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Mail Day, Fit Review and Color Comparison: Pistachio Cool Racerback, Heathered Slate Jet Crop Slims

June 11, 2015

Jet Crop Slims Heathered Slate, Cool Racerback Tank

My Jet Crop Slims and Cool Racerback arrived. I’m quite happy with these Jet Crops because even though they were initially listed as being Luxtreme (corrected online this morning) they are actually Heathered luon and so they feel softer and have less sheen then they would have if they were luxtreme. I passed on the black luxtreme Jet Crop Slims when I saw them in Seattle a few weeks ago because I didn’t care for the shine on the material. These fit TTS – if you sized down in the regular Jet Crops you don’t need to size down in the Slims as they are narrow to the leg and pretty much a different cut altogether. 



The Pistachio Cool Racerback is lovely, but if you are worried about brightness or neon I’d call this color closer to a bright lime than Pistachio. It is maybe a touch less vibrant than lime but thats it. It’s very pretty in person though and thick and opaque so if you are thinking about getting it once it hits stores (sold out online in Canada within 30 minutes) I’d jump on it first and then decide.

*I’ve added Frond Green as a color comparison

Here are some color comparisons in natural light against a neutral background. I pulled out all my greens except Green Been and Savage because those are too different on the green scale to be useful but if you’d like to see that let me know

Cool Racerback Tank


I was surprised at how muted Menthol is next to it. Menthol is a top lulu favourite for me so I have it in Heathered and Solid. I actually love these colors next to each other. 


Antidote was really different. Much darker and yellower.


The closest I’d say is Clear Mint but it is a lot paler than Pistachio by a long shot. If you have the Wild Lime Cool Racerback from a few years ago and you got this Pistachio I’d love to see those two colors compared. 


All the colors together.

A reader suggested a comparison to Frond Green and I remembered I have this Free To Be Tank on my sell pile (ignored for a long time) and although it’s luxtreme and has a different sheen it’s a really good comparison. The colors are pretty similar actually but Frond has more yellow and is more saturated. They are noticeably different but I was surprised that Frond was actually a closer reference than Clear Mint.

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20 responses to “Mail Day, Fit Review and Color Comparison: Pistachio Cool Racerback, Heathered Slate Jet Crop Slims”

  1. Anonymous says:

    thank-you for the colour comparison – very helpful – the colour doesn't look so neon in the pics – I think I'm going to like it! I'm surprised at how greyish the menthol looks – as I thought it was pretty close to pistachio colour. I didn't end up getting anything in the menthol as I wanted a deeper green – so this will do the trick! the outfit looks great on you btw!

  2. Soleil says:

    this is great! thanks!!!

  3. ryanifer says:

    I'm curious how it compares to frond.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Also reminds me of Zippy Green

  5. evelyn peh says:

    It could be close to scream green?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have the jet crops, the label says Luon, but it feels like luxtreme to me. Could there be a label mix up?

  7. stylistadiva1 says:

    Can you compare it to Fresh Teal and/or Aquamarine if you have them? I returned my heathered Pistachio swiftly because I found it REALLY close to those. I'd be interested to see how the solid Pistachio compares in the CRB.

    • Lulumum says:

      I don't have either of those two (I don't think..) but if someone does and has Pistachio feel free to email me and I'll post the picture in this post.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can you compare it to Bali Breeze?

  9. Luli Designs says:

    I am really interested to see which grey jet crop slims I get in the mail today because I tried a pair in store yesterday and I think they were luxtreme. I wonder if they made to different batches?

  10. Lulumum says:

    Good suggestion! I think I have a Frond Free To Be Tank that I can dig up.

  11. Lululover says:

    LLM or anybody else: can please comment on the difference between Jet Crops Slim and Jet Crops Slim Trouser? They look the same to me on the picture. Thank you!

    • Lulumum says:

      The Jet Crop Slims are either luxtreme, luon or RULU and are the same cut as the Jet Crop Slim Trousers but they are soft material. The Jet Crop Slim Trousers have been stiffer structured material – I like them because they look like dress slacks where as the other Jet Slims are more casual looking.

  12. Lululover says:

    Thank you so much! I wasn't sure , but didn't want to order both. I think I need more casual kind, preferably in Luxtreme for summer

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