My upload post is going to be slightly delayed today. I’ll have the post up right at upload but will populate it with pictures and commentary a bit later than usual. 

Ok, sorry guys. My kids had dental appointments this afternoon and I had to post the worlds worst upload photos using my iPhone. Unfortunately no email alert from me this week when the upload went live. Now that I’m home I’ve reposted the photos and have about 20 minutes before I have to race off to my Oly lifting class. I caved and ordered the Space Dye Camo Alberta Lake Define Jacket. I just love the colors and the Wunder Under in that print was incredibly soft. I ended up returning the crops because I didn’t find them flattering on my shape but I was really sad about them. I suspect I may feel the same way with the Define Jacket on me, but I had to give it a chance. I also am interested in the Surf Shorts in the Lace Palm print (since they reverse to a solid black) and they go up to size 12 online (I size up in these), and I’m also interested in the Tofino Teal Pace Rival Crops. I definitely want to try those on in store. Did you order anything tonight? 

Man I hate the new web design. It makes it so much more complicated to view the upload.

Tidal Flow Net Top

Surf To Sand Sport Top II

Tidal Flow Full Bottom

Strappy Back One Piece

Go With The Flow High Waist

Suns Out Rash Guard

Free To Paddle Top

Perfect Paddle Suit

Dash And Splash Cap

Energy Bra

Space Dye Camo Rosewood Cool Racerback

Define Jacket Space Dye Camo Alberta Lake

Bali Breeze Swiftly LS

Spring Break Away Short

Pace Rival Crops 

Kinda tempted by these ones

Tight Stuff Crop

High Times Pant

Inspire Tight

Everything Bag

Festival Bag II

  1. This new site is really hard to navigate and not organized well. Half of the stuff didn't even come up and I had to search for it. Very frustrating.

    1. Me too! At least it's facilitating my shopping my own closet for the lulu I already own and wearing stuff that hasn't been getting much love. Sometimes the new stuff overshadows stuff that is still new but not as new…

  2. what on earth was LL thinking?! this has to be the worst site ever, what a downgrade in user experience. you literally have to move your cursor over each item just to see the "new" color availabilities… not impressed

  3. Chiming in that the new Web site is just HORRID. Ditto on impossible to navigate, ditto on too much time spent trying to "find" the right picture, ditto on all of the above. Whose idea was THAT? Lulu, please bring the old site back!

  4. Considering the space dye teal Define as well but I have never owned one. How do they fit? I am an 8 in Scuba3 and a 10 in CRB's and Swiftly's.

  5. The new website is just one more thing that this new management has managed to screw up, no surprise. How could the powers that be think that the first look of product should be a floater picture? A white product on white background is really not smart and I can't see the neckline on tops and the product looks horrible. To not be able to get a good front and back picture of the product along with the colours before I decide to look further is a real turn off. Online shopping is all about convenience, so why would they make it harder to get the info I want, and I don't mean harder as in I can't figure it out (which is the condescending response I got from LLL), I mean it takes more clicks and steps to get the info I want.

    Oh and by the way nothing for me this week.

    1. I feel the same way. I also hate that when I click on bag, it first gives me suggestions (before I can see what is in my bag). I used to browse the site, but I find it more difficult and time-consuming.

  6. I just called my local store to put aside my size in the white nimbus inspire tights. Really hoping they are not see through and will make a great summer tight.

    1. Update- I just bought them!!! So cute and love the pattern. Not too subtle, not too bold. These will be my go to summer tights for sure!! 🙂

  7. I might pull the trigger and order Tofino teal pace rivals, but most likely not. This month I went a little crazy and bought 2 Free spirit tops, Free spirit crops, manifesto white WUC, 3 pairs of Speeds, freckle , sea mist and white, and Baller cap in black( and Power Y in Heathered slate. I'm not even sure if that's all! Lol So my wallet needs a serious break.

  8. Like every other human using lululemon's website, i HATE it. Lululemon, you're doing a terrible job. Shopping is not supposed to be frustrating, it's supposed to be fun. Also, this upload was awful. Sigh.

  9. I liked a couple things this upload but with the difficult use and navigation of the new website decided not to bother. Really have the new website.

  10. I really dislike the new website as well (it is way to time consuming), but honestly, it's not going to stop me if I really want to order something (unless technical difficulty of course!).

    1. Me too I've been saving money not buying as much – but its sad to watch a company known for beautiful design and quality go down in this way.

      For many I believe this new website along with the retirement of HeyLulu and no more weekly sneak peaks will definitely hurt their sales.

  11. I have to jump in and say I loathe the new website. I tried to check out and it kept putting me back saying I needed to enter all the info (name/address/phone number), it was all there, of course, this is not my first trip ordering online, and it kept bumping me out. I gave up! Lulu, you guys just lost out on an order! Ugh! So frustrating. What I thought I wanted I don't want any more.

  12. By the way, did you notice that the Festival II bag has changed from the orignal festval bag? No longer has a doubled ended zipper on the flap and the strap cannot be unclipped from one side. Now I really regret not getting the orignal Festival bag…

    1. I read a lot of reviews on the original Festival Bag and have wanted it for a while but never bought one as I have another Lulu bag. A few reviewers complained about the clasp coming undone and one said the double zipper clangs together as you move/walk. Despite the changes, I took the plunge and got the Festival Bag II and I don't mind that I can't unclip the strap on one side because I don't think I will ever want to (certainly never have on my other Lulu bag). The strap seems a bit longer in the Festival II photos (hits lower and more on the hip on the models) but I don't know! People complained a lot about the short strap on the original Festival.

  13. The website redesign is simply horrible. I've been purchasing less and less because of other issues like boring designs, colors and all the Nike-esqu patterns. LLL offers nothing that's pretty and feminine anymore. I guess we can all look like men while we work out.

    Also, I would like to know who thought it would be a good idea to take away the simple single view of all colors and sizes available for an item? Now you have to click like 5 times to get that info.

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