I’ve been loving all the pictures I’ve seen on facebook of the Jet Crop *Slim Trousers and how people have been styling them so I tried them on the other day in store in the Heathered Grey but they were a fail on me. The material is nice and structured but in my TTS the ‘slimness’ of the cut made the pockets really stick out and bunch up underneath. In the light grey that is a disaster because the pockets are lined with black so they are really noticeable as is the material bunching underneath. I tried on the regular luon jet crops and those did not have the same trouser look of the slims, plus all the pleated luon made it really heavy. Today I decided to give them one last go and I tried my TTS 10 and a size up 12 in the black. I LOVED them! The TTS 10 where nice except the back pocket did not lay flat so I tried on the 12 and that fixed the pocket issue and gave it a bit of slouch. I think I’m still going to get the back pocket stitched shut so that it is a faux pocket, but if I get lazy it’s not really necessary. The one irksome thing about the black though is that the inside of the pants are white so if you choose to cuff the bottoms you get a white cuff. The alternative to that is folding your cuff under and then creating a cuff on top of that.

I also want to mention that I stopped in at Banana Republic because they are having a 30% off sale, and I found these 100% silk tanks in the Heritage section. The regular price for these is $85 but I got this toothpaste blue one for $7, a black one for $20 and a kaki green one for $15 all on clearance.  They weren’t marked at that price but when I went to pay for the blue one expecting it to be possibly 30% off $85  it scanned at $7. I’m always hunting for pretty silk tops that I can dress up jeans with so I’m pretty excited about my find. I only wish there where more colors to choose from. 


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  1. I wear my 3 pairs of regular jet crops all the time and love them! I have the ones from Sept/Oct that are a bit shiny and not 100% luon. Love the fit! Hate the fit of the yogini trouser though. I don't think you'll regret buying the jets at all.

    1. I am going to have to, I just made a few tiny holes on the bottom of one of the legs of my black camo jet crops from snagging them on the top rack in my walk in closet (which I am too short to reach properly). So sad, now I am down to 2 pairs. It is not noticeable so can still wear to the gym but I used to wear these to work! Totally my fault though – the material is great otherwise.

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