SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

August 18, 2015

My day started abruptly at 3:45 am with my dad calling to tell me he was outside of my house (my ride). I had set my alarm for 4:30am as I was expecting him at 4:45. He was so anxious about sleeping in to pick me up that he mistakenly came over early. lol!! It’s been a tradition for me to have my dad drive me to my races and love that he does that for me. I wouldn’t start a race any other way. I need that ‘knock em dead’ and the pat on my back from my dad.

It was pouring rain on Saturday morning and very dark so I was having a mini freak out about wether or not to wear a Tuck And Flow LS over my What The Sport Tee. After talking with my coach via text (she was racing SW too this weekend) we decided that I’d be fine without the long sleeve and I just needed a hat or visor which I had. I stopped in at Starbucks and grabbed an espresso to gather myself before meeting my team at their hotel and to  power me through the morning and I’m really glad I did. I needed that coffee after a sleepless weekend of shopping shenanigans. It was a lot of fun walking with my group to the coral and getting pumped up by the crowd together. We didn’t race together as we all have different times and goals but we were a team anyways with matching outfits. By the time we where walking down to the race start it had stopped raining and it was a lovely cool 14*c with overcast. Perfect running weather! Especially after the heat wave Vancouver had just a few weeks ago. So many people had personal bests this race and I think it had a lot to do with this great cool weather after all that hot weather training. 

In the race corral with our group waiting our turn. Our ‘team’ color was Grapefruit and we all wore What The Sport Tees.

I felt really ready to run thanks to my awesome online running coach that has helped me train. I’m annoyed at myself that I didn’t get my time goal that we worked towards and it was my own fault. It sort of fell apart for me at around mile 10 at the start of the seawall and I think I could have done it 10 minutes faster but I would still have been over my goal time by 10 minutes. Which is a lot. I know I am capable of a faster time. My speed work in training showed me that and I know exactly when and where I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough. I know I waisted a lot of time with a port a potty break, taking tons of pictures, feeling queasy suddenly at mile 10 when my adrenaline started to come down and then giving in to the urge to walk after mile 10. I should have kept running at that point.  Thinking back I think the seawall portion of the run may have been harder because it is a lot windier there and colder and so when I slowed down to walk when I felt queasy (about half a mile) I cooled down too much. I should have kept moving to warm up. I did so great on the bridge, the longest incline, which was my favourite part and some of the hillier parts of the course that I don’t really get why the seawall part is so much harder for me. The seawall is all flat and you are getting so close to the end. Also, to be honest my June training wasn’t as focused as it could have been. I think that period when you really start to ramp up the miles in training is critical and that is exactly when I started to pull back a bit with training. Vacation, heat wave. Life. negative self talk. Fear of the distance. 

It is also really mentally hard when you are a slow runner and you are running amongst mostly walkers. It really makes it a lot easier to give in to the urge to walk when the going gets tough. Next year I want to push myself in training harder to be in the faster group so I force myself to keep up. My first 10 miles I was at my goal time despite the bathroom break but I lost the plot after that. I’ve done three half marathons and my first one was my fastest, my second one was my slowest and this one was right in the middle of the two. I’d like to beat my fastest time and I definitely want to run sea wheeze again next year. My plan is to keep up with the running and keep my base going, but for the next 6 months instead of working on distance I want to really focus on speed and track work along with crossfit.

Despite the fact that I didn’t make my time goal and that I dogged it in the last 3 miles when I could have kept going, I had a really great race and a ton of fun. I felt really good, I felt strong and the distance of 13 miles felt challenging but entirely doable. the first 10 miles flew by like a breeze. Even better is that my recovery from this race is the best of all three of my races. I feel a bit achy, but the only thing that is really bothering me is being over tired from lack of proper sleep on Wednesday, Thursday and waking up so early on Saturday. I remember my first race I felt miserable for a good week after the race, and probably very dehydrated and didn’t feel normal for another week after that. My second race was pretty similar to my first. 

In my training runs, I never ran with water on my short runs but brought some with me in a handheld on my longer runs. I brought mine along for this race but at the last minute, since it was nice and cool out I opted to leave it behind and that was absolutely the right choice based on the weather. There were plenty of water stops along the route with both water and Vega hydration and I took both, first I drank the vega, then washed it down with water. I also used honey stinger chews for this run the same way I used them on my long training runs. Nothing for the first three miles and then 1-2 chews per mile after that. 

For those of you wondering, the Seawheeze isn’t an especially hilly course but it does have some annoying long hills. The Burrard Street bridge is about 830 meters long and half of that is a steady incline towards the middle. The total elevation gain for the course was 751ft and my longest run pre race was a mere 357 ft gain. Although most of my mid distance runs during my training where very hilly and about 380 elevation gain so the hills on this course didn’t touch me at all this time. 

