Holy smokes, this is the worst ecommerce website known to man. Such a frustrating experience constantly not being able to access the uploads, or only getting to access them in French, and hearing other readers having the same issues. I’ve taken to tweeting them each week when this happens because that way at least I get an acknowledgement that it has happened, I urge you to do the same if you are also having issues viewing the upload. 

This Neon Pink/Opal Power Y is super pretty, and tempting, but I don’t wear Power Y’s so I’m hoping we see this as well as the Magenta Wee Are From Space Cool Racerback. I’d get them both. 

Interesting new Swiftly SS

Flowabunga Inspire Crops. If I had a money tree I’d probably get this. Although I’d like to see a Flowabunga Multi Cool Racerback. 

New reflective dot Inspire Crops

This is a nice tee. Canada didn’t get this colorway (Hypderstripe Deep Camo) otherwise I may have been tempted to check it out in person. 

Sneak peek of a new crewneck pullover


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