Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Fit Review: Serenity Pant, Serenity Hoodie, Mudra Tank

by Cristina

Well Uh-oh! I stopped in at my store today to check out the Mudra Tank and they happened to get the Serenity Hoodie and Serenity Pant in in all colors so I gave them a try on as well just for fun. The Modal French Terry material is insanely luxuriously soft and silky and in the Heathered Forest colorway I was painfully tempted. I love the narrow tapered leg sweat pant and although I really don’t need or wear sweat pants (other than my Carry and Go of course)  I am plotting how I can fit these into my wardrobe. They are tts, and I would get these in my regular size 10. I so wish the Mudra Tank came in this Heathered Forest color too. 

The Serenity Sweatshirt was just as soft as the pants but I found the design to be a bit masculine looking and boxy so I wasn’t as in love. I wish it had an open neck, or an oversized hood off the shoulders, zip up instead of pullover or *something* that could make this a bit more of a girly design. I love short sleeve hoodies but I don’t think I care for them as a pullover without a front zip. This is my TTS 10 and I’d probably go with that, although the size down 8 didn’t fit much differently at all and I could comfortably wear that size too. 

The Mudra Tank was a total winner for me. I was wearing a regular bra and it was fully covered with the V neck front or back despite how open the neckline and back feel.  I was worried that the straps are so wide set that they would slip down but it never did during the time I had it on in the fitting room. The material is a nice thick ribbed modal french terry and although it is somewhat thick it is very soft, breathable and it has a ton of give. Modal is a fabric that relaxes and stretches out quite a bit more than cotton does so if it feels a bit clingy at first, within 5 minutes it wont be. My one nit pick about it is that the embossed logo is on the v-neck side so if you choose to wear that side forward the logo will be on your right hip. Not a big deal at all. I got this in the grey but I would absolutely love it in Heathered Forest if that even exists.

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