? I mean I can't honestly remember the last time something sold out online that quickly. All the hype just seems fishy….

  4. Just checked out WMTM Canada and see that there are 169 results right now. (and nothing I actually want, but then again, my lulu wish list is getting smaller and smaller these days) …remembering the days when there would hardly be anything sent to WMTM and when it did it would sell pretty quick…

  5. Maybe they took that off their website because they are concerned about releasing them due to sheerness just like the marbled print ones and there would be an uproar of negative publicity releasing sheer back to sheer back tights. Could it be that they won't even be included in the upload tomorrow? Personally I don't care for the placement of the darker print in front on the Speeds so I don't know if I would like the look on the tights.

    Anon 1:30pm I am with you in not wanting anything from the over 160 pieces to choose from on WMTM. It's quite shocking to see Canada get that many especially when the US has only 120 something items, maybe their site hasn't been updated yet. I really think they are pushing their product first on WMTM trying to get as much as they can and only when they don't sell there will we maybe see an online warehouse sale. It is quite remarkable and could only happen this year that with this many items on WMTM there is not a single item I am wanting to buy either due to unremarkable product or prices still too high.

    1. I see that they added new colors to existing listings. and the sizes available are all random. this makes me agree with what you said. try to sell everything they can on wmtm first and then decide if they want to have a warehouse sale. the only issue is that the prices are not attractive at all! barely any savings at all

  6. I'm an educator, and we've never been told to push a product at the store level from 'upper management'. Nor has there been any insight that these are going to be pulled off the floor. That also wouldn't be information we'd be able to share prior to it happening, so it sounds like some questionable comments are being made in store.

  7. I certainly won't mention our store location but we were indeed told to "push" this particular product :/ although I don't think most of us feel totally comfortable doing that, even for the rewards

    1. Absolutely. No need to share your location or store.

      I am not surprised that some stores are doing this. I know there is a lot pressure for stores to perform for managers to get bonuses, and some stores performances have dropped significantly so the pressure is up to 'sell'.

  8. I have never felt the pressure to buy an item from the stores I visit. I did buy the marble speed wunders and was just asked what I thought. If the sales people try to push an item, it actually makes me want it less.

  9. Don't mislead yourself into thinking that all "educators," in every location, are going to be told the same thing. LLL is a corporation, nobody's friend.

    The fact that LLL has not marked those marble tights down everywhere already tells you something. I'm going to go with the Ed who says LLL is trying to get as many full price sales out of the tights as possible. No doubt management (including in store) provides info. to educators/staff on a "need to know basis." Let me hazard a guess that if stock (sheer or not) is actually moving at a particular location/city, they are going to leave it alone. If the customer is uniformed (yes, does not read online blogs, FB, reviews etc.) they are not going to tell them. "Buyer beware!"

    On the bungled "be the first to know" on the Florence tight? 1) no surprise it is bungled/a misfire, and 2) who cares, they are not that great. 3) I probably deleted the e-mail notice without even opening it. Analyze that! lol

  10. I've never experienced educators pushing a particular product on me in store – I'm always coming in and trying on what I like. But then I don't really come off as the sort of person who would be swayed by marketing so I guess no-one even tries.

  11. I never read the email but I just opened it and was able to click on it. I actually love this print but it seems so similar to the dottie tribe high rise WUs. If they ate not sheer like the marble ones I would be interested in them.

  12. I'm glad to hear this from educators. This is why I put the call out to verify the commentary. I wonder if this is just a store level management thing at specific stores based on store comps and bonus push.

  13. I hope Lululemon is listening, I've purchased one item in the last 6 months….i can't be bothered to check the upload, I went to buy more basic swiftly tees and left them because I was pissed about the $10 price increase. They say the economy is to blame but seriously?! $10 is a ridiculous jump in price. And now this shady deal. I hope I manage to score some good deals when the company tanks and clears out all its inventory ������

    1. lol, totally agree with you on all of this! I still like *some* Lulu, mostly just the basics, like the Swiftly tops… but these insane prices… wow… I've seriously been thinking the same about the company eventually tanking…

    2. I finally just wore my black LS Swiftly after buying it when it first came out – before the price increase – and it is so, so bad. Even ones I had purchased just a couple month prior are significantly better quality. The material feels so cheap! If the rest of the newer releases are the same quality at $10 more, I'll be buying second hand exclusively.

  14. I love my Swiftlies but now with the price increase I will not buy one unless I absolutely love the colour and is a colour not similar to any I have. I was tempted to get a scoop neck this a.m. when they released more in Canada but I didn't. I am going to wait until next year to see what new colours come out in that style.

    Well a shareholder yesterday dumped 173,150 shares at $65.798 which is a whopping 15.6 mil. The stock closed at 66. but is back down in the 65. range. This makes me wonder who wanted out and who wanted that much more???

  15. I work in a store in California. Not only have we never been told to "push" an item but if I was and I didn't stand behind it, I wouldn't. All stores are different but the company teaches each educator to do what you think is right for the guests. I also want to clear up the sheerness issue. The lighter prints are more likely to be sheer and we encourage guests to wear nude underwear the way you would under a white dress. I am very bottom heavy and I tried on these pants in my true size with no problems at all. Considering my dimensions, I would think I would have a problem if they were super sheer like a lot of reviews are saying and I didn't. Working on the floor I would say that at least 30% of guests are wearing a size too small. I will suggest the correct size and give my personal size to help them make the right decision but most of the time, they still choose to buy 1 or 2 sizes too small. These are supposed to be a naked sensation, if you feel compression please size up. This might help with the sheerness.

  16. Ugh…my review was deleted for the speed wunder tights 🙁 I had given it 1 star due to the sheerness…I wonder if that had something to do with it…

    1. Thats crazy that a company this big would feel the need to censor their reviews! Isn't that the point of having that functionality anyway? That customers can share their own experiences and give feedback to help?? i'm so disappointed 🙁

    2. I noticed that last night and talked to Lulu Addict about it!!! First there where 12 reviews and 2 star rating, and then they deleted that review leaving one raving 5 star review and it brought the overall score up to 3 stars. And the worst part is that I then decided to provide my own review and I got an email this morning telling me to return the tights if I was dissatisfied (acknowledging the receipt of my review), but my review was never posted. This is INSANE to me.

    3. Yup! the lack of integrity with this astounds me. I get that there is no law forcing them to post all reviews good and bad and that it is a marketing tool they are using on their own platform but that is a serious lack of integrity on their part. I understand having a review function is a great marketing tool for them but not all retailers use them on their ecom, so if negative reviews outweigh the advantage of having a review function then why not just get rid of it the way they did the Hey Lululemon website.

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