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Sneak Peek: What We Love

October 9, 2015

Not an overly intriguing What We Love this week but I know you wintery runners will be very happy to finally see the Toasty Tech Tights make an appearance. The Fleecy Keen Jacket is back in an edition III, and I believe is also coming in Fuel Green as the Honk Kong site has that color. Although that may be last years edition of the Fleecy Keen Jacket in Fuel Green. The jacket in person is GORGEOUS!! But extremely warm. I find it way warmer than any of my Lululemon down jackets. 

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  1. reya says:

    Yayyyyyy I still regret not getting the green fleecy keen last year in Boston- when we ended up having the worst winter ever it was already sold out

  2. Lululover says:

    I actually like my Fleecy Keen, wore it to work all last winter on top of scrubs. Didn't notice it to be any warmer than a heavy sweatshirt will be

  3. Sophie says:

    Ok, this upload is more up my alley than they have been over the past month or so. I've been waiting for warm running gear, so I'm glad to see a few things on the way.

    On another note, did anyone order the heathered menthol CRB from this past week's upload? I just got mine in the mail and it is very sheer. It's night now, so I'll wait until daylight to make a final assessment but I assume it'll look even worse in the sun. Pretty disappointing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think I'm going to return mine.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to hear about the new Menthol CRBs. I was looking forward to this one coming to Canada. I hope all the CRBs aren't going to go downhill from now on. I'm not even that picky when it comes to CRBs, as I love my Heathered Cranberry and Heathered Bordeaux Drama ones that everyone else seems to dislike, and I love my Blue Snake print one that everyone says is gross material! However, I tried on the new Black/White pattern one last night in store, I think it's called Dramatic Static, and in my usual CRB size 2 it went white when stretched over my bust and didn't look very nice at all, the rest of the tank looked so nice in this pattern but not very nice when it was white across my bust! It fits me perfectly everywhere else so I didn't even bother trying the next size up because I know that the size 4 is too big everywhere else for me (straps are longer and looser and midsection is too loose in a 4). I didn't have this problem with the Blue Snake print one, perhaps because the back is solid blue and not white?

  4. Lissa10279 says:

    Anyone recall the price of the Fleecy Keen last year? I love that Wine Berry color!

  5. lulubell says:

    I love, love my Fleecy Keen!! Mine is Deep Zinfandel and I wear it everywhere in Winter. I also find it to be very warm, but I live in California (no snow in my area, cold here is around 45-50 F at most). I'm tempted by the Wine Berry!! Maybe I need another one…

  6. Skendall says:

    Any word on the price on the toasty tech tights?

  7. Lulumum says:

    I got it but recently sold it. I loved it so much but I only got to wear it once last winter because it wasn't very cold so it was overkill. If I lived somewhere cold it would be an essential piece.

  8. dogrunner says:

    love my fleece keen from last winter (fuel green) wore as a casual piece and also wore it running. Only con's for me when running were placement of the vents and the color was stiff when cold and would both my frozen skin. I live in Minnesota and would wear this id say around 15-25degrees F. Vents were on the bicep and of little use to letting core heat out and a gator or even a bang buster layered inside the color worked nicely to avoid chin chaffe. I do remember returning mine initial purchase due to poor inside stitching and I really scrutinized every jacket in my size to get the best stitching. They were all a little wonky. not that you see it but, it should be done right.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you about the stitching quality on a lot of the Lulu items. It isn't very good. I've had to return a number if items I've ordered that have had poor quality stitching. Sometimes it's on the inside, and as you've said it isn't noticeable, but it should be done right, especially with the amount of money we're paying, plus a lot of times it's the poor quality inside stitching that ends up coming loose and unraveling with wash and wear. They really need to work on the quality of the sewing/stitching/seams. I've also had to return a few Scubas that have had the Lulu logo on the front not sewn on evenly and match up on each side of the zipper, a Define was like this too, the stitching of the Lulu logo didn't match up evenly on each side of the zipper. I don't know how things like this end up getting past quality control and getting shipped out to customers.

  9. Cwags says:

    Lulumum, have the base runner pants been released online in Canada yet? I was in a store today and the girl toldme they have already sold out online. But I wasn't sure they will even released yet.

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