I was in a huge rush when I stopped in at the store so I just grabbed the new Tofino Teal Manifesto Cool Racerback without trying it on.  I must admit I wasn’t 100% sure I’d like. Since it’s the first manifesto print Cool Racerback in years in a color I like I thought I’d try it. I’m generally not a fan of writing on clothes and I’m especially not a fan of the manifesto in itself, or polyester based Cool Racerbacks but I do love Teal and I love the combination of Tofino Teal and Bali Breeze together in this print. The script looks more like a paisley print than actual propaganda. This Cool Racerback is actually pretty soft for a polyester based print, but I think on some of you with a larger bust than mine you may find sheerness over the cleavage. I’m a fan of this one and I’m definitely going to keep it. 

The Free Spirit Pant came in black and white and the waistband on it is quite thick, probably compressive but also felt like scuba material. It was a bit odd and I wasn’t brave enough to try on the white for a fit review. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try the black ones on though. 

  1. The CRB looks really pretty on you! I like the print from far away because it just looks like a pretty paisley print,but like you I'm not a fan of the manifesto at all (yuck!). I'll have to think about this one, especially if it's going to be tricky over the bust (DD/DDD/E cup size here!). Love the Tofino Teal and Bali Breeze colour combo too!

    1. Thanks. I was familiar with the old manifesto prints made of bigger text, but couldn't see if this new print was text or not. I can now see from the image on the website that it is. Sadly, although I love the look of that crb, I've always hated the content of their manifesto!

  2. First pics of this CRB a while back with no detail I didn't know it was a manifesto print either. I have seen and felt it on store and it is not bad, pretty soft. I love the colours. However, not going to buy it as I find I overheat in this type of CRB. I have the paisley one from a few years ago and though I love it, I do not read for it that often. I also sold my Baroque one.

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