1. Everything is so boring and repetitive. I haven't purchased in over a month now because nothing seems that great. I feel like they're losing their edge in designing 'must have' items in cool patterns and colors. Basic black is a staple, but you really need to inject some new colors & designs into the mix for fall. AND with the price increases, I'm MUCH more picky about what I'm going to purchase.

  2. Off topic, but do the Festival Bags get discontinued after the spring/summer seasons? Hoping to get one if they show up on WMTM. Any thoughts/reviews/input? Thank you in advance!

    1. I have a pair of the Aligns in Black. I bought them July 20-16 and I've worn them twice. Once casually to walk around in for the day and once to work out in. They were amazing as casual pants and HORRIBLE as workout pants. I went to a workout and half way through I noticed that you could see sweat marks in my crotch region. So not cool and very embarrassing. I was just thankful that I didn't get a lighter color – it would have been so much more noticeable. I love the Greyvy color also but I would recommend getting them in that color unless you weren't going to do any activities that could make you sweat. I haven't experienced any pilling but like I mentioned above, I've only worn them twice. Hope this helps.

    2. I would agree with anon 1:28. I have the Rosewood Align crops and I love them but I find I never reach for them given the fact that they are terrible to workout it. Not breathable and show all the sweat. But if you are looking to wear them for regular yoga or just around, they will not disappoint. I've had no issues with pilling or seams on mine. I loved the look of the Greyvy ones as well but couldn't justify a second pair of aligns for "comfort wear".

    3. Don't waste your money! They are terrible for all the reasons given here. The pilling is UNREAL. I would imagine the Greyvy are also going to be a sweat nightmare.

    1. Haha I feel the same way it's so hideous! It looks they took a top and just cut it in half. What really bothers me are those sculpt it pants. Those disastrous open side seams and that sheer mesh does no one wear underwear?

  3. What colour other than black does one match up with that grevvy colour? I have nightfall…very similar and never wear them because I can't match anything with that dull colour

    1. I think purple might look nice with Greyvy.. maybe something like Deep Zinfandel, Lolo Purple (an older purple), Dashing Purple, maybe even Regal Plum… But yeah, I totally agree, this kind of colour is pretty blah and dull and hard to match stuff with. I have a pair of Dance Studio Pants II in Blue Denim and wish I never ordered them. I think Greyvy, Nightfall, and Blue Denim are all pretty similar.

    2. Let me begin by pleading some ignorance. I have not seen Grevvy IRL. However, on my monitor it looks closest to CADET BLUE. Cadet, and I'm assuming from the name of Grevvy, is a mix of Grey and Navy. However, Cadet also has a smidgen of dull purple in it which admittedly may distinguish it from Greyvy. (In other words, 2:41 you may be 100% right and, if you have seen Grevvy in person, I defer to your suggestions. :))

      However, if Grevvy has that slight purple cast found in Cadet, it may be difficult to pair with DZ, Lola, Plum or Dashing IMO. The only purplish color with which I like Cadet is Lullaby and maybe its lighter sister, Cool Breeze. (Again, maybe those colors would look better with Grevvy.) That being said, Cadet does look fairly nice with Bordeaux, though I prefer BD with the purer navy, Inkwell. (OT: though I do love BD, NO MORE please.)

      Personally, I like Cadet paired with oranges — and goodness knows you have plenty of those to chose from in recent months. 🙂 It also looks good with Vintage Pink, lemony yellows and Angel Wing to name a few.

      Speaking of the Cadet, can anyone tell me whether it is close in color to the new Indigo found in the Define?

      Whatever the case and like many others, I'm just sad LLL is moving away from fabulous colors since those colors are what drew me to LLL initially. I loved the days when the waistband of the Grooves were a map of the seasonal palette. (It was also great when Grooves had a diamond gusset.) Oh well.

      Once again, I may be wrong that Grevvy and Cadet are close so feel free to ignore my ideas.

  4. Really, the scrappy bra? It certainly looks like it is made out of scraps.

    I love the FTBW & FTB, but this thing does not appeal to me in the least. Yes, I know, to each their own. It's definitely not going to get $52 + tax of my money (even the FTBW or FTB won't be purchased at full price by me, anymore).

    If you're not familiar with K-Deer and are looking for some nice leggings, capris, or shorts (mainly), check them out. Same goes for Shakti Activewear.

    1. I think scrappy was either a typo or autocorrect. I don't think it's actually called Scrappy. LuluAddict is reporting that it may be called Free to Be Zen.

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