Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Latest: Wee Wheezy, Sheer Lemon, Bleached Coral and More

by Cristina

Its been a slow product week in store with a very small product drop thanks to many stores doing inventory this week. I think next week should be better for product. I was mildy curious about Sheer Lemon (I love true yellows), but when I saw it in store it was pretty pale. My favourite lulu yellow is Mac & Cheese (similar to sizzle) and if they came out with items in that color I’d be scooping them up. I also like Bleached Coral but would only like a solid Cool Racerback in that color. It was out last year so I doubt we will be seeing one again this summer. 

I did go to Crossfit this week, but I forgot to take outfit pictures so I’ll probably give you a Crossfit WOD post on Friday letting you know how the week went. 

Wee Wheezy Tracker Shorts, Sheer Lemon 105F Singlet, Run Split Singlet, 

Sheer Lemon Swiflty LS

Hot Hottie Shorts

Hustle And Bustle Tank

Up The Pace Crop

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