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Australia Upload Sneak Peek

July 25, 2016

Sorry for the late post. My kids are in summer school and it makes for a really chopped up morning so I can’t get to the store and posting until after they are back from school. I stopped by my store just now to return the Goal Crusher Crops and there wasn’t any new product out. I opted to return the crops after having seen 3 pictures of them snagged, plus some store photos where the mesh looks like it may be snagged. I was assured by the ed at the store that if that happened they would damage them out but I really hate getting attached to an item and then having to take it back. If the snagging is as much of an issue as it’s seeming to be, I’m really surprised they haven’t pulled the crops and pants off shelves. 

Go The Distance Vest

Weather You’re Ready Jacket

Yin Time Long Sleeve

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  1. Jenny Lee says:

    I still have tags on my Harbour blue Goal Crusher crops. They are so cute on and i love the cut and compression of the crops. I guess i can always wear and if the sides get a hole, get my money back. They are good about that. I just don't like being so extra careful LOL.

  2. The entire goal crusher line is flawed by design imo! personally im not a fan of the 'ripped pantyhose' effect I see from the crops but the design is just wayyyyyyy to delicate to be at all practical

  3. lulubell says:

    The Yin Time LS is cute. I wonder if we will see that here though. It's hard to think about buying a ls when it's 90 outside.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Damaging an item out shouldn't be Lululemon's solution, imo. Obviously, if someone purchases something that ends up needing to be damaged out then they should do that, but it shouldn't be their solution for their quality issues. They need to fix all of their quality issues to begin with and they would have a lot less items that need to be damaged out. With their prices being what they are their quality doesn't match up and it should. I realize these particular crops and pants is more of a design issue, but still… perhaps they need to put more time and effort into their designs… Anyway, along with getting attached to our Lulu purchases and expecting them to last, this also has other impacts as well (environmental,etc) and it's just plain wasteful. imho, Lululemon is really just fast fashion, except that it is expensive instead of the usual cheaper prices that goes along with it. Lululemon is definitely not what it once was, the quality used to be there and it was being made in Canada and the prices seemed fair enough and seemed to match up with the quality. They've been making a transition into worse and worse quality along with higher and higher prices. For anyone interested in learning more about the fashion industry and all of it's effects, 'The True Cost' is excellent and it's available on Netflix!

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