My Groove Pants from Monday’s upload just arrived and I’m torn. I really like them a lot but I also feel that they are really flashy because of the heahtered black and I’m not sure If I’d wear them. I’m so used to wearing Wunder Unders and other similar leggings that a boot cut style is definitely something to get used to. These are my TTS 10 and they feel really nice on and are opaque. The roll down waist, as always, is awesome. All pants should be a compressive high waist. What do you guys think? 

Groove Pant II Roll Down

  1. I like bootleg because they help even out hips so mine don't look so wide and they give the illusion of long lanky legs when worn with heels. Lol u clearly don't wear heels with yoga pants. I think they look awesome on you. The colour is a nice break from black.

  2. I ordered them as well and already returned them… They look great on you but if you're not used to that style you probably won't wear them. I felt that they are more of a flare than a bootcut (which I like). On me, I felt they were way too loose through the knee and the flare was too big. Also, after purchasing (and loving) the redesigned skinny groove, I know that I like those a lot better. 🙂

  3. I bought them at my local Lulu yesterday and really like them…I think they look great on you and I feel it's a nice change from the usual WUP…I absolutely love the color and think you can easily dress this pant up!!!

  4. Hi LLM, think they look great on you. Live with them a bit but I think they are a keeper. Makes your legs look longer, and not flashy at all!!

  5. I love those pants on you. I used to ONLY wear grooves and Astros working out. Now I do a different type of workout and wear mostly my wunder under crops, inspires, etc…so I know what you mean about wearing a different cut. I think those pants look flattering on you and plus, it's good to have variety in your Lulu wardrobe. 🙂

  6. I like the colour for sure but I know that I never wear my still pants because of the wider leg. I like them but always go with jet crops, om and roam untight tights, back to class pants, namaskar pant etc. because I prefer the slim ankle for myself. However, I am short so maybe this has something to do with it? They look good on you but so would something else in that colour!

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