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Yoga Haven Skirt, Nook Tank, Yoga Haven Bra, Yoga Haven Kimono, Highest Times Pant

May 30, 2016

Highest Times Pant

Yoga Haven Kimono

Yoga Haven Bra

Nook Tank

Yoga Haven Skirt

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7 responses to “Yoga Haven Skirt, Nook Tank, Yoga Haven Bra, Yoga Haven Kimono, Highest Times Pant”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I tried the Wanderlust bra..loved the cape red and the black one…but seemed too fussy for me with wrap around bottom and the back hook. I could see the hook slipping on me.
    The fear of a wardrobe malfunction and the fussiness with the hook closure with the hook loops were the deal breakers for me. Then for a split second, I felt the cape red bra looked like a life jacket from the back (the bottom of the bra's back)…lol! But I don't mind the mesh back part of the bra.
    While I love the the wrap-around bottom and the overall look of the bra, I felt the wrap-around and the midline front center seam would be noticeable if I were to layer a top with the bra…. but this bra isn't meant for a top layer unless it is a very loose fitting top like the nook tie-back tank or a jacket or kimono.
    I did wind up getting the black Wanderlust mesh pant..loved it on when I didn't think I would. I got the nook tank for my daughter.Lulumum, did you find any of the wanderlust stuff appealing?

    • Lulumum says:

      I liked the green print actually, and specifically the lighter background green color -desert olive. I think I would have gotten the green Diversity Bag but I have last years version. I may have been interested in the green Kimono but I don't like the cut of this years, I think it's too long and fussy.

      I really dislike the pairing of the green and light green with orange though. I think each color would have been more beautiful in a different context of color groupings. It's hard to appreciate a color you may have otherwise liked when it's paired in a way you don't care for.

  2. Pound says:

    The skirt is essentially the &Go Where To Skirt that was on WMTM. The heathered black is identical.

    • Anonymous says:

      @ Pound, I was thinking the same thing…I am wondering if the heathered black leftovers were restamped with the logo and then sold again..why use a product that didn't do well?
      Then again I may be wrong, the desert olive skirt is a new color.
      This reminds me of the previous times that the wrap-around bra was introduced (and the tank portion was supposedly cut off from the idling wrap around tank and then the bra was recycled from the wrap-around tank) or the still short was supposedly cut-off from the idling still pants ( a few years back)
      I have to say this supposed reinventing and reusing unsold clothing items is creative.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anyone tried the Free Spirit Bra? I'm interested in it for casual wear.

  4. Jruby18 says:

    I agree that the Kimono is too long and has weird shaping. Last year's was way nicer and more flattering. It looks like a fancy lab coat to me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I ordered the cape red highest times. i really love atomic red so hoping its another good red (to me) like that. Hearing reports that they are sheer though. Oh, well. Ordered the green diversity bag too. Seems like it would be a good neutral bag. We'll see. I don't feel the hate for this collection that some are seeming to but I sure wasn't blown away by it.

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