The upload was such a pain for me to access. I couldn’t view it from English Canada or the US, and the French Canada side kept crashing on me and wouldn’t let me select thumbnail colors to view. 

The Studio Softshell was uploaded in all colors but with very few sizes available. I’ve been wanting to sell mine from last year which is the Black Tweed in size 8, so if you are interested let me know. 

I was hoping to see the black Inky Floral Miss Misty but it doesn’t seem to have uploaded on either side despite being in some US stores. I’d love to see it in person but I think I like my Inky Floral Ghost/Inkwell a bit more. The Bumble Berry Dance Studio Jacket is gorgeous. I ordered it to look at it but doubt I can keep it since I have two DSJ’s that I need to sell before I invite any back in (Porcelain and Plum, size 10 FYI) Also tempted by getting a Heathered Inkwell Awesoma Henley (tried it on today) but I’m restraining myself. 

Did you order anything? Trouble viewing the upload at all? I didn’t miss anything Herringbone did I? 

**Selling my black tweed size 8 for $198 plus shipping**


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