The Fluffiest Vest ($168), Pique High Times Pant ‘LPDS’

I loved the Fluffiest Vest in this Soft Earth color. This is my TTS 10 and it’s plenty roomy, but if you are busty you may prefer to size up. 

The Fluffiest Vest, Pique High Times Pant

I love vests with cuffed hems at the bottom. I’m not sure why I just prefer the silhouette.

The Fluffiest Vest, Pique High Times Pant

The Fluffiest Vest, Pique High Times Pant

The reverse side. I like wearing this with Soft Earth out and just a peek of butterfly print sticking out. 

The Fluffiest Vest, Pique High Times Pant

The Fluffiest Vest, Pique High Times Pant

This was another colorway that was quite similar to Soft Earth but more grey toned. The reverse side is a fun camo print. 

The Fluffiest Vest, Pique High Times Pant

The Fluffiest Vest, Pique High Times Pant

Go The Distance 1/2 Zip in Caspian Blue – TTS 10

This pullover was really pretty in the Caspian Blue and very soft. It is Light Luxtreme and as you can see, I’m wearing a very contrasted black white stripe shirt underneath and it is totally opaque. You can see the lumps from the bunching of my tee but other than that you can’t see anything else. I will definitely consider this top at a later date once I’ve recovered from Seawheeze. 

Go The Distance 1/2 Zip in Caspian Blue

Go The Distance 1/2 Zip in Caspian Blue

High Times Pant Pique ‘LPDS’  TTS 10

My favourite find today where these Pique High Times Pant. They are a blue based darker grey and very flattering and soft. 

High Times Pant Pique

High Times Pant Pique

Herringbone High Rise Wunder Under Pants

Herringbone High Rise Wunder Under Pants

Coco Pique Wunder Under Pant High Rise

Coco Pique Wunder Under Pant High Rise

What The Sport Tee – Seriously Light Luon ‘PDBL’ Pipe Dream Blue

I saw this tee at the last minute and so badly wanted to buy it. It’s gorgeous in person in the Pipe Dream Blue. It’s the Seriously Light Luon vs. the Mesh version of this tee that I prefer but I may end up going back for this if I can return something. I have the Pretty Plume Angel Wing High Times size 10 on the chopping block if anybody is interested. 

What The Sport Tee

    1. oh yea — I know you're in Canada — love getting to see what you get, just wasn't sure if you'd heard rumors of them coming here too. I'm still waiting for naval blue in the flows … GAH!

  1. those pique high times are awesome, I'd love those but its too hot for me to even consider full pants. I bought the space dye twist blue wucIII thinking I would for SURE return. Tags right off, yeah the lines don't match up but the fit and fabric are amazing. I haven't had some thing I've loved this much in a long time.

    1. Can't wait to get mine now! Will be here tomorrow or Wednesday, Thursday at latest! How do you like the new 'contour' waistband?

    2. They fit me much better than past wuc, which I've typically avoided because they sit just slightly too low. the contour goes in a tiny bit more but at a slightly higher spot, which I LOVE. I wore them just to run errands and no slippage. Calf seems larger though, which is fine for me because I have big calves, but I could see people having an issue. They are thick, compressive and opaque.

  2. Yay for all the textured bottoms! I've only recently fallen in love with textured bottoms, only ever had the regular Luon or Luxtreme bottoms up until I purchased the Textured Stripe Slate Deep Coal WUC II, and then the Diamond Jacquard Jeweled Magenta Naval Blue WUC II Roll Down, absolutely love both. I'm very interested in all the ones shown in the photos above! 🙂 I think I'd rather the Herringbone and the Coco Pique ones if they were High Times Pants though. Hopefully we'll see them in that style of pant as well. Thanks for the photos lulumum!,

    1. Yikes! That's kind of unbelievable! They don't seem to be hesitating to put their prices up these days that's for sure.

    2. Argh! I have been waiting for those High Times in Pretty Plume to show up on the CAN website….I am torn as I already have the WUCs in that same pattern….which is better??? Decisions, decisions…

    3. I think the printed HTs have been $98 for a little while now. I love all the textured bottoms and in the past, I've just bought them all up (at $82 for WUPs). I'd like to replace them with HTs since the length is better on me but I don't know if I want to do that at $98 a pop. Ugh.

  3. Has anyone tried the new WUP III High Rise? I've read some reviews saying that they fit much tighter than the previous WUP, especially through the ankle openings and legs? Also, what is the difference in the new High Rise waistband and the previous Roll Down waistband? It's so hard when things get changed like this, and no way of trying on in store first, makes me hesitant to order online even though I really love these! Thank you in advance to anyone who can help out!

  4. I thought I'd be able to take a break from buying, but I love those pique high times and pipe dream blue is one of my favorite colors! Ugh!

  5. What color is the what the sport tee next to the blue? I hope the U.S. Gets it too! Otw I'd be willing to do an exchange w any of my Canadian neighbors who need the U.S. Gear 🙂

    1. It looks like it's the Heathered Black one, it's on the Canadian site right now. I just bought it in store last Friday.

    2. Aw man. Here the black is the mesh one shot through w gold. I wish we had the hesthered black tee here. I also missed out on the gator
      Green 🙁 the lulu website told me I can't order from the Canadian site :((((

  6. Just noticed the pique high times in the UK site.LPDS stands for luon pique dark slate or deep slate. Forgot as I flipped back to comment lol

  7. I'm a bit of a downer re: the down vests… I think I preferred last year's design and colour wave. Sigh. My wallet is safe, should they decide to announce 2016 SeaWheeze details 🙂

  8. Love your blog!
    Just wondering….in your opinion, does this year's vest (fluffiest vest) fit about the same as the chilly chill vest from last year (i.e.) did you wear the same size in both?

    1. Thanks!
      I have the Chilly Chill Vest and I think that one fits slightly looser. This one is still TTS but it's not as relaxed fitting as the CCV.

  9. I saw a comment somewhere, can't remember where, that the Fluffiest Vest is showing as $138 in stores even though it's $168 online. Your post here says $168 – are you aware of any pricing discrepancies with this vest? Thanks.

  10. I'm anon at 9:30 am. Interesting that they are marked $138 but scanning at $168. I tried one on today because at $138 it was an item I'd consider buying. I love vests and got the Fluffed Up Vest in 3 different colors last year. Unfortunately the Fluffiest Vest just didn't do anything for my shape. It was quite straight up and down and provided no definition at the waist.

    However, had I decided to buy it and it rang up at $168 even though it was marked at $138 I would have raised a bit of a stink. Most stores will honor the price marked on a garment when it is their error that it is priced incorrectly. I haven't had the opportunity to test that theory out with LLL so I'm wondering how they are handling it.

  11. Anon, yes I did hear that some stores they have them marked at $138 but they are scanning in at $168. All my local stores have them at $168.

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