I had to run in to the Nordstrom Annivesary Sale Vancouver today to do some price adjusting on the items I got (you can do that by the way!) and it was absolutely INSANE! I’ll insert a photo below my intro of just how busy it was. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened up to the public yesterday and for the first time the Vancouver store participated in the sale with all the same items that the US got. I thought I’d be able to snatch up the Beauty Blender duo I wanted but when I went in this afternoon it was long gone. I was told that it sold out almost immediately yesterday along with many of the other beauty bundle items and it was very apparent that the beauty department was super picked over with very few items left. I’m really glad that I was able to get my ‘must have’ items from the US ahead of time but it’s definitely good to know that the Vancouver sale has the same product lineup, just fiercer competition since all of the Canadian shoppers are funnelled to the store vs. having access to Canadian store prices online.  After getting my price adjustments done, I zipped up the third floor to check out all the activewear and I was really glad to see the Alo items I’d been eyeing still in stock.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Vancouver

Alo ‘Range’ Capris, Alo High Rise Capris

This ‘Paris Pink’ and ‘Starflower Blue’ color combination really caught my eye online with it’s graphic contrasting and ombre  but I was too worried about fit to order online. I kept seeing pictures of the ombre ones on Instagram and they looked so awesome that I just had to try them on.


I tried on the safer version of the two with the darker back and front. What is interesting is that online, this combination is different from the ‘Range’ crop online which has a paris pink butt. I was glad to see that the store version was solid blue in the rear. I really liked that these are high rise and they are a very thick opaque material. They feel much more luxurious on than Lululemon luxtreme. These are an L and I take a size 10 in Lululemon bottoms.



Alo Lucid Mesh Tank

I liked the colors of these lucid tanks but I wish they had a panel of non sheer material on the front.  It’s so breezy though that I think you could comfortably layer this over a white tank for a workout and not overheat. This tank flares out quite a bit at the hips as well so I would call these oversized, you can see the excess material in the side view. This is a size L and I’d call it a generous TTS.





Starflower Blue Lucid Mesh Tank




Alo High Rise Capris Starflower/Paris Pink

I’m a bit obsessed with these crops and I kind of want to run back and get them except I’ve depleted my shopping money. I keep seeing the blogger from PaleoOMG wear these and I thought there was no way I’d like them as much in person but they are so fricken awesome. I wish I was taller and slimmer though to give that ombre more justice. These are high waisted and totally opaque but my issue with them was the lighter ombre in the rear area was not as flattering on my curviness. Only because the pink really fades into the blue in that area vs. it being just the blue and so it had a…lets just say it was a non minimizing effect. I like these so much but I just think they are meant for someone way less curvy. They are so cool though.  Get them!!






Alo Reflection Tank

This tank was a really form fitting TTS. It didn’t feel tight at all but because the material has a sheen to it and it’s form fitting I didn’t find it flattering on my not so smooth areas. The color was really pretty though and I liked the leathery looking material but I would have preferred it to be more relaxed around the middle and a bit longer. This is a size L on me.




Alo Crops




Zella Double Breasted Quilt Jacket

I really liked this Zella Jacket a lot. This is a size L and it fit like a Lululemon size 10. I think if you are vegan and really like the look of a moto jacket, you should consider something like this over a faux leather jacket. I like this look so much more when it’s not pretending to be leather but it has that same edginess. It is very warm and structured and I think it would look equally nice dressed up with jeans as it would paired with leggings for the gym.






Zella Double Breasted Quilted Jacket



Mackage Leather Trimmed Hooded Down Parka  size XL, equivalent to size 12

This parka is to die for! OMG if I had the money I would have 100% gotten this jacket immediately upon trying it on. It has a double zip so the inside zip is down the middle, but the outer zip up is off to the side. This creates an extra panel of double layered down and it’s incredibly warm. The cowel neckline really draws your eyes up and it frames the face in such a way that it really minimizes the hip area, and the leather belt really cinches in the waist. I just completely fell in love with this jacket and now I know to start saving now so I can get  this next year. This jacket was just so elegant and incredibly warm. Parkas are usually designed to be unflattering sacks but this jacket is really designed to flatter the figure. I tried on the size L and it fit well in the torso but it was snugger over the hips than I like so if you are hippy like me, size up. Mackage jackets are all very narrow in the hip area. I could have easily layered a sweater under the L or the XL but because of the hips I would have sized up.




Mackage Leather Sleeve Wool Blend Wrap Coat size L

This jacket was also very, very lovely but it was doing something unpleasant at my hips because of the pockets and the weight of the wool being cinched in with a belt. If you are narrow hipped, this jacket is amazing. The wool was luxurious, soft and drapey. It felt more like an incredibly soft cashmere than it did wool. I really liked that this jacket moved so easily and wrapped up really nicely. Usually wool jackets have a certain weight to the fabric that makes them a bit stiff and bunchy but this felt like throwing on a nice sweater jacket but with a lot of structure. This jacket does not have a zip closure at all, it’s just meant to be wrapped and belted. Despite the closure though it felt like it would be warm enough for a Vancouver winter.


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  1. OMG I LOVE the Mackage Parka! It would be perfect for winters here! But definitely beyond my budget. Hopefully I'll remember it next year and remember to put some $ aside to get it. I could use a good winter jacket.

    1. Thanks! Yes definitely a huge splurge item that takes planning. The good thing with those purchases is it gives you time to consider if it's a trendy piece or an item that will be a timeless classic. If it's out of style next year then it wasn't worth splurging on.

  2. That Mackage Parka looks stunning on you! I just placed a phone order from a store that is across the state. I did not realize until recently that stores would do that. I decided to go with Navy since I have so many black jackets.

    1. Hi Lulumum, can you pls elaborate on this? Is there a specific number to call for Canadian store and they will take orders?

    2. Thanks! I really love it.
      I love the phone order option. It's such great customer service. I also always tell my Canadian readers that it's better to order what you want from a Canadian store and have them ship to you vs. ordering off the Canadian side of the Nordstrom website because the pricing isn't the same with the borderfree option.

    3. If there is an item on the website you are wanting, note the product # which is on the product page. Google the numbers for the Canadian store nearest you and call that store. They can check their inventory as well as other Canadian stores. If that store cannot check the inventory then it is the main customer service number that is able to. I believe shipping from Canadian stores to Canadian addresses is free, and if you have a US store ship to a Canadian store it is $30 and that usually still works out to cheaper than going through the border free checkout on the website for canadians.

    4. and to elaborate on pricing, on the Nordstrom website everything is in USD. If you switch to CAD it calculates the price directly to it's equivalent to CAD (and at checkout you pay taxes, duty and shipping) but the actual Canadian stores have a different pricing strategy so that they can compete with Canadian stores in the same market.

  3. I think you rock those leggings! I occasionally stray from LLL but I still love the fit of their clothing a lot more than a lot of the stuff I've tried. I do love Sweaty Betty though. I think more specific sizing like 2 4 6 8 10 12 is far better than S M L like some brands do.

    1. Thanks! I agree with you on the numbered sizing. It's definitely a more precise fit when it's like that while an 'L' varies greatly for me from brand to brand. I haven't strayed a lot from lululemon as I'm picky but so far I've really liked Lorna Jane, Alo Yoga and Varley as much or more than Lululemon but they are either not very accessible to me or they have a very small product lineup.

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