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Beauty Review: Beautycounter

July 1, 2016

I’ve come across the brand Beautycounter several times in this past year. An article on Goop (here), a friend who started selling it and shared samples, I saw that J Crew sells  a few products in stores ( (not to Canada though) and that Target will be selling a limited selection in stores in the fall.  I read an article on Lainey Gossip (here), and many paleo blogs have reviewed it. Today I learned that Beauty Counter now owns Nude which is a skincare brand I love and had been using. I’ve since switched over to the Hydrating Face Oil/Lustrous Face Oil 2 by Beauty Counter. Beauty Counter has been available to Canadians only in the past three months, but US customers have had it for several years. 

One of my skin care holy grail methods I follow requires a kind of niche product which is a balm cleanser (vs. traditional foaming or soap cleanser) and a cloth. Very few cosmetics lines cary this type of product. It’s very effective but doesn’t have much marketing appeal so more conventional brands don’t give it shelf space. Cleansing balms are typically a botanical oil based thick cream you slather on your face and rub, then you wipe it off with a warm washcloth. It dissolves oil, dirt and makeup off your skin while moisturizing. Some people do a ‘double cleanse’ method where they do the first balm cleans and then follow up with a different cleanser but I do not do a second cleans or find it necessary for my skin. I sometimes use a damp Konjac sponge for exfoliation after balm cleansing.  This method has been the #1 skincare change I made for my skin that has had the best impact for my finicky rosacea acneaic dehydrated skin. I’ve used this method before discovering Beauty Counter and am so excited that Beauty Counter has a luxurious version of the product I’d been using called Nourishing Cleansing Balm. I still use my rosacea prescription (finacea) but I find the balm cleansing before applying my drying prescription is what prevents my skin from stressing out. My skin doesn’t just tend to dryness, it tends to completely dehydrated. I have to be careful to not strip my skin with harsh foaming soaps and I have to layer really nurturing moisturizer on over my prescription. If I’m diligent with this method I have glowing radiant skin. If i don’t my skin is very dull and ashy, dehydrated and irritable and my makeup looks like crap. Because of my prescription my rosacea is under control, but it’s what I do with my skincare that makes it vibrant – not just simply under control.

When I saw that Beauty Counter has the Nourishing Cleansing Balm with an fully displayed organic ingredient list with ingredients I love and without fragrance I had to try it. I did my research and every detail I found made me fall more in love with this brand. It’s not tested on animals or made in China where even ‘against animal testing’ products MUST be tested on animals by law. The products are manufactured in the US and in Italy and the botanicals are effective and very high quality. Guys, I have a really high standard for skin care. I’m not on the anti chemical bandwagon because as you know from previous posts, I really like my active ingredients. My natural products have to be every bit as good as my none natural products. I don’t weigh natural vs. none natural products, but I do really appreciate thoughtful design, made in North America and not tested on animals. This product leaves my skin so soft, and it’s just such a delight to use. I love the process of using cleansing balms and wash cloths. I love taking the time to do that.  With this particular product, I love that it includes reusable muslin wash clothes. 

For those of you that want organic non toxic and not animal tested products, Beauty Counter is the most legit in its class of natural skincare. It has a list of 1500 ingredients it will never incorporate into it’s products. This is better than Honest Company by a long shot. 

I want to inform you that although this is not a ‘sponsored post’ or an ‘affiliate’ post in the traditional sense,  I will earn a commission on any Beauty Counter products you purchase through my store which I will link to in this blog. I am an authorized seller for Beauty Counter. If you love the product but hate me and hate the idea of supporting my store then I definitely encourage you to not discount this brand and try it out somewhere, even if you buy it at Target (starting this fall). You can completely bypass purchasing product from a consultant which I think is great. Either way, you’ve got options. I love beauty products and in particular I’m a skincare nerd and aficionado so individual ingredients really matter to me. It maters to me that the ingredients I love are in an elegant formulation and that they are luxurious to use. Taking care of your skin should feel luxurious.  If you like the idea of supporting my store and you appreciate my beauty reviews and my own beauty product research, I’d be absolutely grateful to have you as a client. You could always buy it from J crew, Target or Gwyneth Paltrow herself on, but why not support a real life person running a small business? If you’ve tried the products already, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Here is a link to my new website which I also have linked on my pages tab above. Beautycounter/Cristina

If you are in Canada, Beauty Counter is aware of the impending Canada Post job action and they are using other shipping contracts (I believe fedex). If you are in the US you are able to purchase through my website in your currency and have products delivered to your home from the US distribution center. As always, my beauty and none lululemon reviews will only be posted when there is not Lululemon centric news to share because I know that is why you are primarily here and why you’ve found my blog. My non lululemon posts usually happen over the weekend. Regardless, my Lululemon reporting takes precedent over any other review or post I do here, and I will always do none affiliate, none commissioned reviews simply as the inspiration hits. 

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