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Fit Review: Spring Fling Puffy Windbreaker, Stress Less Hoodie, Dream Rose Cool Racerback, Kit And Ace Pencil Pant

January 4, 2015

I haven’t done any real fit reviews in the last little while since the stores have been rather chaotic and it’s been busy over the holidays. Today I made a bit of an impulse purchased and justified it by telling myself  ‘well I have to do a fit review’. Har-har. Now I have to dig through my closet to find a jacket of equal value to sell in it’s place since I think I’ve fallen in love with this one. 

Spring Fling Puffy Windbreaker sized up. 

I went for a pedicure with my sister today, followed by a stop in at the Robson Lululemon, and I made the fatal error of trying this beauty on. I hadn’t been interested in this one since I don’t need a jacket, and this is simply a windbreaker….but darn it it’s so cute on. My tts 10 fit fine but I liked the slouchyness and length of a size up, especially around the hip area, so I sized up. The Textured Lotus Camo Oil Slick is so much prettier in person. Now….I must sell my Size 10 Alberta Lake Turn Around Jacket to make room for this one so if you are interested, email me at [email protected] I may also sell my Spring Fling Puffy Vest in Savasana Camo, size 10 too. 

Dream Rose Coal Black Cool Racerback TTS 10

I really liked the Dream Rose Coal Black Cool Racerback today but it’s a lot more subtle in person than It is on the Australian website. The print is actually pixelated so close up it just looks like pixelated smudges but from far away it does look like roses, it’s just not a very obvious floral print. It’s a polyester based CRB, but silky and soft and the reverse side is black so you don’t get stretching out of the print like we’ve seen with some past prints. I like this one but I think I’ll be returning it. 

Stress Less Hoodie TTS 10

My husband got me the Stress Less Hoodie the other day and I really love it. The Heathered Peach Plum is such a different color. I was worried it wouldn’t be flattering on me but I think it works despite my paleness because of my dark hair. I was also worried I would hate the cowel neck because it’s got a narrower opening but once on it doesn’t pull at my neck the way last years Rest Less Pullover did and I don’t really feel like I need to fuss with it for it to lay right. I love the length of this pullover and the overall fit. It is a very slouchy TTS and I’ve heard some people have sized down in it. I can definitely see that being an option.   I’ve had the flu for the past week so this sweater has come in real handy for me and I took the tags off right away. 

Kit And Ace Pencil Pant TTS 10

(In case you haven’t heard about this brand, Kit And Ace was started by Shannon and Chip Wilson, the wife and son of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson). 

I got a pair of Uggs for Christmas from my mom but I wasn’t sure I’d get a lot of wear out of them so I returned them and instead got these Kit And Ace Pencil Pants and a Nooska Tee (the tee hasn’t arrived yet). I’ve been dying to try out the brand but it seems like since they’ve opened up every item I’ve liked has been out of stock in size 10, so I’ve been waiting since August for something I like to be available in my size and I finally saw these pants. I really don’t understand why they don’t keep a normal size run of 2-12…. 2 and 12 aren’t exactly fringe sizes – and they barely keep size 10 in stock as it is. 

At first I thought the price was a tad ridiculous but when they arrived I realized these were like no dress pants I’ve ever seen before (plus they are priced around the same as Lululemon dresses). The material is so structured, yet soft (ponte knit cashmere). They are the thickness of denim but the softness of knit cashmere so they really smooth and slim you out and feel like leggings…. but they are structured! The waist is fairly high and smoothing and all the seaming on the side of the leg and at the back of the legs are super flattering and slimming. It also has a faux rear pockets and really nice tailoring. I love a straight leg like this and I’m definitely keeping them. It’s hard to capture all the tailoring details in my own pictures so you should definitely look at the online photo in the lighter colors to see the waistband and the pocket details. I think these are worth it because of the material, washability and the attention to construction and tailoring. Since they are something you can’t really replicate in another lower price point brand, I think they are priced well. I’d feel differently if I could find the exact same thing at J Crew for $80, but it doesn’t exist. These are not at all workout pants or yoga pants but a casual dress pant. If you are in the market for cute business casual pants these may work for you. My one concern with these pants is I wonder how the ponte cashmere fabric will react with inner thigh friction…will they pill? I’ll keep you posted on how they fair with wearing and washing. 

Another interesting thing to note about this brand is that they provide you with free return shipping, pre printed label and bag so returns are pretty simple. 

 Closeup of material. This is the heathered charcoal. 

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4 responses to “Fit Review: Spring Fling Puffy Windbreaker, Stress Less Hoodie, Dream Rose Cool Racerback, Kit And Ace Pencil Pant”

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are selling me those Kit and Ace pants! Can you tell me if the cuffed hem rolls down more or not? The leg looks a little short, which is nice if you have long legs, but my legs are a bit short and usually this style looks off on me. Thanks!

    • Lulumum says:

      Thanks! the cuff is sewn but it's not sewn all the way around so you could easily release the two spots the stitch is in at each cuff and let it down. It looks like the ends of the pant leg are finished and not raw so it should be very easy to let the cuff down.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cool, thanks and thank you for your review! Can't wait to try this line.

  3. kopiluwak nya says:


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