1. Did Canada ever get these crops in the hero blue colour? I hate that the new website doesn't show the sold out/previous colours anymore..

  2. off topic question, sorry, but just wondering if anyone who has an HE top loading (without agitator) washing machine has had any problems with pilling of their Luon items or pulls and snags on their Swiftly tops? My front load HE washing machine just died yesterday and had to purchase new one today and the one we ended up purchasing is a top load style… worried it won't work as well as my front load for washing all my Lulu clothes! Mainly because the top load style washer (which more and more new styles seem to be these days) has the little bars in the bottom of drum and will be in constant contact with the clothes as they're being washed compared with my front load that had the bars spaced out along inside of drum but at least the clothes weren't in constant contact with them! Yikes! I hope it works out ok! Almost all of my clothes are Lulu, it's pretty much all I wear and practically live in it! I wear Swiftly tops everyday, would be devastated if the new machine ruins them! I've had absolutely no problems with any pulls or snags in them with my front load (so sad it died!). Would appreciate very much hearing from anyone who has a top load no agitator HE washer, thanks in advance to anyone who can comment.

  3. I own many lingerie mesh bags and wash ALL my lulus in them. I never have issues and I have too top loader HE machine just like yours.

  4. I also own a lot of mesh laundry bags. I turn my lulu inside out, put it in the bag, then wash. I haven't had any problems thus far….I use commercial washers, too.

  5. Thanks so much anon 2:11 pm and anon 10:28 am! Your comments were both reassuring (really needed this!) and helpful. I think I'll play it safe and start using mesh lingerie bags.

  6. I, also, have a top loader HE washer. No agitator. I put all my swiftly tops in lingerie bag. I wash lulu clothes together with no other brands. I wear swiftly SS or LS everyday to work as well!! Have. It had any problems.

    1. Thank you Rungirl7! Swiftly tops are the best, love mine so much! I'm going to start washing them in mesh lingerie bags too. Thanks for sharing!

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