Rain For Daze Jacket

Scuba Hoodie III, Go-Go-Go Tote

Notice the duotone zipper on this scuba. 

Base Runner III Pant Heathered Black

Sit In Silence Scarf, Go-Go-Go Tote

  1. It always bugs me to see the tags in the photos. First of all, who walks around with tags on their bag when they talk on the phone? and second, that, to me, means they aren't buying it, just stuffing it with crap, taking it outside, using it, then putting it back on the shelf as "new". I realize that if a customer buys something they can do the same thing and return it, but doing it in pictures bugs me.
    On the other hand, I am now looking twice at that Scuba, and I thought I was all Scuba'ed out…

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