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New RULU Cool Racerback With Fabric Composition Details

September 6, 2015

I did a bad thing tonight and picked up the new Regal Plum Cool Racerback made out of RULU even though I already have the Regal Plum Cool Racerback made out of luon light and it’s NWT’s. My store actually had both the Cool Racerbacks in today in RULU and Luon Light Regal Plum but they were separated on the shelving. RULU was on the top shelf and the old version was below it. That’s how I noticed that the colors are slightly different and I was able to make a slight justification for purchasing the new one. Haha! I actually really wish it was a different color because I LOVE the RULU Cool Racerback but wish it was a new color I didn’t already have, or even a favourite color I already do have. I’ve been wanting a RULU Cool Racerback forever and I think I’ve blogged that every single fall when the RULU pullovers start appearing so even though I don’t love Regal Plum enough to want multiple items in it (it’s not in my top 10 colors), I’m really glad to finally have a RULU Cool Racerback. I’d freak if we saw a Sapphire version. 

*I forgot to mention that Metrotown had a full run of black and white If You’re Lucky Long Sleeves in. If you are in Canada and want to order one from them their number is 604-430-4659.

The material feels the exact same as the new NULU which is simply RULU lined with Coolmax. I was curious to see if the NULU fabric composition (the outer RULU portion) matched up but it wasn’t a perfect match. The NULU is 81% Nylon and 19% Lycra Elastine while the RULU Cool Racerback is 87% Nylon 13% Lycra Elastine. Luon Light is 92% Nylon and 8%Lycra Spandex. Lycra Spandex and Lycra Elastane are the same product, it’s just with the luon light you have less of it so much less stretch. Luon Light Cool Racerback is made in Sri Lanka and the RULU one is made in Indonesia. I don’t think I’ve noticed any other Cool Racerbacks made in Indonesia so I wonder if they have a new factory up and running this year. 

When I tried on the RULU Cool Racerback I loved it. It feels buttery soft and I really didn’t want to take it off. The one nit I have with it is that you can see the sheen of the lycra fibres over my bust which is where there is more fabric tension. This is not enough of a bother for me at all, just something I wanted to note for you. You may be bothered by that if you are larger busted than I am and get more visible lycra sheen. The Cool Raceraback was otherwise completely opaque. 

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9 responses to “New RULU Cool Racerback With Fabric Composition Details”

  1. Anonymous says:

    sounds awesome! hope they make more rulu CRBs!

  2. Sophie says:

    Interesting. I wonder if they'll be coming out with more rulu colors. I have the luon regal plum CRB and absolutely love it, but I'd be curious to try the rulu in another color!

  3. Lululover says:

    I have a question for Vancouver residents. Which store would you recommend to go ? I went to Robson street last night. Similar stuff,to my US store , but a couple of surprising items. They had If You are Lucky LS that we had back in march and I missed out on. They also had Cyber stripe HT in Naval that were sold out everywhere. I also noticed that Canadians get black shopping bags instead of our red ones.

    • Lululover says:

      Thank you LLM! They also told at the store to check out the Lab, what kind of clothes is there? Is it worth a shot? Tnx!

    • Lulumum says:

      Robson is the flashship store and gets all of the product that Canada gets – all colorways. The other stores may get the same product but be missing a colorway or two. The Fluffiest vest for example, Robson was the only store to get the Blue/Plaid one.

      Metrotown is another high volume store so they do get a lot more product than some of the 'b' stores but Robson is your best bet with Metrotown being second place.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for noting the extra sheen with fabric tension over the bust, Lulumum. This is good for me to know, I wear a size 2 CRB and am 32DD/E. The size 4 CRBs are too loose around the midsection and the straps are looser and longer than ideal as well, so I go with the 2s. Are they planning on changing over to having all the CRBs in Rulu instead of Light Luon now? I kind of hope not if the Rulu is going to end up being shinier over the bust for me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Lulumum for your detailed fit & composition review. Didn't realize Nulu is Rulu with CoolMax…and now that you educated me, it makes total sense!
    Love the Rulu CRB on you ..the
    Regal Plum Rulu CRB seems a little muted than the luon Regal Plum….almost like Dashing Purple in the photos.
    I bought the luon Regal Plum, so I may take the bite if the upload isn't overwhelming and find another thing to buy(which I always manage to do!!).
    Now without What We Love in the next week or so and the lag & lack of store photos,;your going above & beyond with your own fit reviews (with your insightful photos) and sharing other reader's fit reviews are so greatly appreciated
    (as always) ! I will chime in whenever I can too!
    Thank you!

  6. Sophie says:

    First, I concur with Anon 4:52 – we appreciate all of your photos and fit reviews Lulumum!

    Second, OT, my Lulu addiction is relatively new so I wasn't paying close enough attention during the winter seasons – does Lulu come out with any serious cold-weather gear? Like, suitable for the Northeastern US? I have been living in Nike Hyperwarm tights for long dog walks in the winter months, but I'd like some alternatives. Plus I need a much warmer winter coat and I'm wondering whether Lulu makes them or I should look elsewhere. (Yes, it's September and I'm already preparing LOL.) Thanks!

  7. sb says:

    Thanks for all your diligence, LLM – ditto anon @4:52/5:04. It is interesting that Lulu is making a rulu crb and it is new. I swear Ivivva has had them in the past in their version of the crb. My guess is it is a seasonal offering but funny that it took big sister so long to follow suit!

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