Seawheeze 2014 Race Day Photos, And The Medal

I am feeling so much race day envy right now seeing all the instagram photos and videos. You should definitely check out #seawheeze on instagram. Next year, for sure I am running this. It is just such a FUN event with tons and tons of entertainment along the route and Lululemon really treats its runners well. I raced the first year, and then the second year I couldn’t make it due to a wedding, and this year I tried to get an entry but it sold out. Yesterday there were free hair cuts/hair styles (head shaves for men, fancy braids for women), manicures, temporary tattoos, specialty cold brewed coffee, organic cotton candy, popsicles. The concert tonight, lots of yoga opportunities – Lululemon treats it’s participating runners VERY well. 

The medal! I think this is called a mobius loop. The theme for the year was optical illusions and general strangeness. 

Last year they had these little Sage Wellness kits. Recovery aromatherapy oils!

Seems like each year there are marriage proposals at the finish line

This guy was back. 

I haven’t even seen all the pictures pop up yet but every few feet, probably every 400 meters there is some entertaining display. 

These gals where there the first year and I think they were my favourite. 

The signs are always worth reading 

Free massages hosted by Saje Wellness

Food station along the route. I think this was for family/friends who are viewing.

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