Yay! My Monday night order arrived and thank goodness something didn’t make the cut and can be returned. 

First off, the Chai Time (original version) is a winner. It is sheer, and very light and definitely summer weight vs the Chai Time II which is thicker and definitely winter weight. Its something to throw on over a cool racerback or power y and it looks fantastic with jeans.  I have the Original Chai time (shown below) which I’ve worn the hell out of and to tell you the truth, I have not babied it at all. Every time we go glamping (camping with a trailer) I pack this sweater along and its what I wear in the evenings at the campfire and to the beach. My original though is a size 8 and I wish I’d stuck to size 10 in it because its definitely shorter (mind you I’m sure its taken a few turns in the dryer). For how much thinner this Boolux knit is it has not snagged at all while my thicker Chai Time II has snagged. This new Barely Pink version I got in my size 10 and its not too different from my 8 but its got the length and slouch I want. 

Chai Time, Barely Pink – TTS 10

Chai Time From circa 2011

The Opal Dance Studio Jacket I ordered is going back for sure. The color is pretty and if you missed out on the Bali Breeze version than this is definitely worth your time. I think my Bali Breeze fits a bit looser too but I’m not sure. When I tried on the Deep Zinfandel DSJ that was out a month or so ago it also felt snugger. I like Bali Breeze better because its much more green and blue, where as Opal tends more towards Aquamarine I think (I don’t have that color to compare it too). Had it been a mintier greener color I would have considered keeping it but I don’t feel the online photo is accurate at all. 

I ended up ordering the Bruised Berry DSJ on Monday night which was uploaded to the US site. I have an address in the US I can use but I tend to reserve it for only ‘sure thing’ purchases because making returns is a pain since you can only do an exchange for cross border purchases, plus I have to drive out there to pick it up. I already had a package waiting for me in Blaine so I opted to give it a try.  I’m likely to keep Bruised Berry and forget about the Pigment that I’d been eyeing which is currently only in Australia. 

Opal on the left, Bali Breeze on the right

Some color comparisons with Very Green and Bali Breeze. The Bali Breeze Cool Racerback is a bit lighter than the jacket so thats probably why it looks a lot closer to Opal. 

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