Yay! The Exhalation Pullover is back in several colors this year. The Exhalation Pullover and the Tuck and Flow LS from last year are my favourite designs. Also worn here with the Happy Yin Year Sweatpant in Bordeaux. The Happy Yin Year were out earlier this year in January. 

 Exhalation Pullover layered over Cranberry (we are sticking with that for now) Ebb To Street Tank

Forest Green Ebb To Street Tank

 Exhalation Pullover, Happy Yin Year Sweatpants, Post Practice Cardigan

Exhalation Pullover, H’Om Run Jacket, Post Practice Cardigan, Right As Rain Jacket

5 Year Yogini LS, Two Times A Yogi Bag

H’Om Run Jacket

 H’Om Run Jacket, Two Times A Yogi Bag

Post Practice Cardigan

Peek of Cranberry Ebb To Street Tank

Happy Yin Year Sweatpants in Heathered Slate

 Bordeaux Drama Right As Rain Jacket (this will be the third release of this jacket in this color)


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