The upload was once again horrible and difficult and it crashed on me multiple times. #fixtheupload.  Thankfully I was able to order the Heathered Deep Coal CRB before it crashed on me again. It looks like the US got two kinds of Herringbone Vinyasas but by the time I was able to actually see the upload the Ghost Herringbone was sold out. I wish Canada had gotten the darker Herringbone uploaded – I may have ordered that one. Although I am waiting for the Herringbone High Waisted Wunder Unders instead. The Heathered Deep Coal CRB is pretty stunning though so I am very excited to get that one. I am feeling great temptation over the *cotton *roll down Heathered Bordeaux Wunder Unders but I don’t wear them casually and I cannot see myself wearing them to Crossfit so essentially, they are just a momentary feel good impulsive purchase and I would ultimately feel bad for giving in. 

What did you order today? 

Find Your Centre Wrap
(thank you for spelling it correctly)

This backpack is cute but I didn’t care for the steep price tag of $128

 Not at all liking the busyness of the seam work on this. I feel like the Omega shaped seam shortens the torso a lot, and perhaps widens it. Is that a good thing? 

This is a great Forme Jacket. Love it in the black Camo

I am over The Sweater Life parade. The sweater is cute and did not work out for me therefore I wish to see no more of it. Where are the winter weight Chai Time Sweaters? 


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