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Fit Review: Toasty Tech Tight II and Wind Runner Pant

November 15, 2015

My Tuesday order arrived late on Friday and my weekend was a bit too crazy to actually try these two pants on until this morning. I’m primarily looking for warm tights for watching my kids soccer since it is now frigidly cold with the wind chill and we are sometimes outside for two hours between both kids. I’m not planning on running in these (maybe the toasty tech tights though in January when I ramp up running) and I’d never use them for Crossfit at all – my purpose for these was only surviving soccer. Also, I ordered the Wind Runner Pants accidentally since I thought they were the Runderful Pants at first glance – and then I was disappointed to see I was wrong. I need those Runderfuls and I also need the Black Grape Base Runner Pants so I am more inclined to not keep these. Have you tried these two pants on? if so, let us know what you thought in the comments. 

Toasty Tech Tight II Black Grape TTS 10

These are so fricken flattering on, and so slimming. I don’t know how, but they are. I wasn’t going to keep them but I’m sorely tempted to now that I’ve seen them on. The tech fleece on these is perfectly matte and opaque which I’d expected. I’d heard some reviews that the black Toasty Tech Tight II’s had  an unpleasant sheen to them so I was glad to see these are actually fully matte. The waist is nice and high and even though these look like 7/8th tights online they are full on pants on me and go right over my foot. Normally I’d prefer 7/8 length but for very cold weather the full length is better for me. My only negative observation about these is that all the pretty seam work you see on the front is something you definitely feel when you first put them. They are somewhat compressive so all those slimming seams are pressed into your leg a little bit. I only noticed that the first 5 minutes though and after a while it wasn’t something I noticed at all so definitely not a deal breaker at all. The pants are also extremely soft, stretchy and cozy on the inside with that tech fleece and they are warm, but not overly hot. Thank goodness we now have the holiday return period so I don’t feel like I need to make a decision on these right away. I definitely want to keep them but I’m not sure I can if I want the Runderful Pants and the Base Runners.

Wind Runner Pant Black Grape TTS 10

These pants have a ton of potential and if it wasn’t for the other two pants I’m pining away over I may have liked them enough to keep. One thing that really bothered me on them is that the waist/hip area is a little loose fitting and so you get a weird fabric bunching in the gusset. It was an odd fit though because they are loose in the lower waist and hip area creating the pleating but the waistband nips in and feels tighter than the rest of the pant. The waist isn’t exactly tight, it just ever so slightly digs in and are a higher rise Otherwise, I found these warm and cozy and I loved the narrower cut of the straight leg. I think the weird gusset bunching is a deal breaker for me. 

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27 responses to “Fit Review: Toasty Tech Tight II and Wind Runner Pant”

  1. Deb says:

    Thanks for doing this, LLM. I have last year's Flurry Fighter tech tights and wanted a second winter pair, so I ordered the Wind Runners to try. I like the idea of the full soft-shell front; the FFs have strips of that fabric but it's not enough to keep me warm when it's as cold as it was in South-Western Ontario last year. I tried both running and hiking in them, and my legs would be very red and almost numb when I took them off. I decided to try to the Wind Runners to see if they'd be much of an improvement. I already have Black Grape brushed Speeds so I didn't want the Tech Fleece version. I was a bit worried about the sizing. It's hit and miss whether I take 8 or 10 and I invariably find that when I size up to 10 to give me more room in the butt or thighs that the waist is too big. I have a feeling that this will be one of the times that the size down will be too fitted and size up too big. I'll try them on when they arrive Wednesday, but I'm not sure how I'll feel about the fit in the gusset either.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was look at these as well. I have the older Outward Bound and Spirit Pants (I think that is the name) and in the Jan to March months I layer under those. I will probably give these a pass.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I definitely like the Toasty tech better of the two on you LLM. The TT's are very flattering. I ordered the Wind Runners to try as well and did so this weekend. I didn't have the fabric bunching you did but I have a different body type. What I didn't like is how they made my butt look. The stitching design on the bum made my butt extra round, (if that makes sense and my butt is round enough thank you very much!) I purchased the Black Grape lined DSP's a couple of weeks ago but hadn't taken off the tags so I ordered the Wind Runners to compare and I am definitely going to keep the DSP's. The style works much better….I am tempted by the base runners but may order them in solid black as I don't have a pair and I love Rulu!! On a side note I was at my store on Friday and ended up purchasing the 5 yr yogini LS in the heathered Caspian blue. This was a total surprise as I was disgusted by it online but in person the colour is actually beautiful and the style, when put on, is extremely flattering. I sized down to a 4 from my usual 6 and it still fit loose but tapered. I have the heathered oatmeal from last year and this year's might be a touch thinner but you really have to focus while feeling my old vs the new to even notice a difference. If anyone is remotely interested in this top I recommend giving it a try. WAY nicer on and in person. These online photo's make it look like a ragged old sleep shirt….J

