Yay!! My Heathered Mid Grey Tuck And Flow LS arrived and I absolutely love it. Initially I ordered it because my preferred colors of Opal and Cadet Blue never uploaded and Heathered Mid Grey was the consolation prize that I wasn’t sure I’d keep. I thought it maybe was too light and boring but when it arrived I noticed right away that it was a bit softer than Heathered Bruised Berry, and maybe slightly thinner. Also, the grey is really pretty with flecks of white in the pattern and it looks like a true sport grey which pairs so nicely with Jewelled Magenta next to it. You can easily size down in these if wide lats are not a problem for you, but I like staying TTS because my lats have broadened and also I just really like the oversized slouchy look of them. It makes it so much easier to put on after a sweaty workout when the arms and shoulders aren’t so snug. 


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