All in all this race was a success for me. I would have loved to have gotten my goal time but I think this race was more about me getting back into the challenge of training after being off of it since 2012. I have a lot of fears when it comes to running and so I wasn’t confident last year that I’d be able to do another half marathon again. Now that I know how entirely doable it is I want to keep going. I’ll absolutely be signing up for Seawheeze again!

The first 800 meters or so. 

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

Across the viaduct 

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

Across the Burrard Street Bridge the first time. 

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

Cheer station!

SeaWheeze 2015 Race RecapSeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

Running past head office. I happened to see Laurent Potdevin on the way back towards the Burrard Bridge. He was cheering with his family. 

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

I definitely touched it for extra life. 

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

I thought the curiousity creatures where hilarious. They all did weird things like strange animal noises or weird foot tapping and jigs. 

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

This is me at mile 10 at the start of the Seawall. Feeling queezy and stopping ‘just for a minute’. 

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

Waisting time taking pictures of all the things distracting me. Here is either a Seal or a Sea Lion on a rock. I’m pretty certain he was a Sea Lion because despite how small he looks in the photo he was quite large and had massive shoulders heaving him across that rock. 

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

There where some wedding photos going on at the seawall as well.

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

The mermaids at the end. I think the Mermaids and the Drag Queens are the top cheer stations. Although I did like the ‘tight squad’ in China Town. I wish I had gotten a picture of their signs. 

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

The last ‘1km’ which I’m pretty sure was actually 1 mile. That 1km just kept going until my tracker said I was at 13.36 miles and I turned it off in despaired.

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

The medal!!! I rounded the corner and saw gold and I thought it was actually a plumb level. I knew instantly that I liked it and I loved it when I realized it was a golden carrot with a bite taken out of it. The medal was heavy around my neck though and it actually weights in at 1lb. That is substantial bling! It didn’t feel great on my neck at that very moment but I couldn’t stop admiring it. 

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

SeaWheeze 2015 Finishers Medal

Sat down to eat my runners brunch. I look as tired and dead as I felt. Terrible photos of me but great memories that I’m proud to share. 

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Recap

This is what you get with your race entry. The entry shorts which you receive in time for your training in May, and at the package pickup you get a bag with the Lululemon waterbottle and your timing chip and some JJ Bean Coffee coupons. At the finish line you get your medal, a great hat which is reflective and wicking, sage runners reward and a 20% off coupon for more (essential oils) a wet towelette and Whistler Springs water bottles. 

SeaWheeze 2015 Race Swag

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations! I don't know you but I'm very proud of you. It takes a lot to achieve what you have achieved and you should be proud. I wish I could train with you for motivation. Even though I've always been in relatively good shape, I've never ran more than 5 km and I admire those who can run more than 5km! Again congratulations!!

  2. Sophie says:

    Aww, well done! You've got the right attitude about your goal – allow yourself time to get back into the swing of things and savor the moments (love the sea lion pics!). You did awesome and you'll keep getting better. And…a big thank you for all of your time and effort in keeping up with the blog in the midst of all this!

  3. yogibabe says:

    Awesome lulumum! Glad you had a great run/experience on the whole. One of these days I'll be in SeaWheeze! If not running, definitely to cheer the runners on! ☺

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi there!

    I think you meant to say there were drag queens cheering (not transvestites).

    • Lulumum says:

      Thank you for letting me know. I wasn't sure when I wrote it if that was the correct term and wasn't finding anything definitive with google. I've corrected it.

  5. 3grrls says:

    Thanks for the great recap, lulumum. And congratulations on completing Seawheeze while managing to soak in the experience at the same time! Love the authentic, IRL pics 🙂

  6. shanaran says:

    Too funny – I was close to the stroller couple with 2 kids for awhile and saw the wedding couple right around the same time you did. I was probably by you for a few miles on the seawall without realizing it.


  7. Anonymous says:

    Congrats!! You look way cuter at the end of your race than I usually do. 😉

  8. Anonymous says:

    You are awesome, LLM! Maybe it wasn't your best race time but it wasn't your worst and you had a lot of fun and seemed to have come out injury free – that's way better than crushing your past performance times imo. Thanks for all the pics and commentary. Truly appreciate the time you take to keep all us addicts in the loop! Wear that medal proudly!

  9. Lissa10279 says:

    Awesome job and what a great write-up!

  10. Kuomei says:

    You did awesome and you've been a total inspiration for me over the last few months!! Here is to next year 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on finishing the race!! I loved your recap and the pictures. It seems you worked very hard and had a lot of fun at the race. If you are not quite happy about your finish time, would you consider treating it as a training run and finding another race to run in a month or two? I similarly ran a race this spring where I totally bombed, and someone told me to find another race and try it again, so I did and PR'd a month later. Now that you have SW behind you and you know where to mentally steel yourself, your next race would be better. Just an idea!

    • Lulumum says:

      Yah that is a very good idea. I was actually considering the Rock and Role half marathon in Vancouver in October.

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