  4. Unknown says:

    I am in need of an angel from Canada for something. Anyone know of anyone?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the fit review! I've been looking for warm pants as well and this is helpful. I just discovered the most amazing pants at Costco – if you are just looking for something warm, the hathaway fleece lined running tights are super cozy! They are pretty basic – no pockets, full length, wide waistband but at $12 for two pairs the price can't be beat.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was looking at the toasty techs and tried both black and burgandy. I was surprised that the black had such a strong sheen look in my tts. So I was hesitant and so upset especially since I loved how
    Thick and cozy they were. I ended up buying the burgandy just because they looked so beautiful on and the sheen was less noticeable. I am glad you say the black grape have less sheen because I want to go back to the store and hopefully try those as well!! (Thank goddess for holiday ruturn policy) just incase something else comes out. I love black grape and am too waiting for the base runners πŸ™‚

    Hopefully then lululemon will release a nice solid black tight without sheen. I'm a little tired of all the speeds to be honest

  7. Lissa10279 says:

    Love the TT review! I wish US got black grape as they look fantastic on you!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I got the toasty tech tights in the black grape too and I love them. The colour is so nice and I love all the seams and details they incorporated into them. They r expensive but I can justify them since they r warmer than any other pants I have tried. I took the tags off immediately! Now if only I could find a bordeau pair…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Best warm run tights I've found are North Face, called the Winter Warm Tight. $89, and wind resistant and lined with super nice fleece. You can find them at Atmosphere or a local running store (and online).

  10. Anonymous says:

    I got the bordeaux toasty tech tights in size 4. They are very cozy and comfortable. I am 5'1" and 110. I ran 5 miles in 30β€’F and felt comfortable (with a swiftly under the rebel runner jacket) There was very little wind, though, and I think any colder or if there is more wind I might be cold. Or I'll switch to the down pullover on top. I thought about getting the black pair, too, but I may check some of these suggestions! The only thing I don't like is that the zipper pockets on the sides aren't deep enough for my phone. It's not a huge deal since I will most likely be wearing something on top with a pocket for the phone, but I really do love those side pockets on the leg for a phone. I've thought about just switching to a GPS run watch, but I'll still like to have a phone with me for music and safety, so maybe there isn't much point? Anyway, I love the toasty techs, and thank you for your awesome reviews!!

  11. Skendall says:

    I like the black grape in the toasty tech tights. I tried these on in black and ended up returning them. I have the previous years version and comparing the new ones side to side I couldnt justify keeping them. The fabric just felt cheap in comparison. Shiny and not as much stretch. Also I felt like the side pockets pulled, and didn't like the stress on the seams. Maybe the black grape is a different fabric with less of these issues?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have been debating a pair of these and may finally try the black grape when US gets them. I have been hesitant because so many of the online reviews mention these pill quickly. Has anyone on here had that problem?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I bought the wind runner pant in the black grape … I agree that they are a bit tighter in the waist but the size up was too big. I also concur about the whiskering in the gusset area but the size up made no difference so I can live with it … overall a comfortable, stylish pant

  14. Anonymous says:

    I really liked the TTT when I tried them on in store and did notice a sheen but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. I did not buy them because, from my experience, fleece running pants have never worked out, no matter the brand. Fleece pants have always pilled after a few uses and slide down a bit. I'm assuming this has to do with the smoothness of the interior fleece.

