1. The pattern for the women's shorts may be the fugliest thing I've ever seen. What are they thinking? The men's pattern is about 100 times better and still not great. Fire the design team. I even hate the colors.

  2. Agree. The women's speed shorts looks like a mix of Christmas wrapping paper/men's boxer shorts pattern. Maybe it'l look better in person. At least the men's one isn't as hideous.

  3. I am an extremely pissed off runner of the SeaWheeze. In short, your design team should be ashamed of themselves. I expect a lot more from lululemon as a whole and these patterns just screams laziness. I am seriously considering taking my complaint up the food chain because there is no way it is acceptable to charge someone 100+ dollars for something (and I can say this confidently) a majority of this years runners will never wear. I am livid.

    1. I 100% agree. These are hideous- they look like clown shorts. I don't understand, and I am angry too. I am running the race, and part of the appeal is some fun, moderately-exclusive shorts. I will never wear these.
      I want half of my race fee back. 🙁

    2. I sent an email to Lululemon and they basically told me "too bad, think of them as a token of all the amazing memories you will have". To be honest, I didn't pay 100+ in race fees to have a "token" of memories made. I paid it to get an awesome pair of running gear, that no one other than those who participated in such an awesome event, would have. I am extremely upset, and I feel ripped off and cheated. I am hoping that everyone HATES these and it will force Lululemon to do something about it. This has really taken away some of the joy I had in looking forward to this event. I now know I am going to be running in a pair of shorts I ALREADY OWN and aside from a few of the events I may be able to attend throughout the week leading up to the race, I feel I have really wasted what I already considered to be an expensive entry fee.

      I am glad to see I am not the only one that feels this way, and hopefully something will be done for us.

    3. These responses honestly seem a little ridiculous to me. First of all you didn't pay $100+ for shorts. You paid for the half marathon registration, which includes a lot more than the shorts and isn't even much more expensive than many other races. Seawheeze also has a lot of other perks, rewards, events along with the race.

    4. Haha!!! You paid $100+ for race registration and are given a FREE pair of shorts, yet you complain?!?! If you do not like the band at the Sunset Festival are you going to demand some money back there too? The price of the race is not even that expensive compared to other major half marathons. I believe most Disney half marathons are over $200and come with no shorts, yoga, nor concert. If you wanted $100+ shorts, you should have waited to see if you liked them and purchased them off eBay.

  4. I guess Lulu is trying to punish those who register just for the shorts without intending to run? Or ensure there is no resale value? Wow – FUGLY. I think I had a gift bag in that same pattern once.

  5. Isn't this just going to drive people to try to sell them anyway. since it's clear a lot of people don't like them? Instead of having a few pairs with crazy prices on eBay, you'll have a ton at a moderate price because so many people don't want theirs. They are really fug. I don't think anger is the right response, but I would be disappointed if I'd signed up. It's weird that they just didn't pick one of the individual patterns, literally any one of which would have been better than all of them at once.

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