Sorry for the poor quality photo here but I did a very quick try on of the Fluffin’ Awesome Jacket and then realized it would be a good idea to share it with you since it’s uploading tonight. My store only had this jacket up to a 10 so I’m not sure if the 12 was sold out or if it just goes to 10. This is my TTS 10 and I was pretty comfortable in it. I was surprised because I expected the 10 would be too tight around my hip area like last years version but I was able to zip up without a problem and if I was in a market for a jacket like this I would have readily purchased this size. I definitely couldn’t layer this over something very thick like a scuba hoodie but it would be fine over a regular top. Thats fine though because the jacket is VERY warm. I felt the heat accumulating right away.  The camo print is very pretty and subtle. I was deciding what I like more, the Soft Earth Fluffiest Vest or This Fluffin’ Awesome Jacket in Camo and I’m pretty sure I like the vest better since it’s a solid color. 

If it came in a 12 I’d probably choose the size up just for versatility of being able to fit it over a very thick hoodie but I’d be happy with it in a 10.

Fluffin’ Awesome Jacket Coast Camo Butter Pink

Fluffin' Awesome Jacket Coast Camo Butter Pink

  1. hi! what is the difference between the soft earth vest color and the other goldish metallic? are they more gold or olive?

    1. I think it's more of a soft mossy green color. The online photo looked copper to me but in person it's more of a a neutral greenish taupe color. Very pretty and classy in person.

  2. hi lulumum. Jacket looks great on you! did you happen to notice if the color of the camo jacket and vest are the same? should i go for black in the jacket if i went for camo in the vest?? or is the camo that much different to have both in that print? haven't see either in person but that jacket looks stunning in the camo.

    1. Yes the camo if the vest is different from the camo of the jacket. The vest is a much more crips camo with obvious contrast while the jacket is much more subtle. They may be the same colors but the jacket has them dulled quite a bit.

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