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Product Drop Monday: Photo Survey

March 16, 2015

Thanks to reader, Ms. R for her store photo survey of all the new items at our local Vancouver store 

Cyber Stripe High Times Pant look amazing!!

New Scuba Hoodies in Black Cherry Star Crushed and Blue Tropic

The Best Vest Jacket

New colors of the On The Daily Hoodie

Trail Bound 1/2 Zip;whats-new

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5 responses to “Product Drop Monday: Photo Survey”

  1. Hey lulumum are the scubas in Canadian stores?! Thanks so much!!

  2. J in TO says:

    Anyone see the black cherry star crushed scuba in the Toronto area? Must have!

  3. stylistadiva says:

    Need to check out those Trail bound items.

  4. Brandi King says:

    Are the new cyber stripe high times TTS?

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