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Fit Review: Rebel Runner Bordeaux Drama Embossed Inky Floral

September 13, 2014

It occurred to me after signing up for Seawheeze on Wednesday that since I’ve only been crossfitting and I haven’t been running (besides WOD sprints), I’ve gotten rid of all my run crops and also I have no proper running shoes (I have my Nano 3.0’s that are terrible for anything over 3 miles). So I am flirting with run crops now and low and behold these pretties have hit stores. 

They are meant to be crops, but I am short at 5’4 with short calves so they are full size tights on me, or 7/8 length crops. I can sort of pull them up higher on my leg so they are a more flattering length but then they are bunchy and look not so great in the back. This is when I wish Lulu made petite length crops. They are TTS, and high rise. I found the luxtreme to be a bit on the stretchy side without much compression. Slightly sheer (you could see the tag but not really anything else) but when I did a deep squat in the store and at home I didn’t see any shadows or any funny business. I’ll have to verify that later with my husband and an honest girlfriend. As far as running I am happy with the opacity but if I wanted to double its usage for Crossfit I’d be a bit more worried about the sheerness so I need to confirm that they are opaque enough. 

The print and color is gorgeous and I really love the ribbed luon cuff with the zipper. Tons of pockets! There is an angled back pocket as well as two holster pockets and the gu pockets in the waist. 

I really love them, love the color, print and design but I’m going to think on them. They need to be fully appreciated and worn to crossfit, running and casually. yes, these are probably the first run crop/tight that I’d like to wear casually.

They also came in black in a fully embossed Petal Camo Print. 

 One folded up cuff in this photo to show what it looks like. 

 worn with the legs bunched up a bit and sitting higher. 

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