1. I purchased the On the Daily Hoodie today in heathered fatigue fog and I am in love..super soft relaxed fit..went with my TTS 10..tried size down 8 was ok but I lost some length and I am 5'8" so I went for the 10..I love Love.. also tried the PU version in gray..different fit slightly due to coating, my store only had the gray I am not sure if they had the blue combo but in the end the Fatigue fog won me over..Plus I figured if I were to wear on a rainy cold day I would throw on my Rain on Jacket over my new On the Daily Hoodie!!!

  2. I have the take tens in an 8.. they fit akward at the waist not flattering at all.. not a smooth waistline in me at all looks frumpy and i couldnt have sized up as they would have been even more rediculously big everywhere too big literally everywhere.. even the ankle cuffs are swimming on me.Im not a fan. If thinking of ordering do tourself a favour size down! Did anyone else find them super droppy and heavy? Pockets itch my legs and seams chafe! 🙁 bought them at full price.. online , then a week later they showed up on WMTM.

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