Not much exciting on the Australia/New Zealand Upload this week. I really like the Rugged Blue Swiftly though, and the Agogo Dress is cuter than I initially thought. 

I think I’m curious enough about the Agogo Effortless Dress to try it on. It doesn’t have any body defining shape to it so I think it does require a belt to create a waist if you are hippy or busty. 

Agogo Good To Go Tee

I cannot think of any circumstance where a top this shape would work for me. 

I like the idea of Lulu dress pants but I think the Lulu Lab did it well a few years ago when they made the Audrey Pant. After that it was really wide legs, drop crotch with zip up flyes and giant obi waisted pants. The Audrey Pant is safe and flattering. Bring that one back. 

This seriously confuses me. I looked at the photos and I cannot tell if the tank is actually fused onto the bottoms. Most of the pictures show the tank tucked in but there is one where it is tucked out. Why wouldn’t you just buy the pieces separately? 

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