Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2016 Is Now Open To Everybody!

July 22, 2016


Yay! For those of you anxiously awaiting the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to be open to the public, it will be live tonight at 12am PST! You now can shop it even if you don’t have a Nordstrom debit or credit card, and you can shop it from Canada! I’ve been told that although many items where sold out during the pre sale, stock was held back in at least one full size run for the open sale. Things will sell out much faster for the open sale because you not only have non cardholders shopping, you also have the resale shoppers that missed out on items that are waiting for restocks. If you see something, jump on it! You can also check out #nsale on Instagram to see real life photos of the most popular items. A good strategy is to go online now and browse the pre sale and add the items you are wanting to your wish list or shopping cart. You can go back in later and find those restock items that are not currently on the website. I’m adding a gallery below of items I like but there are two items missing from it. A soft short sleeve tee with a criss-cross at the v-neck by Lush (sold out for now) and a peplum pinstripe blouse that has been all over instagram (sold out for now) and I’m not sure the brand. It’s either BP or Carson (Nordstrom house brands). The gallery is actually three pages and will be more as items get restocked so to view it all you have to click the arrows right or left and it will let you scroll through. I may be tempted to get those two items I mentioned above tonight if they restock. If they do I’ll try to add it to my gallery as well.

NORDSTROM - Shop the Anniversary Sale through August

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I started looking at the Nordstrom Pre-sale thanks to you! Then I purchased a pair of boots for myself days later though I'm still looking at other pieces. Thanks for sharing your picks with us and linking the photos to the product! <3

  2. Holy! A whole bunch of CRBs have dropped on WMTM for $29! I bought Lullaby, Flashlight, Pink Shell and Aquamarine!

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