Paris Or Bust!

Hey lovely readers! I just wanted to give you a heads up that my blogging schedule over the next few days is going to be disrupted and unreliable for realtime lululemon news as is my response time for emails. I’m going on a very exciting family vacation and for the first time in 6 years I won’t be making a point of blogging the updates while on vacation. I will probably blog in the evenings when I’m back from sight seeing if there is any news of the day to post and if I’m not too exhausted, or I’ll just share vacation pictures and tell you about our trip a bit if there is no lulu news to share and you don’t mind hearing about it. I won’t be making plans to be ‘online’ for upload or anything like that so check in with Lulu Addict on Tuesday. Feel free to use the comments section for chatting amongst yourselves! I’ll be back in no time though and refreshed and ready to blog like it’s my duty. 

  1. Have a wonderful trip!! I love Paris and think it is a great place for a family trip!! I hope you will share highlights and trip photos with us!!!

  2. Forget the Louvre! Be sure to visit the Orsay Museum! (This is what I tell everyone going to Paris. The artwork at the Orsay is far more impressive.)

    1. Lulumum went to art school, so she can probably make up her own mind where she wants to go. Although, not that she'll see this post until it's too late – so I'm hoping she already knows – there's an Anselm Kiefer show on the Centre Pompidou. That would be worth seeing!

  3. Off topic- Have any of you Ladies shipped to a flex delivery PO box address (Canada)? I recently signed up for one as I am not home during delivery times. I placed an order tonight & it omitted my unique id number after I checked out. Will my order still ship?
    Hope you are having a fabulous trip Lulumum

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