    Given my past fleece pant experiences I cannot splurge on the TTT.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like many of us are searching for a good all round winter legging/tights/tight pants πŸ˜‰
    Thank you for doing a review and to everyone for chiming in!
    I bought the Toasties but not certain am keeping. Am in the USA so no black grape. Just black (Bordeaux was nice but not as flexible for my wardrobe) and found them to be a bit shinny. Also, all the seams bother a bit. But I'm hyper sensitive. Furthermore, the oddest & rather interesting: while on they looked weirdly lumpy in the calves. I ran my finger under the fabric stretching them & noticed a lattice like pattern "embedded" (no, I'm not totally nuts! I swear it's there). As others have noted the reviews are mentioning piling. I'm looking for casual comfortable leggings to wear this winter, my first northern winter in 7 yrs (have been in S TX. Now back in NYC). Finally: anyone out there have the brushed roll down/high rise wunder unders – or whatever they are called.Certainly not as thick. Thanks to y'all for suggesting alternative brands!!! πŸ™‚ ps: tho I might cave for black grape TTs if they ever come to the States πŸ˜›

  16. Anonymous says:

    Huh, interesting comment @ 10:06
    Good to keep in mind

  17. Anonymous says:

    I just made the long comment above and forgot to ask if anyone has input on the possible warmth factor of the Turn Around tights.
    The Eds suggested them as the equivalent or better than the brushed wunders but I'm dubious. Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, the Eds said that they had the same warmth factor as the brushed WU. But they just feel like regular luon tights. Do they pass the two hour standing outside watching kids play soccer test? Or do you only wear them for running?

    • Anonymous says:

      The TTT will be warmer than the Turn Around Tights. Like another commenter pointed out, it depends on how long you'll be outside. I ran 4 miles in 25 degrees in my Turn Around Tights and was just fine.

    • Lulumum says:

      I actually got the heathered black turn around tights a few weeks ago because I'm loving RULU pants these days. I think they are equivalent to brushed WU's because they are almost identical fabric composition, the fabric is just treated differently. The brushed are luon that is texturized on the inside of the pant, the RULU are luon that are texturized inside and out but also have added lycra content. I think the brushed WU's have slightly more compression though.

    • Lulumum says:

      They would pass the one hour test but probably not two hours. I wear them to crossfit on just technical lifting days, not big metcon workouts.

  18. Lissa10279 says:

    Wish lulu would bring back RunderUnders but in a high rise fit. Best do both worlds – rulu for warmth but a casual reversible pant for daytime or workout wear.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I bought the Toasty Tech tights in black a few weeks ago. I haven't run in them yet (not cold enough) but I have worn them to cycle and to walk dogs when its 0 to -10 Celcius with wind. They are workout pants so I don't mind the sheen. I have other brands of fleece tights and they don't fall down any more than my other tights do – I will be using the drawstring to help with that. I highly recommend these tights for cold weather outdoor activities.

    I also have the brushed speed tights – I wear them when its around 0 to +7 Celcius to ride and walk. For running they are good for about -5 to +5 (with wind, otherwise too warm).

    I am excited for the wind runners to arrive today – I think they will be great for cold weather running and x-country skiing.

    If you are looking for a warm legging that is appropriate outside the gym I suggest C'est Moi Clothing fleece lined leggings. They are very warm (I overheat when I wear them with a dress or tunic to the office). They are affordable too – about $20 I think.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The Runder Unders I have from a few years ago are high rise to me. I like a low rise but bought these because they are rulu (double layer, reversible) and they are worn with a jacket or vest for running, or a long sweater for casual wear, thus concealing the high rise.

    LLL does not make (and never has made) a true winter running tight. Some things you simply have to buy elsewhere from yes, more serious sports apparel makers.

  21. Deb says:

    My Wind Runners finally arrived today. I think I like them, but I want to try them on again and test them in the cold.

    I ordered both the 8 and the 10 (although I'm definitely more of a 10 right now) and I was surprised to see that I preferred the 8. The fabric is so thick on these that I think they're a bit unflattering when they're loose (unless you are really a bean and I'm not). They look better fitted. The 10s are going back tomorrow, but I'm going to hold on to the size downs and see how I feel about them. No rush to get them back now with the extended returns.

    • Lulumum says:

      Interesting! I think I agree with you on the fit. I maybe need to try a size down and have a more fitted look but then with a straight leg.
      Thank goodness for Christmas return period. I'm now in 'Christmas Returns Hoarding' stage where I'm keeping tags on everything and editing as I go.

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